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Chapter 23: The Stored Amulet Sachet

I turned my head swiftly, startled by the sharp voice, only to see Brother Will running towards us. Then he quickly picked me up.

“What have you been doing to Alice?!”

By the time Brother Will shouted that, Brother Oluris had disappeared into the depths of the greenhouse as if he were running away.

I was puzzled by the sudden turn of events, when Brother Will looked into my face and spoke with a worried voice.

“Are you all right? He didn’t do anything to you, did he? Are you hurt?”

“What?! No, no…I wasn’t…”

I didn’t know why he was asking me that, but I answered anyway, and Brother Will let out a deep sigh.

“Let’s go back inside for now. I’m sorry—I didn’t mean to scare you…Normally that person rarely comes out of his room…”

I was carried into the mansion in the arms of Brother Will, who returned to my pensive gaze.

…Hmmm. It’s just like my former junior from my past life said. Their family relationship seems to be tense.

…Rather, it is completely bad.

I couldn’t give him the potpourri under these circumstances, so I quietly tucked the sachet into my pocket.


In the end, I couldn’t do anything about it that day because I was so scared by Brother Will’s tense state.

Problems in other people’s families are hard to get into. Just because I might think it’s a good idea to raise a good argument, it doesn’t mean that it would be good to him. He could explode.

I said goodbye to Aunt Felicia, who seemed to have sensed the situation somehow, and hurriedly left.

A few days later, today, I was back again.

I visited the Virgil family in a quest of retaliation.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 23: The Stored Amulet Sachet

      1. Is there a way to fix the links? Chapter 22 goes straight to Chapter 28, and going here from Novelupdates, the “previous chapter” button here leads to “Chapter 34: Princess of Nexies” (don’t know if the same story or from a different one.)


      2. I’m sorry for the confusion but there might be a misunderstanding! Those links you see are just added in the order I wrote the posts without my control—they aren’t actually “next” links and are just what pops up every time I post. However, the table of contents link I added will take you to all of the chapters of the current volume in order. I have multiple novels I post for which is why I did it that way—hope this helps and sorry for the confusion 🙂


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