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Chapter 34: The Princess of the Nexies

The royalty of the Northern Kingdom, the Nexies, had the power to use spirits.

This was because Zecheyer, the sister of the twin gods who created this world, gave the power to those who had flesh and blood made from her own spit. The one with the flesh and blood created from Zecheyer’s spit would be the ancestor of the royal family of the Nexies.

Zecheyer was reborn in this world with flesh and blood in order to reclaim Noyer.

But after a long time, the spirits were overworked, exhausted, and disappeared more and more.

Without the spirits, the royal family of the Nexies couldn’t do anything, even though they knew what it would be like in the harsh Northern Land, such as the city that the people wanted.

Zecheyer was born as a human. She was named Margaret Zecheyer by her parents, as she was like the reincarnation of a goddess.

From the time she was born, she had already had memories of her previous life and was quiet until she could move. but when she was about 7 years old, she was able to use magic power consistently, and began to suck power out of spirits and use it as magical power.

First of all, in order to reach out to Elementia, she would instigate the countries of the eastern Kainahatan continent to form a coalition army.

To do this, it was necessary to use the spirits to dig up the resources that were in the permafrost of the Nexies.

Regardless of Zecheyer’s intentions, the Nexies’ royal family began to feel threatened by Zecheyer’s magical power.

When Zecheyer was born, they were overjoyed that she was the reincarnation of the goddess, but the royalty had already realized that using the method of destroying spirits would be the same as destroying the country.

If the spirits were wiped out, the northern country would not be able to survive.

First, they began to oppose the digging of the permafrost resources. They wondered why the eastern country needed help now.

But Zecheyer, who was still only old enough to be a little girl, cut off the heads of those who opposed her on the spot.

The method was simple. All she had to do was wave her hand.

With a splash of blood, her father king’s head flew off.

She wiped out the vizier, her brothers, her mother, her sisters, and all those who were in her way.

From the time she was born, she had no sense of what a parent or brother or sister was.

Everything was her chess piece.

A doll shaped from her own spit.

The spirits disappeared more and more with the resurrection of Zecheyer.

Nexies, closed off by the permarost, and with only a few spirits that were left, had only the power to protect the area around the royal capital.

The imperial army in the east and the nobles of Elementia were linked together behind the scenes to kill the king, and it worked out interestingly well. But things didn’t go well after that. Her brother Noyer had no memories of his previous life, and was protected by his brother in this life.

Noyer’s reincarnation, Frederick Zakash Vi Valmonter, was born with magical powers so powerful that Zecheyer couldn’t push him over the edge, making it difficult for her curse to take effect.

The imperial army in the east was useless, and although it was good enough to overrun Rhodocaius in the south, it had been completely crushed by Frederick on the border of Elementia.

There was nothing Zecheyer could do about it. But there was still a way…

All I have to do is wait. Just wait…

The curse released by Zecheyer finally began to build up inside Frederick, tormenting his body.

The stagnation accumulated, and began to eat away at his beautiful body.

His body became sluggish, unable to control his magic as he should.

He slept more and more and was invaded by Zecheyer’s dark power.

Soon, soon I will have it.

My heart is up in the air and I want to dance in ecstasy.

But just when it was so close…

That girl appeared.

That girl had purified my dark power.

She made Noyer, when he had no sense of time, feel time once more

That daughter who let Noyer have all sorts of emotions that people have.

Before she knew it, Noyer, who was fascinated and captivated by a mere person, was no longer the Noyer of Zecheyer.

There was no way she could understand the pain of having half of her body cut to shreds.

The agony of being deprived of the other half she spent so much time with…

My dear Noyer…

The only thing I wanted, and wanted to be beside, was Noyer…and even that was taken away from me…

She learned first the feeling of suspicion, and then jealousy. She also learned hatred. What next?

That girl Noyer surrounded himself with was a small, nondescript, ordinary girl.

And that was exactly what was not allowed. She must be killed. She must kill her.

I must take him back. If I can’t do it, then this time, I must take it in.

Now her existence was beginning to turn into unholiness itself.


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