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Chapter 11: Magic Division

Elementia has a magic division–the pride of the country.

The original unit of this division was created more than 120 years ago during the battle against the Imperial Army of Evada.

It was created by the then King Luciano’s only brother, His Royal Highness Frederick. His Royal Highness Frederick was the current Duke of Valmonter.

He took his troops and fought on the border with Kainahatan.

He was the hero who crushed the imperial army and brought victory to the kingdom of Elementia.

And so the troops were left behind and transformed into their current form.

The 1st to 4th divisions are the attacking units.

The 5th Division is a purification and healing unit.

The 6th Division is a unit that makes magical tools, etc.

And the general commander of this magical division was now His Excellency the Duke of Valmonter.


Fiara’s POV

I was sixteen years old when I joined the Elementia Court Magical Division, 5th Division.

It had been three years since I met Zak.

From the first time Zak told me that I had the magical power to join this division, it became my goal to join.

I could be Zak’s purification specialist, but I wanted to find something more than that, and I wanted to be someone who could stay by Zak’s side.

That’s why I was so happy when I took the exam and got the announcement that I had been accepted, and I was able to join the team.

At that time, Zak and everyone in Shion Castle were happy for me, just like a family.

On the day of the initiation ceremony, I was very nervous in the morning, but I ate a good breakfast before heading out. We took a carriage to get to the castle. From now on, we would have to take a carriage to go to the castle.

Before we left, Zak and I sat on the sofa across from each other and let each other’s magic circulate through our fingertips. This was a sort of calming spell for me.

“It suits you well.”

Zak said with narrowed eyes as he looked at me, wearing the 5th Division’s uniform.

“Ehehe, thanks. I’m off!”

“Yeah, I’ll see you over there then.”

“Yeah, see you.”

When I say over there, I mean the royal castle. However, since there is no point of contact between the top division leader and me, a new member, I think I wouldn’t even see him, but I still replied. It’s amazing to be able to see Zak as the commander of the division.

Okay, I did my best. Yup.

There were a total of 24 new members in the 1st-6th divisions, and the 5th Division had 5 out of those 24 members.

The 5th Division is a unit of healers and purifiers, while the 1st to 4th Divisions are the offensive forces, so to speak.

The base of the Royal City Magic Division is called the Northern Detached Palace. It’s a magnificent white palace, with green grass contrasting the forest of the royal castle behind it.

Being court wizards, they are all strong magicians, and it is mostly a world for nobles only.

However, because the Division of Magic is a place where you are only recognized on merit, if you join with a half-hearted attitude, you’ll have a hard time.

And it is also not acceptable to use the hierarchy of your family’s status within the magic corps.

It’s a hierarchical system where experience and competence determine everything.

Once a year, an assessment is held.

Before the initiation ceremony, as I finished the reception and sat in my assigned chair in the hall, I could feel eyes watching me from all over. My brown hair stands out quite a bit. It’s because if there are darker-haired among all the lighter-haired, they will stand out. Noblemen’s children all have gold and silver hair, you know.

That’s why someone like me will stand out because of my different hair color.

So when I answered “Here” as a new members when our names were called out, I felt like everyone was staring at me.

Even so, It was said that General Division Chief Valmonter himself would participate in this enrollment ceremony for the first time in 57 years, and I wondered if even unrelated aristocrats could somehow attend the enrollment ceremony. It seems that they did, but they were cut off. It seems that even the noblemen who had nothing to do with the ceremony were planning to see if they could not attend the ceremony but were stopped.

The enrollment ceremony is limited to the king, the crown prince, and the members of the court magic division, and it is a rule that family members cannot participate.

The general information about the general division commander is that he is so beautiful that he is known as the ‘leaning country’.

In the Kingdom of Elementia, pictures of the royal family are not circulated because they are considered disrespectful.

It is said that he is from three generations before the current king, but he has an unprecedented amount of magical power amongst the royal family and is said to be a throwback ancestor.

