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Chapter 15: Baron Cubic

It would take half a day to get to Baron Cubic’s territory by horse from the relay point where the Dairoku had sent me through the magic circle.

After attaching the luggage to the horse borrowed from the innkeeper, Judy Anne jumped on the horse and began to ride away.

“Judy! You don’t have to go so fast, we’ll be in the territory by evening!”

Helena shouted loudly. By that time, Judy was already running far ahead of her in a cloud of dust and smoke.

Judy herself was having a great time, saying things like, “Hey Hey Hey! Get out of the way, or I’ll crush you!! Mwahahaha!!!

The little beast whose the tension was swollen.

““……”” Well, it’s business as usual.

Judy Anne Dantrow has a seemingly sweet appearance, with fluffy pinkish blond hair and hazel eyes. That’s why people who meet her for the first time are likely to mistake her for a shy, delicate young lady. I was the same way at first. But it was a terrible mistake. It’s also very big misunderstanding.

Her specialty is healing magic, and if she was only doing that quietly, she’d probably look like an angel on the outside.

But when it comes to mock battles and riding around, everything changes.

In swordplay that doesn’t involve magic, she’s one of the strongest amongst us, even when mixed in with the 1st-4th divisions. She also has a first-class ability in regards to the circulation of basic magic power, specializing in healing magic, and she can easily enhance her physical abilities as a derivative.

Helena said that she was like a wild monkey.

If the members of the 5th Division converted the magic power of the healing system and the purification system into attack magics like fire or water using magic tools, then they would be quite strong if they fought. However, they are not very fuel efficient. If someone who can use healing-type magic all day long uses fire magic, they will run out of magic power in half a day. It works like that.

Once a situation becomes a battle, things are easier said than done because I have to protect myself while healing and purifying. That’s why never neglect to practice.

When Judy practices like that, she is like a fierce beast. She prefers to use magic tools that produce fire-based attacking magic, and she is especially fond of swords. At first I thought that Helena’s house was a knight’s house, but Judy’s house was the actual knight’s house.

She’s quite a good swordsman. Her brothers and sisters are all knights, and she was the only one with strong magical powers.

Once her sword comes out, she even starts speaking like a man. I’m not sure if it’s because of the influence of her older brother, who was a good friend of hers, but there is a painful gap between her normal life and mine. I quite like her.


A soldier from the territory and Helena’s younger brother had come out to meet us around the entrance of the Cubic territory. The tranquil countryside continued to grow.

“Sister, welcome home.”

“I’m back, Aquos.”

Her brother, Aquos, looks a lot like Helena. Helena has straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Her face is also sharp, and combined with her appearance, she is very popular with certain groups of young ladies.

“Hello ladies, you two are very welcome. We have been waiting for you.”

“No need for such formalities. We’re going back to the house first.”


Helena called out to the soldier, who dismounted, got down on one knee, and led his horse onto the field.

We followed.

We received the hearty hospitality of the Baron Cubic family consisting of the lord and lady, the eldest son, and the second son.

The food was also typical of the region, with dishes such as local chicken, stewed vegetables and beast meat, and other dishes that were simple and tasty in their own right.

Like me, Judy is also a good eater. Everyone in Cubic Territory was looking at us with a smile on their face. They often said that she eats too much for her size.

The eldest son, Gilbert-sama, is similar to his older siblings in color, but he has a delicate and fragile structure like an ephemeral fairy.

‘Oh, you’ll want to protect this one, won’t you?’ Judy, for example, glances at him and looks embarrassed. Yes, he’s a bit of a princess-type boy which wasn’t common.

Judy was raised in a “physical” type of family, so she’s quite vulnerable with the fragile types, or the small and protected types like me. She often catches me and pats me around, calling me a ‘lovable thing’.

“The three of us are going to run up to the floodgates tomorrow morning, father, is that alright?”

“Then take Aurel and a few others with you.”

“Aurel, the soldier who came to pick us up, is apparently related to Helena’s nanny. He’s now a squire for Mr. Aquos.”

“Please take me with you, sister.”

Aquos seems to love his older sister, and can’t wait to be with Helena.

“Okay, well, we’ll have a quick breakfast in the morning and then we’ll leave.”


The next morning, we had a light meal of fried eggs, toast and fruit, coffee, etc., and then went to the stables. I was told to choose a horse of my choice, and as I looked at them, a horse came up to me.

“That horse has a very gentle temperament.”

I was told so by the horse guard. He is a lustrous, ash-colored horse and is well groomed. Yeah, I’ll take her. Looks like yesterday’s horse was being cared for elsewhere. I’d have to return it to the innkeeper on our way back home.

“All right, you then. You’re the chosen one!”

Beside me, the horse that Judy had called out to was looking at Judy sideways, somewhat uncomfortably.

But when Judy put a piece of brown sugar in her palm and held it to his mouth, he ate it without hesitation, still neighing hungrily. Then, with ease, she pulled the reins and it followed her obediently.

He was surprisingly tame.


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