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[Introduction] Ikuru and the Snow Bunny

<Ikuru – Cursed>

19 years old


HP 2,112/2,112

MP 1,267/1,267

ATK 387
DEF 310
AGI 465
MAG 310
LUK 20


Wind Magic – Search

<Abnormal Status>

Decrease in status values

Inability to use attack magic

Sensitive tongue


<Snow Bunny – Maro – Monster>


HP 30/30

MP 1,000/1,000


Snow Magic – ???

Divine Protection of the God Ligris

*This is the status at the end of the 1st volume.


I entered the forest in the morning and searched for the Kukuri tree.

Today marks two weeks already…I haven’t seen any signs of the tree. Maybe it really wouldn’t be growing in such a shallow forest.

At this pace, in five minutes I would encounter a slime up ahead.

Because this forest was shallow and there were only small fries here, I could comfortably do my search. If stronger monsters were here, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with them.

I only had a delicate staff with me. As I was about to defeat the slime, I heard a “Mi!” cry out from my shoulder.

“Maro…You know you could’ve just waited at home with Hinami-sama.”

“Mi Mii~!”

For some reason, Maro had decided to accompany me these past few days whenever I searched the forest.

It was true that Maro the snow bunny was a resident of this forest, and since there weren’t any strong enemies here, it wouldn’t hurt to bring it with me. However, the question was exactly when exactly did it start following me? Did it erase its presence and I only realized it once it was riding on my shoulder?

I was supposed to be sensitives to presences, but…hmm, I guess all I can say is that it was to be expected of a rare snow bunny.

“Anyway, let’s search for the tree, Maro.”


Maro gave a powerful response and nodded.

Sigh, it must be really curious to follow me.


“Hm? What’s wrong?”

As soon as Maro cried, “Mi~!” it jumped off my shoulder and began to run ahead in a straight line.

“W-wait a minutee…!!”

As expected, I lost sight of it.

Aside from its cuteness, snow bunnies were known for their quick legs. If Maro had run at full speed, there was no way I would have been able to catch up to it.

I carefully activated my Wind Search magic to heighten my senses, so I could find it even if it hid its presence.

However, what was with Maro all of a sudden? I didn’t sense any strong monsters or people suddenly appearing. In that case, the remaining possibly was…it found something?

“Is that…the Kukuri tree?”

How should I put it? I kind of expected it.

After running for some time, Maro had been quietly sitting underneath a tree, waiting for me. I see. So it was a Kukuri tree.

“How did you find it…?”


As if it wanted to be showered in praise, Maro jumped on me. I made sure to properly catch it.

When I patted its head and said, “Well done,” it returned to its spot on my shoulder, satisfied.

Now then, let’s take the tree back with us to Hinami-sama.


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