Then, on the day of the enrollment ceremony, all eyes were glued to the stage when the General Division Commander went up on the stage and greeted the crowd. The division leaders were so moved that they were about to collapse because they worshiped the true face of the “Chief,” who had only ever spoken through a hood.

The general commander, with the hood of his robe down and welcoming the new members, was so beautiful that no beautiful woman in the area could even compete with him.

Of course, I understand that the General Commander and Zak are the same person.

After that, we were divided into divisions and met by our division. We sit around a round table in the designated sword (vine) room, and while the five of us wait for the divisional commander, all four of us except me are looking at me. What kind of punishment game is this?

“Well, I’m Grindel Malt, third son of the Countess of Malt in the Kiel region. Nice to meet you.”

He was the first one to greet me in this situation. His face was of the gentle type, and he seemed to be easy to get to know.

He has pale-colored blonde hair and gray-blue eyes.

“I’m Helena Diaz Cubic. I am the eldest daughter of the Baron Cubic family. Nice to meet you.”

At first glance, she looked like a boy, with her blonde straight hair in one piece and blue eyes. She was tall for a woman, slender and very cool.

“I am Judy Anne Dantrow. I’m the second daughter of the Earl of Dantrow family. Nice to meet you.”

She said, looking a little shy and downcast. She’s a pretty girl with pink blonde hair and big hazel eyes.

“I’m Eldred Weiss Taylor. I’m the second son of Duke Taylor’s family. Pleased to meet you.”

The Duke of Taylor is supposed to be the current royal brother. I wondered if he had royal blood flowing through his veins, as he had platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.

Somehow, we introduced ourselves in a clockwise direction, and at the end I looked around at everyone else and said the same thing.

“I am Fiaragent Lana Tizar. I’m the fifth daughter of the Marquis of Tizar. Nice to meet you.”

“…It’s amazing, the real ‘purification eyes’”

Eldred comes peeking in.

“Really, it’s a pleasure to see you.”

And Judy Anne. Thank you for being so happy with your blushing cheeks. It’s something.

“You have such beautiful eyes.”

And Grindel. The eyes.

“I like the way your hair is dark, with a nice sheen.”

I was embarrassed when Helena Diaz, who looks like a prince, says that to me.

In the meantime, the division commander, Kwais Hades, came over, and after introducing himself once more, he told us that there will be an annual healing and purifying expedition to the temples, hospitals, and cemeteries of the Royal Capital for the purpose of training the new members of the 5th division.

He said that he and the senior corps members will carry out these events sequentially over the month of February.

I was a little nervous, but I also had the pleasure of working within the magic division.

Not only me, but every new member of every division would be happy to have passed the strict screening process and joined the corps. However, my life has changed from being raised as a child of a nobleman and being taken care of by someone else, to a life where I have to take care of everything around me and take responsibility for it myself as I go into service.

There were also dorms in the castle, so there were many of us who entered there.

After a long day, I was relieved when I rode the pick-up carriage and returned to the mansion.

Let’s work hard tomorrow.


Diary of Eldred Weiss Taylor

Today was the induction ceremony for the court magic division.

I’m not very good at offensive magic, so I was assigned to the 5th division as a healer, but I was genuinely happy to be a member of the magic division I’ve admired since I was a child.

And it was also a fortuitous thing that Duke Valmonter appeared to me for the first time as a general division commander.

I can’t blame His Majesty, my father, and the entire royal family for being so respectful to the Duke of Valmonter, as no one is ever able to get above him. I think it is unavoidable that no one can raise their head at all, and so do the aristocrats.

And I was also able to meet Miss Fiaragent. The ‘eyes that purify’, also known as ‘Tizar’s Purification Eyes’, is a special eye, especially for those with thick royal blood and great magical power. I can’t help but be attracted. Truly, she was an angelic, innocent and delicate young lady. What a blessing it is to be able to work together as colleagues in the future.


T/N: Looks like Fii has a new admirer~

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