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Chapter 32: The Wheel of Fortune

The beautiful palace, called the Crystal Palace of Ice, is covered by a thin membrane that shimmers like an aurora borealis. It is called the Spirit Barrier.

And the city walls surrounding the palace, where nobles, merchants, and common people live, are also covered by the Spirit Barrier and  are doubly protected. The royal capital is in a blessed environment that makes one forget that it is a northern country.

However, due to years of abuse of the spirits by the royal family, the spirits began to disappear, and the territory outside of the royal capital was already in a state of disrepair, and the existence of the northern country itself was in jeopardy. The great northern country, where more than half of the land area is said to be permafrost, was really nothing more than a country that was made up of abusing the lives of spirits.

Then, there was the ridiculous reason why the country had been made like that.

It is said that Zecheyer, the sister goddess of the twin gods who created this world (Orgent), was so blinded by her own obsession with her brother that she bisected the world and tried to swallow the whole world together with Noyer, but lost and retreated to the north. Then, with all her remaining strength, she unleashed a curse and went to sleep.

In fact, if only the curse was fulfilled, she would have Noyer in her possession. Even if she couldn’t get his heart.

Zecheyer was reborn as the princess of the Nexies.

Those who knew nothing about her, worshipped her as the second coming of the gods, born with silvery white hair and violet eyes.

The current queen of the North Country, the Nexies, was said to be an ancestor.

However, as she grew up, she learned that she was a deviant being with a penchant for destruction and killing. The Nexies were already on the brink of destruction.

She would behead royalty and people alike if they disobeyed. Her obsession was to the far west, using the spirit power to reach westward to westward, only to be crushed, but she could not give up.


Zecheyer POV

It was supposed to be soon…

Everything was all just a tool to get Noyer.

To make Noyer my own in his reborn posterity.

And then, I was reborn as one who had flesh and blood myself, and waited for the time to come.

The territory of the Northern Country, the lives of the people, and the royal bloodline, such things were of no use to me once I got to this point.

All that was left was to get Noyer, my brother, dyed as black as I was. And I was supposed to get…

…I failed get the same thing 128 years ago, and this time I’m going to be disturbed once again,. I’m going to be screaming inside the castle, scattering the rotten miasma mixed with grudges, blind obsession, and the thick sludge of love and hate.

All the remaining royalty and nobles have already escaped from the castle.

They are all in the same boat as the little girl he loved in their previous lives. Not a care in the world.

Hatred is the meeting of the times.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Who do you hate?

I hate that girl!

But more than that, I hate you, brother, for not looking at me!

The end of Zecheyer, the unholy god who has become a mass of black resentment. She spun vindictive words while crawling on the floor of the castle.


Already, the spirits had made so many wrong choices to protect their king that most of them had already disappeared. The remaining royal city also lingers on, sucking the life out of Fëlianor, who is trapped in the ice coffin.

The little spirits fled when Fëlianor was cursed by the Black Goddess.

On their own, they would only be annihilated by the proximity of the black goddess. But the stronger spirits stayed because they could endure, and they were forced to listen to what she had to say, using Fëlianor’s life as a shield.

But in the end, even the strongest of them could not escape. They were overworked, their power was sucked out of them, and they disappeared.

I wanted to do something about it, but I couldn’t do anything.

I was afraid of the presence of another god in the west. That’s why I couldn’t go.

—Memory of the fragments of the little spirits—


Fifty men of the 1st magic division, 50 men of the 2nd magic division, 50 men of the 5th magic division, and 50 men of the 6th magic division arrived from the castle through the transfer gate set up in the territory of Margrave Fisaris. After a preliminary exercise in the territory of Margrave Fisaris, they went to the southern continent, the border of Rhodocaius, to conduct a joint exercise.

Rhodocaius was not a monarchy, but rather a small country where all the small nations were represented by a unique commercial city, and representatives were elected. All the countries send out a set number of soldiers in a set proportion, and Elementia controls them as an allied force. It also welcomes immigrants from the east. Of course, in order to prevent betrayal of the people in Elementia, as was the case 128 years ago before the war, the immigrants sign a magical contract and cannot betray their country. Although the nation represented externally is Hassad, everything is decided by the Representative Council.

The purpose of the joint military exercises was to “show off the troops” to the east, but if the other side made a move on them, they were ready to crush them while they are at it.

Particular attention should be given to the dragon riders of Zikvah and the beastmen of Dosa. They were deploying the introduction of magical tools related to barriers to the east as a support project.

Although they were not the enemies of wizards, if they broke the barriers and were targeted by the common people, they would lose the majority of their people.

Zak and Fiara also participated in this joint military exercise of Rhodocaius.


T/N: Thanks for reading! Looks like the end of volume 1 is coming to a close. There will be 3 more chapters after this one, along with a bonus story!

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