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Chapter 28: Green Ribbon Potpourri

Alright. Although I’m very happy that I’ve decided to become Sister Thulite’s apprentice, I mustn’t forget about Brother Oluris.

I decided to ask Big Sister about that green ribbon potpourri sachet as I hadn’t been able to ask about its effects previously.

”Um, big sister. If you’re familiar with magic, I’d like to ask you something…”

“Yes? What is it?”

When I begrudgingly asked out loud, my sister undertook to do so in a good mood.

I take out a potpourri sachet with a green ribbon wrapped around it from my pocket and hand it to my sister.

“This was a gift from someone to a friend via me for certain reasons. The timing wasn’t right, so I wasn’t able to ask what effect it granted…Does sister know what it does?”

When I said that, older sister muttered a bit and checked on the scent of the potpourri.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds, and suddenly her eyes widened with a snap, and a bewitching grin twisted on her lips.

“This must be from Virgil’s boy.”

“Yes, I mean, no, I mean…”

I let out a somewhat flustered voice when I was given the correct answer in mere seconds.

Sister giggled at that and continued.

“This fragrance…As far as I know, he’s the only person I know related to Archelaus who would be willing to use such a precious spiritual herb as the main ingredient in a present for another person…Hmmm, and this guardianship magic…I wondered what had happened when he began to withdraw, but this is quite well done.”

She looked at the potpourri with a certain kind of happiness.

“Sister Thulite and Brother Oluris are acquainted?”

When I said that, Sister naturally started to get excited.

“There’s no way I was going to let that mass of talent go! In addition, I am in a position where I need to purchase a wide range of medicinal and spiritual herbs. He must have been approached by research institutes many times.”

“Oh, I see…”

To tell the truth, I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the ‘cold and exclusive scholar’ type of Brother Oluris’s from the Golden Rose game.

Putting aside the ‘cold and exclusive’ thing, he was still reintegrating into society. I wondered how he got out of that reclusiveness from such a state.

The answer, in short, was probably because he was talented enough for it to be drawn out. Perhaps because he was the eldest son, but he also couldn’t resist them, and ending up becoming such a character in the game.

“Um…so what effect does this have on someone?”

When I asked about it, Big Sister Thulite smiled.

“Well…let’s see…if you can’t figure out what this is youself, shall I just tell you so that you can’t be my real disciple in the future?”


She replied by giving me a super nice smile.

Wait, I’m still only a little six year old girl, right??

“Fufu. I’m sure you have a lot of books in your house. I’ll bet there is a dictionary on medicinal and spiritual herbs among them.”


Is she asking me to look for features in a dictionary?…Yes.

“If I were to give you just two hints, I’d say…that’s right…First, don’t open this potpourri. There is a possibility that it could break the spell. Second, the scent. There are probably three different types of content, so you’ll have to be able to figure them out diligently with your mind. If you do your research properly, you’ll reach the right answer.”

“Ugh…I get it. I’ll give it a go!”

In the meantime, I nodded widely in agreement.

My sister says that it’s probably not something that I would be unable to do.

With that conversation, today’s study session ended.


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