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Off-Topic 3: The Disappearance of Shion Garden

I was drinking tea in the living room of the royal castle of Elementia, in the royal quarters, when I suddenly heard my sister’s loud voice.

“My uncle is here!”

It is my sister, Princess Alexandra, who grabs her binoculars and rolls up her dress as she runs down the corridors of Elementia Castle.

“Sasha, stop running, it’s bad manners!”

My immediate younger sister is fourteen years old and an enthusiastic fan of the Duke of Valmonter.

I am Maximilian Ernst von Elementia, the second prince.

“My princess, how could you!? I’m sorry as well.”

Meville, the maid, apologizes in a low manner, and follows Sasha across the corridor.

Although he says he is an uncle, the man is actually the high ancestor, Duke Frederick Zakash Vi Valmonter.

He was the brother of the king three generations ago. In other words, the brother of my great-great-grandfather.

My great-great-great-grandfather King Luciano died prematurely at the age of 51.

I heard that he loved his brother, the present Duke of Valmonter, blindly.

Due to the color of his eyes and his own image, only King Luciano referred to him “Shion-kun.” (***Shion refers to a light purple or violet color, like from the Aster flower)

King Luciano had succeeded to the throne at a young age. From the time he was born, he was concerned about his younger brother’s ancestral beauty and immense magical power, so he was raised as sheltered and protected from the outside world.

Even now, with his undiminished good looks and magical power, he sometimes wanders to  Shion Garden, which was built by King Luciano for his brother.

He usually wears the hood of his robe and doesn’t bother to show his true face in public, but once there, he takes down his robe and strolls through the garden.

Unfortunately, my sister saw him in Shion Garden from the balcony of the corner room where she hid to hide from her tutor.

It’s not surprising that she fell in love with him at first sight, as she couldn’t help but admire his good looks.

Judging by the appearance of my sister, I think that it is unavoidable for him to hide his beauty as usual.

One cannot enter Shion Garden except for him. It’s a beautiful garden that King Luciano made for him, where only flowers that resemble the color of his pale purple eyes bloom.

The royal family had their own garden in the castle. On the day of his death, King Luciano stopped the time of his garden.

Luciano had roses made to look like the color of his eyes, and nobody but him was allowed to take them out of the garden.

It was a rose that not even the royal family could see up close. It’s a rose that even the nobility yearn for.

A rose that nobody can get their hands on…

But one day, Shion-kun invited a girl to visit the garden.

He had never done so before, but he was the master of the garden.

It’s up to him to bring whoever he wants.

He is practically and competently the number one person in Elementia, and my father, the king, is not at all a match to him.

However, I have heard that he always says, “I will not participate in politics, because the next generation will not be able to grow up, so think carefully for yourselves.”

On one occasion, it seems that my father told him that he would move Shion Garden to Shion Castle because it would be troublesome to people’s eyes. I later heard that he wished to leave the garden at the castle since such a thing would not happen.

Although it sounds like a joke to move the entire garden from the Royal City to the Shion Castle, in fact, he would be able to do it.

By the way, isn’t it Alexandra who has that man in her eyes?

I’ll have to talk to father once more.

And the girl he had with him was the fifteen-year-old Marquis’ daughter, Fiaragent Lana Tizar.

The lady of Tizar, an important lifeline for the royal family, is the only one with Tizar’s purification eyes at the moment. She is also a candidate for the Duke of Valmonter’s fiancée, as passed down only to the master of royal relations.

Duke Valmonter is desired by the monarch and has been carefully kept at hand since he was a child. At that point, she would be the de facto fiancée. She’s the flower that no one can touch.

When Shion-kun came to Shion Garden, he used transference magic and didn’t see the royalty, but my sister Alexandra enjoys peering into Shion-kun’s garden with binoculars.

It was too impolite to say out loud, but she would often sneak out of her corner of the castle to peer into the garden, whether the master of the garden was there or not. She was happy just to see the beautiful flowers in that garden. I had to be careful with the royal bloodline, as they were said to be very obsessive, so it was bad to leave it alone.

But even if her brother and mother warned her, she wouldn’t stop, and even if the maidservant warned her, she wouldn’t stop, and it seems that she kept peeking. Even if my sister didn’t like it, I should have shut down the scene.

Finally, one day, my sister saw the scene where Shion-mun brought the girl to Shion Garden. And it was said that Tizar girl was given the rose that everyone wanted.

It seems that Duke Valmonter himself cut off the thorns with scissors and handed them to the girl with a smile on his face. The shock of the incident seemed to have devastated my sister, who was watching him. She was in bed for the next 3 days.

In the morning when she felt better, she woke up and went to the balcony to find that Shion-kun had vanished.

I was told by father and felt an ‘evil feeling.’

It’s hard to say out loud, but my sister has been spewing curse words at the daughter of Tizar while she was asleep. The royal family has a high level of magical power, and if my inexperienced sister was using her power unknowingly, it’s a big deal.

I’m sure one is able to find out what’s going on in the world of the royal family, and the tragedy caused by my family members’ concerns is not something he should ever have to deal with.

And this is especially true for the ‘throwback ancestors.’

It is said that King Luciano was unwilling to let a woman, especially one who was related to him, get close to him.

When my father learned of Alexandra’s peeping, he decided to marry her off to his great-grandmother’s family, who had a fiefdom in the countryside, while her wounds were still fresh, and he got rid of her early. She will have to wait until she comes of age. For that reason, the attendant educators were strictly selected. She needs more education.

The beautiful Shion Garden and that phantom rose would be moved to a corner of the Shion Castle, which was whispered to be more beautiful than the royal castle.

To say that it is too beautiful attracts even the unwanted, regardless of the intention of the person in question. It’s just as well that it is out of reach.


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3 thoughts on “Off-Topic 3: The Disappearance of Shion Garden

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Ughh… my head is spinning right now… there a so many characters been presented that I dont even know who is who anymore. I’ve heard about shion before, right? But who it was? XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading!

      Shion was the the affectionate nickname given to Zak by his older brother (the old king). It means purple (kinda like a lilac/aster color, referring to his eyes). That’s why there is “shion castle” and shion gardens” etc.


      1. Oh it was Zak xD
        I’ve started to get some track about the nobles surnames and nicknames… but there still a lot of them that I get stuck hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

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