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Chapter 16: If you curse a man, you dig two holes

We rode for about an hour by horse and arrived at Lake Renan, which is the source of water for the two territories. It is said that it was made by using the daughter of a tribal chief who lived in this area more than 2,000 years ago as a human sacrifice, and the name of the lake came from the daughter’s name, Renan.

If the story is true, it would have taken a lot of work to build this large lake by hand. To be honest, I have a hard time thinking about the feelings of the people who were involved in the construction and sacrifices of the lake at that time.

However, even after hearing those stories, the lake was indeed wrapped in a sacred atmosphere and was silent.

“The water level is quite low, Aurel, how is the water distribution?”

Helena asked with a glance at the lake.

“Since we couldn’t get anywhere, I told the Mered Domain in writing that I had applied to have an intermediary appointed by the state, and they instantly became quiet.”

“Getting the state to send an intermediary would mean a substantial intermediary fee, but we can’t turn our backs on them.”

“Any leads on who stole and killed Samsung’s cattle?”

“It seems that in the night, several people from the neighboring territories entered the village of Llano through the boundary of the mountain, and the ‘boundary mark’ was trampled.”

“You have the priests keep records of what they see and hear, don’t you?”

“Yes, definitely.”

There is always a branch of the temple in each of the territories. The priests, as God’s messengers, have a covenant to swear to Him. As a priest, if you lie, you will be burned by the fire of God. In other words, they cannot lie.

“When will the country’s broker come to us?”

“He said he would be here within a week.”

“Okay, so Mered might try something in the meantime, because that idiot doesn’t know what to do.”

“Well, yes, it’s a problem, but…”

“Strengthen the security from the pond and floodgates in Llano village.”


I suddenly shifted my gaze and stared in one direction.

“Helena, that reservoir in Llano village is where the cows were thrown, right?”

“That’s right…”

“Is it in that direction?”

I point in the direction of west, and Helena and the others look at me curiously.

“Yes, but how do you know?”

“…The miasma is rising.”


The miasma is a black and ominous, coiling and rising around the area. It is a miasma that has been around for over a decade, and has been growing steadily since then.

Helena was the first to ride her horse to the pond in Llano village, and as she approached the pond, Helena, a purifier, also noticed the unusual miasma and stopped the horse loudly.


“You people, contact the villagers, and don’t let them take any water!”

“Judy, you’re in charge of Aquos!”

“I’m on it! Go!”

Judy and the others changed the direction of their horses to the village and galloped down the road.

I turned to Helena and the pond and exclaimed,

“This is a kind of old curse, quite strong. Helena, you mustn’t leave my side.”

Helena nodded silently at my words.

The black miasma swirls around and flows into the village with the flow of water.

The cow carcasses they threw into the air were a distraction. Perhaps they intended to distract them with the cows, put in another curse, create rumors of a plague, and wait for the right time to crush the entire Cubic Barony.

“Yes, he’s already guilty.”

I involuntarily mutter and catch the edge of my mouth. Perhaps I’ve become a vicious person now.

From the pocket of my riding vest, I take out the purification magic tool that Cerezo had given me. It was a very convenient thing to have on hand.

I was grateful that it resonated with me so I could help break the nasty curse that had spread to the village.

This magic tool is a purification pendant made of green pillar emerald jewels. I threw it into the pool of cloudy black water. Then, with a small sound, it sank to the bottom. As it received my magic power, the surface of the lake began to ripple with small waves.

It resonated with my powerful cleansing magic, and the power expanded. Finally, a white-green pillar of light shined from the reservoir, heading up to the heavens, and—boom!! It rose with a sound, spreading across the territory with a shining light, and disappeared.

Even I, who had used it, was shocked by this amazingly powerful magic tool.

“This is amazing…”

Helena muttered in awe.

After that, I saw a black thing crawling out of the pond and moving on the ground towards the Mered territory with a terrible odor.

They say that if you curse someone, you dig two holes. It is only natural that the spellcaster who used the curse, the one who asked for it, would get something in return.

I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. It’s karmic retribution.

The calm surface of the water was clear as if nothing had happened.

“Well, then let’s go check on the people in the territory.”

“All right, we’ll go around with Judy. If anyone’s not feeling well, let’s heal them.”

It would be better if I kept pendant I had thrown into the reservoir, just in case. If a place like this becomes tainted, it may attract something else. Thank you Cerezo! You are truly an amazing genius!

On that day, the black stain that crawled back to Baron Mered’s house attacked Baron Mered and the sorcerer who was hired for money. A horrible scream was heard from the Mered lord’s mansion.

“Geeyaaaagaaaah! Guggyaaa! Ahhhhhgh!”

I don’t even want to know what it was like to have your body melt away while you’re still alive, but it is said that Baron Mered and the sorcerer died after suffering for three days and three nights. (***Well that got dark pretty quickly Σ(°△°|||)︴)


After that, Baron Mered’s palace was cleansed by several purifiers because it had been tainted, but since there was no successor, the state sent a temporary lord’s official to overcome the urgency of the situation. After that, someone else would probably be selected to take over.

As for the murder of the former Baron Mered, poison was detected in the body of the Baron, and from the source of the poison, all those involved in the murder were captured. It meant that all those involved in the attempted murder of the Cubic Domain’s citizens were also punished.

In any case, although it’s hard to comprehend, a strange rumor began circling around about how the “Tizar Green-Eyed Saint” released a pillar of light and saved the Cubic territory.


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    Yep. That was really quick. It took just 3 or 4 paragraphs to take a 180 between compliment and creepy ending xD

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