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Chapter 14: The Petition

I am currently staying with Judy Anne at the lord’s mansion of the Baron Cubic family, which is very quiet and relaxing. This was Helena’s family home.

This was scheduled to be a two-week vacation under the guise of a paid holiday.

Because it would take two days by carriage from the royal capital to go properly to Baron Cubic’s territory, I got the help of the 6th Division to fly with my luggage to the nearest relay point. From there, it would only be half a day’s ride on horseback.

In the town of the relay point, we rented a horse at an inn that was designated by the Dairoku where we could rent a horse.

Helena Diaz Cubic is the eldest daughter of a baronial family.

Her eldest brother was a very thoughtful and respectful man, even though he had been frail from birth. Helena wanted to help her brother, so she naturally followed her father to help him with the administration of his estate and other tasks.

However, Helena has the strongest magic power ever born in the Cubic family, as well as a rare ability to purify, so the family suggested that she should take the examination for the magic corps. If she was able to join a magic division, it would be a great honor for her and her family.

The reason why Helena took the exam at the age of sixteen is because the second son, who was fourteen at the time, was also assigned to help manage the estate.

That way, if she were to be accepted into the magic division, she could leave the estate in peace and leave it in good hands.

In the region where the Baron Cubic family’s territory is located, the land is thin and the climatic conditions are not so good. On top of that, there was only one major source of water near their fiefdom, and during the dry season, the peasants of the neighboring fiefdoms and their own fiefdoms would compete for water.

Every time that season came, the atmosphere became cutthroat, and they managed to contain the scene that seemed to be a flashpoint.

Even so, up until the neighboring Baron of Mered took over, the distribution of water had been done fairly.

With a similar size of fiefdom, the baronial families, who were also struggling to manage their fiefdoms, were trying to cooperate with each other to get by.

But then Baron Mered suddenly died, and when the late Baron Mered’s foolish and infamous brother took over the fief, problems began to arise.

Yes, a monopoly of water. If one took their eyes off of them, the lock on the gates on the Cubic Domain side would be closed immediately. To prevent that, a guard of soldiers were put on it, and the next thing they knew, a dead cow was thrown into the reservoir just downstream of the water source on the Baron Cubic’s Domain side.

The cow was thrown in after being killed by a peasant from Baron Cubic’s territory. The cow was immediately salvaged and its water quality was subsequently checked. No poison was sprayed on the cow.

Of course, the peasants of Baron Cubic were furious. There was no one in Baron Cubic’s territory who would do such a thing. They naturally knew who was responsible for the crime.

On top of that, some people in Baron Mered began to spread trivial rumors that a plague was spreading in the Cubic territory. Then the rumors began to make it difficult to sell the crops in the territory, and the peasants’ representative came crying to the father of Baron Cubic, Helena’s father.

And when Helena read this in a letter from her parents’ house, she immediately submitted a request of leave to the 5th Division Commander, telling him that she wanted to return to the territory.

Since it was a long-term application, she was asked the reason, and when she told him as it was, the Division Commander Hades waited for her.

“The rumor of a plague, if mistaken, could lead to a great commotion involving other territories. Now that I’ve heard about it, I’ll have to take action.” said Divisional Commander Kwais Hades.

First, Helena was told to return to the territory under the guise of a vacation. Then, he would attach two people in the same period, so I was told to check the situation with three people.

I was told to take care of the magic tools for attacks from the Dairoku and then go. If there is something to be attacked, we were told to fight back.

Even if one is a member of the magic division, they are still trained in defense and battle. Even three women can use their strong magical powers to attack with magical tools, and their strength is stronger than the 100 Knights of the Royal Palace. If it is only destructive power, it is safe to say that they can be considered a combat unit.

When Helena turns her purification magic into an attack, she uses her favorite tool, the bow, which is a magic tool that can be converted into wind-based power for attack. In close combat, she uses a lightweight, gladius-type sword.

She is very cool in simulated battles, and is very popular with the ladies for her cool look as she fires her bow at the rear guard.

Helena is a tall, slender woman with an uneven body, which is why she’s called a beauty in men’s clothing (although she’s not dressed as a man, she’s in troop uniform), and she and her classmate Grindel are drinking buddies. I often see Grindel looking lonely.

Before leaving, Cerezo Fisaris also gave me a purification tool.

“This is a prototype of the purification magic tool. Fiaragent, you can use it when you need it.”

“Thank you.”

It was the Rutile emerald “Saint’s Eyes” that was turned into a pendant. I took it gratefully.

Zak was about to make me wear something again in some way, so I refused in a hurry.

I was already equipped with enough weapons.

As a side note, I am small in stature, but perhaps because I was raised by my mother from an early age among the common people, I am said to have a much higher in basic physical strength and athletic ability than those who are normally raised as a noblewomen. That’s what the education officer praised me for.

My favored weapon used in mock battles of the Magic Division is the spear-axe (halberd). It’s quite heavy, but since it’s used with magic power, it doesn’t bother me much.

My teacher was Silk, and after learning to handle various weapons in one go, she chose the one she thought was best for me. It was quite a tough instruction, but she praised me for my good work. Maybe I’m the type of person who grows through praise. It’s been three years since then, and I’ve been told that there’s nothing more to teach me.

Have I gotten a little stronger? I think that someone had said, “Is that a monster?” during my last mock battle, but I probably misheard them…

And so, the three of us left for the Baron Cubic territory. It was two days before, that a petition had been sent to the law officer at the royal castle from the former Baroness Mered asking to look into her husband’s death.


T/N: In case you’re wondering about Fiara’s spear axe halberd, I’m guessing it’s something that looks a little like a giant version of these…

Pretty badass, huh?

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