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[Introduction] Hinami: 15 Years Old

<Kusunoki Hinami>

15 years old

HP 50/50
MP 65/76

ATK 10
DEF 16
AGI 21
MAG 33

LUK 84

God’s Miniature Garden
Rhapsody of Light
Angel’s Sanctuary

Divine Protection of the God Ligris

*This is her status at the end of the 1st volume.


Oh, that’s right.

While Ikuru was out, I’ll raise some princess trees and make some Princess Divine Protection Potions.

“Ikuru’s the only one having to go through the forest, so I have to do whatever I can…”

I stepped into the garden on this nice day.

Ikuru left to search the forest this morning to search for the “Kukuri tree.”

This Kukuri tree was valuable since it could be used as an ingredient for antidotes. While there was the possibility that such a tree was growing in this forest, I had low expectations. Hence, Ikuru had already spent two weeks searching for it in the forest.

Leaving the house in the morning and returning home past noon was his usual schedule.

He kind of strangely felt like a modern day salaryman like this. I saw Ikuru off, prepared for lunch, and waited. During that time, I also did laundry and made some potions.

Yeah, I felt kind of fulfilled by doing this!

“Huh…Maro’s not here?”

I looked around, but there were only three chickens and one moo here. And behind me were only birds and butterflies flying about. The snow bunny Maro, who would always run towards me whenever I left the garden, wasn’t here.

“Did it follow him again?”

Recently, Maro would occasionally go with Ikuru on his search. There wasn’t any danger in going there, and it wouldn’t be much of a burden on Ikuru, so I let them do what they wanted. 

Besides, it must be lonely going into the forest alone. Unlike me, Ikuru wouldn’t be scared.

“Hmm…Doesn’t the garden feel a little packed now?”

I had everything organized, but with the vegetables, fruits, herbs, magical mangrove, and animals, the garden felt…cramped. Next time, I’ll see if I can ask God to make the garden wider.

Then, I guess I’ll have to make princess potions in the meantime.

I went over to the magical mangrove by the fence and began preparations. Although, that really just meant exchanging points for bottles.

“Princess, please make these beautiful flowers bloom…<Angel’s Sanctuary>!”

In response to my voice, the flowers in the magical mangrove were in full bloom and began to all bear fruit.

Huh…? I don’t think that it was like this the last time I did it…Was this what it felt like to be powered-up?

To tell you the truth, I still didn’t understand the <Angel’s Sanctuary> I had received from God. It promoted plant growth, created potions, made simple seasonings, and etc. I had such a convenient spell…but, I felt like there was still more to it. No, I felt like I didn’t even understand its very basis…!

“Ah, oh no…!”

I used <Angel’s Sanctuary> and was about to make the princess potions when I realized something very important. My partner Maro wasn’t there.

Maro would always climb up the tree and drop the flowers and fruits located high on the tree for me, but she wasn’t here today. In short, I couldn’t pick the fruit. I could try to wait for them to naturally fall, but I felt like the chances of that weren’t very good.

“I guess it can’t be helped. Let’s give up for today and go make a splendid lunch.”

Yeah, let’s do that.

It might be nice to make some sweets after such a long time.

I’m sure Ikuru would be surprised when he comes home!


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