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[Introduction] Hinami: 13 Years Old

[Kusunoki Hinami]

13 years old

HP 30/30

MP 45/45

ATK 10
DEF 10

AGI 13
MAG 20
LUK 50

God’s Miniature Garden
Rhapsody of Light
Angel’s Sanctuary

Divine Protection of the God Ligris




That scared me…! It was a chicken!!

As I was harvesting Kosho leaves in the garden, I was attacked by chickens from behind.

The two chickens rushed over to me, perhaps wanting to be entertained. The two chickens I met in the forest had produced an egg before I knew it. If another cute one joins them…! I wonder what color this baby will be with a white father chicken and slightly brown mother chicken? I’m looking forward to it.

At first, I gave them vegetables to eat, but they didn’t eat them. However, now, they would waltz into the garden and eat the grass and herbs. I wish they could just eat vegetables like normal… I guess they like the taste. Probably.

“I’ll play with you! Just let me pick the Kosho leaves!”

The most energetic white chicken wouldn’t stop charging at me. Wait, wait. That actually hurts…!

Since I was glad that the house has become livelier, this kind of communication was also quite fun.

Besides, there was also that egg. The dining table would get livelier, so I was very satisfied.

Ah, I have to hurry up and harvest the Kosho leaves, so I can play with the chickens.

“Hey, hey. Over here~!”


Even if I call it ‘playing,’ it was mostly just running around, so it was mostly just exercise.

Everyone charged after me while I ran away, so it was kind of like tag.

The personalities of the chickens were shown here, so it was really a bit interesting. The white father chicken always charged straight-forward so it was easy to dodge him, while the brown mother chicken tended to change directions. As such, I would be flustered when she suddenly turned.

If I were to be caught, it most likely…would be by the mother chicken. That was the teamwork between the couple.

While the mother throws feints, the father would catch me with his straight-forward attacks. This trick they worked out was what caused me to be caught yesterday.

Yup, as expected, wild chickens are different.

Oh, that’s right. I should write about the chickens in today’s exchange diary.

As I grew excited about the exchange diary I had with God, I played with the chickens until the sun set.


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