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[Introduction] Ligris

[Introduction] Ligris

[Ligris – God]





As a god, I, Ligris was alone in the endless darkness today as with every other day. The joy I felt every day would have to be from reading the exchange diary with Hina and observing her.

Ah, that reminds me. I’ve only been looking at Letisreel recently and haven’t checked on Earth as much…Well, whatever. I’m sure it’ll be alright.

Then, I began reading the updated exchange diary with Hina.

“Pffft, Hina really is cute~! To think that she would play with chickens all day.”

I want her to play with me next time…But, she would need the <Oracle> skill to do that. 

Obtaining that skill was…normally difficult, but I’m sure Hina would be able to learn it right away.

Well, anyway, she would need to go to the city to learn it…so, let just take it slow for now.

“Let’s see here…Even though I gave the chickens vegetables, they won’t eat them. But, they’ll eat the grass and herbs in the garden. Is this an issue of their taste?

It seems that today’s diary entry was about chickens.

To be honest, I had never really paid much attention to the food situation of chickens…Hmm, then how should I respond?

“Um…I also don’t know what chickens prefer, but since it’s inside the skill <God’s Miniature Garden>, I’m sure the normal grass there is delicious. Besides, chickens that eat herbs will probably grow stronger than chickens that eat normal vegetables.”

Did this sound alright?

What else should I do…? Let’s make some cute clothes or something for Hina as a present. Yeah, let’s do that. Maybe I’ll sneak a rosette in it for her. She should be running low on soap by now, so I’ll also put that on her bathroom shelf. The rest should still be fine.

“Ah, that reminds me…!”

I suddenly looked around, but there was nothing in this dark-darkness-filled area.

“I can’t possibly show good hospitality in such darkness the next time Hina comes over…! Right, I’ll also create a home inside this space. If I do, I’m sure Hina will be surprised.”

I decided that I’d build a house…or maybe just a room, in this space.

Yeah, looks like I’ll be preoccupied for a while.


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