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Chapter 13: Green Pillar Magic Stone (Rutile Emerald)

The magical gemstone that Fiara chose is called the Green Pillar Magic Stone (Rutile Emerald).

It was a magical gemstone that was only produced in the Marquis Tizar’s territory.

It was a beautiful magic stone with crystals glistening like golden needles in a deep, transparent emerald green.

“I see…a magical stone that can only be found in your territory.”

When Cerezo told me that, I remember that many of the ornaments sent to me by the Marquis of Tizar contained objects made from this magic stone.

I felt a sense of fate at this.

“Miss Fiaragent, I want you to look for any remaining residue of magical power within me. And when you find it, I want you to purify it as slowly as possible.”

“Now, come over here, face-to-face, hand-in-hand, and circulate the magic from you to me as slowly as possible.”

What Cerezo said to Fiara, this time, he said to himself and made a wry smile.

“Oh, because you’re better at adjusting magical power, I’d better receive it.”

“Oh, I see.”

I faced Cerezo face-to-face and laid my palms on top of his to perform the magic circulation.


I finally realized at this point that this was a hard hurdle to overcome.

Zak and I had both done a lot of magic circulation.

It was a very calming process for me.

But it wasn’t the same with someone different. With others, the embarrassment prevails. Hmmm…but I couldn’t say that, so I must do my best.

I felt my cheeks heat up, but I closed my eyes to calm my mind.

My magic went around and surrounded everything that formed this person. I could smell the residues of magic power that had twisted and stagnated in the flesh and blood of the Fisaris family over the years.

That stench from before.

As I dove deeper and deeper, I could certainly feel the faintest of life-eating stagnation within him as well. A black, murky, very disgusting thing. I poured my magic into it and surrounded it, and slowly, even more slowly, I caught it struggling to escape and slowly unraveled it. Then I returned it to Cerezo.

Then, all at once, a bead of sweat broke out on Cerezo’s forehead.

What he was going to do now was a task that only he, a genius, could do.

He took my purification directly to himself, analyzed it, and began the process of knitting and encrypting it with his magical power.

Just looking at him, I gazed into his serious eyes, which seemed to shake my soul, and I prayed that it would work. There was nothing else I could do.

I hadn’t done much praying, though.

Then the process of reading and encrypting came to an abrupt end.

He clutched the Green Pillar Magic Stone (Rutile Emerald) in his hand and stared at it.

This time, he was going to put the information from earlier into the magic stone. Naturally, that took more than twice the amount of time.

The tense air loosened all at once and he placed his hands on the table in front of him and bent down.

“Oh…it didn’t break…I finally got it in!”

And when he looked up, he was smiling.

Cerezo seemed to re-grasp the stone again and again, as if in disbelief, closing his eyes to check the workmanship.

He himself was unaware of the tears running down his cheeks from his light blue eyes.

“It’s beautiful.” I said, quietly gazing at the figure in silence, but gently held out a handkerchief from the side.

“See? You’re sweating from your eyes.”

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry.”

After that, Cerezo ordered a large quantity of Rutile Emeralds from the Tizar Domain, created several replicas copied from the original, and gradually rewrote the magic code of each stone.

This would result in a stone with strong and weak purification effects.

The other was a stagnation meter based on his data. Just by touching it, a card made of rare metal would provide a number.

“I’ll get the people in my house to help me first.”

Cerezo was the third son of the Fisaris family.

The Fisaris family is a Margrave family located on the border of the southern country of Rhodocaius.

All the boys born from there have silver hair and light blue eyes.

They guard the main borders of the country. Therefore, they have the authority to have an independent army, and are a prestigious family with many marriages to royal princesses. But on the other hand, the royal blood is thick and many of them are short-lived.

Cerezo wanted to do something about the cause of this, the stagnation of blood, which could be called the curse of the royal family.

The appearance of the Fiaragent, with the Tizar Purification Eyes, was a unique opportunity.

The eyes that rarely appeared, the eyes that purified miasma. They hadn’t appeared for nearly three hundred years.

Those with the Tizar purification eyes who had appeared before were short-lived, having been destroyed by the royal family.

They had not been seen ever since.

Perhaps it was due to a self-protection of the Tizar’s bloodline.

If Cerezo’s attempt was successful, he would be able to purify the stagnation of the royal blood with a magic tool.

Then the royal family and those who have the curse in their veins would be able to extend their lifespan to the same level as human beings with their magic tools.

They could help their relatives who die young without any help.

It could also be used in many other places where there is no one with purification abilities.

It could be used on the battlefield and in hospitals.

Cerezo’s grandfather had died at the age of 53 years old. He didn’t know what would happen to his father either, so he wanted to immediately use this Rutile Emerald magic stone to gather information. First, he would figure out the level of impurities, then he would give him the rutile emerald with the most effective enchantment.

It might en up annoying, but he would want to check the numbers every 30 minutes with a card for measuring the levels.

In addition, he’d also ask his oldest and youngest brother to help get the data.

Fisaris went to the Dairoku divisional commander’s office to submit an application to Edion Gato Meltides, to return to his parents’ house for a work-related visit.

The family is said to have screamed at the details of the information gathered at Cerezo’s house.

However, the resulting purification tool, the “Saint’s Eyes” was able to purify the sorrows of many people with royal blood in their veins.

The “Saint’s Eyes” were later modified and used for various purification purposes, leaving behind many achievements.

Five years later, Cerezo and Fiaragent would be knighted and decorated for their efforts.


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