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Off-Topic 5: A view of an official in the Treasury Department

Fiara’s Brother POV

The castle town is always bustling with activity.

It has been two years since I took the national examination and became an official of the Ministry of Finance.

I live in a civilian dormitory in the castle, so I don’t have to worry about food, clothing and shelter. I can put my laundry in a cloth bag for my own laundry, and if I leave it out in the morning, it will be delivered in the evening as long as it doesn’t rain, and my untied clothes will be fixed as well.

I’ve been entrusted with the planning of the taxation system for the stalls and shops for rent in the royal city, which is very worthwhile.

However, that child comes to mind whenever I think of her.

…It’s been years. A bitter feeling surges through me.

There are various officials working in the castle, both nobles and commoners. Even if one is from a commoner’s family, as long as they have the ability, one can serve in the castle as an official. Not everything can be solved by magic. Even aristocrats cannot be officials if they do not have the ability.

It is not surprising as most of the country is made up of common people who are unable to use magic.

I am from a commoner’s background. My mother, who was originally the daughter of a nobleman, married my father, who was a commoner. I’m sure this is a rare occurrence.

I’ve inherited the blond hair and blue eyes of a nobleman, and because I happened to be able to study, my mother always told me that I was special.

It wasn’t until I started working for the royal castle that I truly understood that this was not the case, much to my shame. Blonde hair and blue eyes are not uncommon here.

On the contrary, I was someone who had the appearance of a nobleman, but had ‘no’ magic power. It seems that such people are despised among the nobility, and were looked down upon.

However, since I am a commoner, I dismissed it as irrelevant.

It also made me understand why my mother joined my father, who was a commoner, and why she was so attached to me and my youngest sister’s blond hair and blue eyes like that.

My mother was one of the ‘have-nots’.

I also know that my sister, who ran away from home, was very clever and handy at everything. I knew that and yet I still pretended not to see how my mother treated her.

She could have become the teacher that she said she wanted to be.

I got into the habit of sneaking a look at the faces of commoner girls of the same age whenever I went out on the streets, wondering what she could be doing.

Today, I headed to the main gate of the castle with my colleague to check the site under the castle where the newly arrived merchants from other territories would be setting up their stalls.

Then the sound of the opening door was heard as the great gate was opened wide. A group of magic division soldiers rode up from the castle on horseback.

Each division has a different color of uniform, so it’s easy to tell which division it is. The blue uniform is the fifth division. It may be that today’s event was a tour of the temple. I’m sure there are only noblemen’s children in the magic division, but there was only one dark-haired girl. I felt our eyes meet the moment we passed by each other.

Bright, emerald green eyes, glittering and rippling sunlight, suddenly pierced me.

“That’s the fifth-division saint, isn’t it?”

“Oh, over there. And that brown hair is a rarity, too, isn’t it?”

“They say that if she touches you, it takes away the pain of any demon’s venom that you can’t get rid of.”

“I’d like to her to look at me, too.”

“You’re not the only one.”

Several nobles in knight’s clothing looked back at her, dazzled.

A court wizard, which only those with strong magic power can become. It is a profession that even the children of nobles yearn for.

…Although the color of her eyes were different, she looked a lot like that girl…

Thinking that it could only be a dream, I headed down to the castle.


T/N: For those who haven’t realized it yet, that was Fiara’s brother who left for school a few years before the start of the story. I was so happy that wee got a sneak peek into his character. I hope he realizes who Fiara is soon!!

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