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Chapter 27: The Summoned One

From time to time, I would also visit my home on the estate of the Marquis of Tizar’s territory.

There are several temple branches in Marquis Tizar’s estate, so I would go around here and there to check if the land was unblemished or if there were any abnormalities with the people.

When I go around the temple, I don’t bother to tell people that I’m the daughter of a Marquis. I try to go around in secret. It’s because I don’t want to make the people of my domain worry if they found out that I was the daughter of their lord.

As for the temple, the high priest asked the priest in charge to accept me properly, so it was easy to move around. Thank you, High Priest.

Come to think of it, the Marquis of Tizar has four other daughters, all four of which have gone on to marry in other fiefdoms. They are my sisters, and they all seem to be busy with their estates and so forth.

From time to time, the four of them send gifts to the Duke of Valmonter’s family.

In return, I was pleased to send various rare items from Cross Island, and received many thank-you notes. All four of them are very kind and interesting. They invite me to come visit them at their respective homes.

There are also two older brothers, the eldest of whom graduated from Elementia Academy, a school for nobles only. The second brother seems to be active in the First Order of knights.

The older brothers didn’t have very strong purification magic, so they chose the path they wanted to take. Both of them were introduced to me by Father Tizar when he went to the territory, so that I wouldn’t be confused if I met them somewhere else.

Lately, father Tizar has been happy with a goofy smile.

It is because a lot of green pillar magic stones (rutile emeralds) have been purchased by the royal family, no, the entire country. Well, the good thing about my father is that he tries to sell them conscientiously without sprinkling or being reluctant to offer them up at a moment’s notice.

The Marquis Tizar territory has many mines. The ore that is excavated is of a wide variety and good quality. And the wine production produced is the largest in Elementia. Although it is inland, a basin surrounded by mountains, and far from the sea, it is a blessed territory.

I had been wanting to visit the Rutile Emerald mine for a long time, so I asked my father, and he told me that if I could take a break, Duke Valmonter could come to the territory with me.

When I mentioned this to Zak, he said, “Let’s go drink some a good wine,” which made me happy. Tizar’s territory and the Valmonter townhouse was already connected by a magic circle, so we could jump together with Zak’s power.

The youngest daughter of the Marquis Tizar’s family, Fiaragent-sama, can use powerful magic. At this time, she is suddenly busy being in and out of the mansion in the territory. She has overcome her physical weaknesses and is now active in the court magic division in the Royal Capital. And somehow, everyone seems to think she’s doing a good job, manipulating the information in a positive way.


The kingdom of Elementia is called the “Land of the Western Wizards”. It is surrounded by the sea. It is connected to the great continent only to the southwest, where Margrave of Fisaris is located, and a border where the Imperial Army of Evada had approached over 120 years ago.

This world is called the Orgent, and the continents are long connected by a swirling ocean that connects them to the north, east, south and west. The ends of the seas flow down, return to the center of the world, and swirl around. So it is said.

The great land of the north, the Nexies, is a land of spirits, where the magic element is thin, and where spirits are used as messengers. They have no diplomatic relations. On the contrary, it is said that there are no spirits in Elementia.

Even the gods they worship are brother and sister gods who have become enemies of the twins who created this world Orgent. It is said that Zecheyer, the twin sister goddess who loved her brother Noyer, was refused of her love, bisected the world in love and hate, and tried to swallow the world with Noyer, but lost and retreated to the north.

However, that backstory-like myth was one that only a few high-ranking nobles in Elementia,  who were thick with royalty and royal blood, knew about. I didn’t know it until I heard about it from Zak.

It is the northern country of Nexies that worships the sister goddess, and Elementia in the west, is said to have been created by the brother god, Noyer.

It is said that in the past, it was the Nexies who assassinated kings, financed, instigated and motivated the Imperial Army. I’ve been told that Elementia has put a lot of effort into national defense as a matter of national policy to avoid the same mistake.

The magical power of the royal family is the curse of Zecheyer.

Then, if the curse is returned, the returned country will be sick somewhere and will go away.

I suddenly thought so to myself.


Since yesterday, Zak and I have been at the Marquis Tizar’s estate.

