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Chapter 26: Ligris and Hinami

Ligris’ POV

When was it that I saw Hina for the first time?

I think I had been  watching her for a while because she had a cute smile on her face, trying her best.

Ah, that’s right.

It was a warm season, when the flowers had started to bloom.


“Oh, she’s increasing her part-time jobs again.”

Somewhere along the line, Hina had become noticeable. She wore her natural straight hair down to her waist, which was unusual for this day and age. She had a cute smile and spent her days working part-time every day to earn money to pay for her sister’s medical treatments after she had become ill.

On top of that, she attended high school and college as well. She would have liked to work full time if she had it her way, but that was rejected by her sister, who said “I’m glad you’re doing this for me, but you need to live your life properly too, sis!”

“Ufufu, she’s so cute…”


Then, about a year later.

“Hana…please don’t die.”

Hina is praying.

“Let me pray for you today. So please, please, please let my wish come true. I will give up everything…”

“So, God…please help my sister…please help my Hana…”

She asked god (me) for help.

Of course, I called out to help her right away. I’m a god, but that doesn’t  mean I’m all-powerful. I can’t interfere without a voice of ‘help.’

Hina had made an effort and overcame everything by herself. Yeah, that’s also another one of her cute parts, isn’t it?

But it’s no good because I can’t have easily meet Hina unless she prays to me.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, Hina, for you to ask me for help…”

But, as expected, it was because her sister was in the situation…well, I guess I expected it.

But now, Hina and I can meet each other, can’t we?

Don’t worry Hina, I’ll take care of your sister.

I summoned Hina to my world and told her to be mine, and to be my toy.


“Because I have free-time, I’m thinking of killing some time by seeing Hinami struggle in a different world.”

Hina has a look on her face that I don’t quite understand. It’s obvious from the tone of her voice. Yeah, that’s quite cute, too.

I mean…what have I been saying from earlier? It’s not like I wanted to tie Hina to me or anything.


The sound of Hina’s voice, and her appearance…they’re kind of lovely.

I don’t want to let her go…

Hmm, I wonder if I’ve always had this kind of personality.

But Hina really…doesn’t take much care for herself

No matter the price, as long as it’s for her sister, she doesn’t hesitate to give up her everything. Single-minded, dedicated, and pure…Hina really is dazzling. She’s like the sun.

At my playful words to be my toy, she did nothing but nod obediently. She really should have just shouted out her disapproval.

Hina seems so compliant as she she looks at me.

Well then, I’m now in a position where I can’t back down either. I’m not exactly sure how things got to this point before I even realized.

Yeah. It can’t be helped because Hina is so cute.

I mean, it’s a bit of an overkill just to save your sister, but…but she says it’s fine with her.

Yeah, so I’ll be honest and take Hina. That’s what I’m going to do.

“Well then, please send me to another world immediately!”

Oops…The answer came back from Hina with more enthusiasm than I expected.

But if I send hr to Letisreel so suddenly, the monster will attack her and she’ll die. I should properly adjust her status and skills.

I really want her to stay here all the time, but because she’s a mere mortal, this space would be unbearable for her, so there’s no way around it.

Let’s have her accumulate the points quickly then. Yes. And then we can talk more.


So I sent Hina off to Letisreel.

I needed to keep a close eye on her, otherwise she wouldn’t even realize what kind of danger she was in. I’d be ready to help her in a pinch.

“Oh, that’s right…I’ll release a snow rabbit near Hina’s house. It’s still a monster, but I’m sure it will become a spirit to support you.”

I beckon one of the snow bunnies in my space and pick it up.

“Oh, it’s a male…No, no, no, no, no—you’re going to be with Hina, so you have to be a female.”


“Oh, you’ll go?”


Another snow bunny walked up to me.

“Yes, I’ll have this one go to Hina. Fortunately, it has a strong magic power, and will surely be able to protect Hina.

Besides, she’s healthy, friendly and fluffy.

“Okay, you’ll protect Hina, won’t you? I’ll release you into the nearby woods and you’ll see Hina sooner or later.”


Hearing the energetic snow bunny’s reply, I transport it to Letisreel, and to Hina.

Hina and the snow bunny would meet in the forest and would surely become good partners.

“Hmm. It looks like they’ve made it to the forest…both of them. Well, the snow rabbit isn’t in human form yet.”

Well, I’m sure she’ll grow up fast if she’s around Hina. After all, Hina’s aptitude is of a chemister. I’ve given her skills that go well with her, and I’ll send her the things she needs in exchange for the points.

Hey, Hina.

I don’t like the other one…

So come back here soon, okay…?

T/N: This is actually the last story chapter of volume 1, however I will be posting the anecdotes/extras that the author wrote next. Then I will be posting volume 2 which I actually have translated a lot of a while ago so they should come out fairly quickly after I reformat them! You can go back to the summary page here.


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