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Off-Topic 4: The Prime Minister’s Melancholy

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Elementia is 22 years old.

Crown Prince Alfonso Theodora von Elementia.

The King of Elementia can have up to three consorts, but most of them seem to have had only one queen. This is probably because they were fortunate enough to have had a prince to succeed them.

It is said that the King loves only one queen and does not need another queen.

With the Queen, he had two princes and a princess.

The Crown Prince already has a fiancée and is due to be married next year.

In any case, I agree that there should be no conflict for the throne or for the government.

But for the children of the peaceful aristocracy, there will be another group of fools.

Among the royal families that currently exist, the crown prince has quite strong magical powers.

Even so, he couldn’t compare to His Excellency the Duke of Valmonter, and between the moon and the turtle, of course it was the Crown Prince who was called the turtle.

The King is well aware of his own strength and is a sensible man.

His magic power is also said to be around the average strength of the royal family.

Therefore, it makes sense that he’s a respecter of His Excellency the Duke of Valmonter and always keeps him in mind…but I think it’s important to know what he’s doing.

It seems that Prince Alfonso let his rivalry with Prince Valmonter get the better of him.

It’s hard to say, but the King had mis-educated the Prince. Anyone who is brought up to always be affirmed in everything, will end up prideful.

The king was involved with the crown prince’s education by scholars and intellectuals related to the queen’s lineage.

It was allowed by the king.

We cannot know what kind of education he had provided, but judging from how the crown prince had become, it could only be called a failure.

There are various teachings in Imperialism, such as being ‘fair to all and not to be biased towards favoritism and evil’, but looking at the Crown Prince’s actions, it didn’t seem to me that a single one of them was on his mind.

First of all, the Crown Prince has never met the Duke of Valmontor in person, as the Duke of Valmontor never appears in the official arena and does not wield his extraordinary magical power in public.

His good looks and powerful magic were rumored to be the things he heard about.

The price was perhaps the thought, ‘but could it be that he is not better than me?’

He had a strong desire for self-promotion, and the feelings he had in mind gradually grew.

It is true to a certain extent that the stronger the magic, the more beautiful the Crown Prince was, and therefore he was beautiful.

However, there is a curse on the royal family. If you use strong magic, you will accumulate miasma from it.

The miasma would eventually weaken the body. A royal premature death was a common occurrence.

Despite warnings from his father, the king, and other close associates not to use his magic as a trivial display of power, the crown prince still used it. It was held up as a great, great thing by other stupid aristocratic children. They were a bunch of dimwitted people who were always in a good mood.

They don’t understand that with the help of His Exellency the Duke, Elementia was now in a peaceful state.

This made both the king and the decent ministers hold their heads in their hands.

The current state of the education of nobles is too poor. We have to rework the education policy of the royalty and nobles in the future, and think about the meaning of the purge carried out by King Luciano. In the past, a lot of thought-provoking nobles lost their lives.

Now, while there are still decent people in the country, we must prepare for the future. Training the next generation of young people is an important task for us adults.

The reason for this is that the kingdom of Elementia is based on the patronage of His Excellency the Duke of Valmonter.

Elementia should not be a country that can easily collapse if that person withdraws.

With that in mind, His Royal Highness Maximilian, the Second Prince, was a young man, but quite wise. As the second prince’s education officer was selected by the state, the following ministers and I were able to recommend him for the position, and it turned out to be a good choice.

Unaware that the review of the Crown Prince was also being reconsidered, His Royal Highness Prince Alfonso continued to use magical powers that he did not need.

The use of power that is unworthy of one’s stature is disastrous.

In the end, the Crown Prince collapsed with an unexplained fever.

Needless to say, the king called on the Duke of Valmonter for help.

The prince’s fever does not abate and he becomes thinner and thinner every day.

I would help him if I could, even if he deserved it.

“Can you lend me the Tizar purifier who is said to remove the miasma of the royal family?”

Rumors of that girl have reached us, and there was the ‘peeping’ fiasco of the princess not long ago. (***From “Off-Topic 3, The Disappearance of Shion Garden”)

It’s all a bit of a headache.

“What do you mean by lending? What are you trying to say? You would ask me to lend my loved one?”

The temperature of the king’s office, which was purposely visited by the Duke of Valmontor, dropped rapidly due to the king’s careless words.

“Ha, I’m sorry, I chose the wrong words. Would you be able to help me?”

“You think I don’t know about the Crown Prince? Everyone around me is stupid, including you. What on earth have you learned from everything? It is unthinkable to indulge in one’s own power in all matters…The Tizar’s purification eyes rarely appear. And even when they do, the owners are short-lived. You know why. It’s because of the royal family.”


The king was in a cold sweat.

“So, if you can get the crown prince back, are you going to leave it as it is? What is it? Are you trying to get the country to tip over?”

“No, no! No, sir, not at all.”

“Do you realize that the only reason royalty can live in splendor is because they have lived up to their responsibilities?”

“Huh, yes…”

“Then I say, even if the Crown Prince does nothing, his fever will subside after a while, and he will be able to live on without any problems. But he will not be able to use his magic as he used to, and if he does, he will not be able to live as long as he used to. Let those of you who have to think about the future of your country show me how you are going to clean up after this.”

I had to give up the idea that he would help us because he was related to us, or because he was royalty. The king himself, born and spent in a peaceful reign, was at peace. Without someone in a position to change the course, there was nothing I could do about it.

I knew it would happen, so I just watched it happen. In the end, I left the Duke of Valmonter to take care of things. No, I had hoped that would happen.

“I will do my best to think it over and act accordingly.”

“I’m telling you, don’t mess with the Tizar behind my back or I’ll know what you’re doing.”

I felt a magical force that felt like a chilling and heavy pressure, and my body was filled with heavy pressure, cold sweat flowing and not stopping.

With the king and I prostrated on the floor without words, the two of us were unable to move for a while, even after Duke Valmonter disappeared along with the magic circle, and we were still in a state of abandonment.

After a while, Prince Alfonso’s fever went down, just as Duke Valmonter had said, but he couldn’t use his magic like before, and because of that, he seemed to be a coward and became useless.

Under the guise of recuperating from an illness, he was excluded from the crown prince’s office and sent to a monastery where noblemen are said to be admitted. He resisted, but his magic power was also blocked because he thought that using it would cost him his life.

Later on, it was His Royal Highness Maximilian who once again became the Crown Prince.


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