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Chapter 32: Education of the Virgil Family

—The day after the identity of the green ribbon potpourri was discovered—

“Alright, let’s get this first study session started, shall we?”

“Yes! Thank you!”

Brother Will and I were facing each other across the desk in the Virgil family library.

By the way, the potpourri had already been handed over. I had told him, ”It’s from me. It will be a good luck charm, so please keep it with you!” He looked at me curiously for a moment, but Brother Will was happy to accept it.

“I heard you asked Mrs. Heimer to provide basic tutoring?”

“Yes, that’s right. So I’ll likely learn the basics of Spiritual Herbs as a magic technique from Sister Thulite.”

“Then I’ll give you some more knowledge on the materials themselves and how to handle them, as well as some advice as a senior student at the school…and also some in-depth pointers. Fortunately, there are plenty of materials to choose from.”

“Yes!…Oh, I’m looking forward to it.”

I put my hand to my cheek and swooned, and Brother Will chuckled.

“It’s rare to see you like to prepare for a class. When I was around Alice’s age, I was more interested in moving my body.”

With that, he gets up and takes a book off the shelf.

He sits back in his chair and places it in front of me.

“This is the best picture book in our house. Let’s take a look at this one together.”

After saying that, Brother opened up the Basic Medicinal and Spiritual Herbs Picture Book.


I marveled at the book that was opened.

Inside was a beautifully colored illustrated book of various plants and flowers, with four lines of brief explanations next to it—two per page.

“Haha. This is a beautiful picture book and fun to look at. Let’s learn them all with this one first.”

“Yes! Wait……”

Hmm? I look up at Brother Will.


Brother Will looks back at me with a smile.

“All of them…?”



“Um, by the way, Brother…how many pages are in this picture book?”

“Hmmm, maybe 200 pages?”


In other words, 200 pages x 2 types per page

“400…do you mean 400 types, including features…to memorize?”

“Yeah. We can’t move on if you don’t do that first, can we?”


A dumb voice comes out of me.

I thought about it when I was with Sister Thulite, but could it be that the education level in this world is insanely high…?

Are all aristocratic children like this…?

Perhaps, far from being a cheat, I’m actually pretty late to the party…?

“Don’t worry, Alice, this is normal in the Virgil household! Even I could do it, so someone as smart as Alice can definitely memorize this in detail within a year!”

If he smiles and says that to me, then I can’t say that I can’t do it.

Besides, if I can’t do this, then I won’t be able to find learn how to make spiritual herbs and potions. Those will motivate me to do it.

I will be a magician! I shouted out “I understand!!” with great vigor. When I showed that enthusiasm, Brother Will nodded with an even more brilliant smile.


T/N: Man, this world is pretty harsh. Imagine being 6 and having to memorize a 400 page textbook (-_-”’)

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Education of the Virgil Family

  1. The magic system is outdated, spiritual magic sorta sucks compared to scientific magic. It takes more time and education, has arbitrary rules if any at all, and requires specific knowledge that can’t be inferred from context and rules. The only way to figure out what way a flower is spiritually useful is by trying everything over and over again.


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