Last night, I wondered if it would be okay because Zak and Father Tizar had drunk a lot of various brands of wine from the estate, but both of them are fine. At that point, the father seemed to be happy, and he was vividly explaining how many years old this was, and so on.

And there were many delicious foods that were served.

One of the best dishes was the Tizar beef, which was raised with grape pomace from the famous Tizar wine. The fat of the beef was slightly sweet.

The seared and grilled meat, served in slices, was left a little red in the center and was beautifully presented in the center of the platter with fruits and vegetables. The sauce was scattered in a pattern. Biting into the tender meat, the dark meat flavor spread with the smoothness of the sweet fat with each bite of the fine fibers.

This reminds me of the kind of atmosphere you’d be served in a French restaurant in my previous world. I hadn’t eaten that much in my previous life, but this was amazing. The meat is delicious. I suddenly realized that Zak was looking at me from across the room with gentle eyes as I was smiling and mumbling by myself. It’s kind of embarrassing.

“Delicious.” Zak said.

“It’s a new experiment in our territory. Do you like it, my lord? The stewed meat is also delicious, so please try it. In fact, I tried this method after being told by Fiaragent that if you feed the cow the skins and seeds of the grapes left over from the pressing, it makes the meat very tasty.”

Father Tizar happily said so. This knowledge is from my previous life, but I told father about it when I toured the estate many years ago, and he tried it right away.

The only caveat is that the dregs of the pressed grapes must be fermented, but he seemed to have listened to the story and tried it out.

The thick flesh of the Tizar beef, cooked with the vegetables, melted in my mouth as it disappeared.

“Oh, it’s really delicious. Since I’m sending a Mame pig from my family’s estate, can you share some of this Tizar beef with the royal capital next time?”

“Yes, of course. The Mame pigs from the Duke of Valmonter’s estate are known to be ‘fantastic, exquisite pork’ and rarely hits the market, so I’m glad to hear that.”

Father looks happy. I’m happy too. I can’t say it out loud, but I’m sure it would be even better if the head chef of the Duke of Valmonter’s house cooked this Tizar beef.

And that’s how I got a lot of delicious food last night. Afterwards, Zak and father were still drinking wine and talking about many things, so I rested early in my own room in the house. I was looking forward to being taken to the magic stone mining site that I had always wanted to visit and see.

The next day after breakfast, I was told that I would go to inspect the mining site of the Rutile Emeralds that I was looking forward to. This place is one of several magic stone mines in Marquis Tizar’s territory. It is said to be a place where rutile emeralds are mined in particular.

In the formation of the world, magnesium and minerals that seeped into the land created by the eruption of undersea volcanoes, large amounts of lava, and the uplift of the land melted together. The natural gas created a large cavity in which the magical ores dissolved into the ground, and over a long period of time, the materials dissolved from the magical ores seeped into the cavity from the outside, creating terrifyingly beautiful magical crystals.

The dome of the rutile emerald gemstone ranges in size from a fist to five meters in diameter, and if you break it open, it is filled with beautiful crystals of various sizes, with pointed hexagonal prongs that resemble magical crystals.

It is dangerous if something happens in a mining site, so the tunnels that have already been mined have been cleared for business negotiations where the process of mining is displayed.

Father Tizar himself led the way into the mine. The attendants and guards were made to wait in a room in front of it in the mine. This is because it is unlikely that any foreign enemy will enter the mine beyond this point. My father told me to leave it to him to show us around, as the place could be called his own garden on his estate.

“Fii, over here.”

Zak took me by the hand as we walked.

Even though they were on display, they were all real and displayed as if they were in the field, shimmering with green stones and gold thread, like an endless crystal labyrinth.

“Zak, this is amazing.”

“Yes, it’s beautiful. I didn’t think it would be as great as this.”


—Suddenly, Zak had a change of expression and pulled me closer to him.

“Fii, let’s get out of here.”


“It might seem strange, but I’m not changing my mind!”

In that moment, Zak tried to fly us somewhere else. The moment he embraced me, I was mercilessly flung out of his arms and into another place, as if I had never been there in the first place.


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