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Chapter 28: Where I Want to Go Home to

‘Nexies, The Land of the Northern Spirits.’

To be correct, it is a nation that uses spirits (forcibly). There is a continuation of the story of god…

When Zecheyer descended to the northern land, she cursed her brother’s bloodline to the west and used the last bit of her power to bind the spirits that guarded the northern land. Then she gave her successor, who had flesh and blood made from Zecheyer’s spit, the power to bind the spirits and went into a deep sleep.

Thus, the successor of Zecheyer used his power to bind the spirit of the north land, the Ice Demon Wolf Fëlianor, with an ancient magical tool called Gleipnir that came out of the ground, and trapped it in a coffin of ice.

It is said that Fëlianor, the Demon Wolf, became a beautiful human figure and still sleeps in the coffin.

In order to protect him, high ranking spirits became the hands and feet of the Nexies’ royal family. If they fought for their lives there, even if they lost Fëlianor, they would still be able to maintain their spirit pride.

With Fiara’s help, Cerezo Fisaris, a genius mage, had created the purification tool, “Saint’s Eyes” which removes the longstanding curse of the royal family. It was a permanent tool that could lift the curse.

The power of spirit binding in the northern region had gradually broken down, and now the seal of the great spirit that caused the spirit to be bound has begun to be slightly distorted.

Half of the northern continent, where the country of the Nexies is located, is frozen earth. The reason why it is still a great power is because they use the power of non-human spirits to extract resources from the frozen ground, and then use that power itself as a military force. It is also said that they use these resources to manipulate other countries with their money.


The moment I was separated from Zak, I felt a surge of anger.

Anger at the one who had summoned me.

It must have unconsciously aroused it. What I saw was the beauty of an inhuman being.

The spirit of the northern land, trapped in an icy coffin for a daunting number of years.

In an instant, that spirit and my magic power were miraculously connected through a rutile emerald.

I caught a glimpse of that great spirit’s memories the moment I was pulled in…

Trapped by a sad fate, trapped only to be siphoned of its power…

All of its brethren being abused and disappearing for its own sake…

He wanted my purification power to defeat its source.

Is this a twist of fate?

It seems to have triggered some memories in my mind…

I shook off the unpleasant feeling, like the remnants of a nightmare I had seen over and over again.

But why? Why should I help you?

Its brethren have chosen to serve the northern invaders rather than fight…

Memories of grief flowed in…

However, at that time, all I could feel was Zak’s anger and the fact that I was forced to separate from him…The moment this being pulled me away, I rejected him.

I didn’t want to be separated anymore…


…So now, what has become of me is that I am in a strange land.

I wonder how Zak is doing.

I found myself standing on a rocky ground amidst the dense trees, which looked like it could be seen by fierce beasts. But I suspected that the bedrock I was standing on contained a medium that attracted the rutile emeralds. In other words, while being pulled to the north, I got sidetracked.

I was wearing a white knee-length dress, silk stockings and silk embroidered shoes. I felt sooty around my feet. I’d like to at least be wearing a mountaineering outfit in a place like this. If I walked through the jungle in these, I’d have to throw them away immediately, so I tried to protect my feet with magic. Pretty cool, right?

Was it possibly a waste of magic? But I can’t walk if my shoes are ruined…Hmm…

Thinking about that, I gradually started to calm down.

In the meantime, with the gold choker and ring equipment, I won’t have to worry about physical attacks and hunger…No matter what I eat, I shouldn’t be poisoned.

I don’t have any special abilities other than my purification ability…

I also do not have any magic tools right now that can be used to convert my magic power into weapons.

However, it seems that I can use life magic normally. I have to check how much my magic can be used here, as it’s a matter of life and death.

Life magic is a very useful magic for those who can’t use magic. It is absolutely necessary to live a survival life as it is.

I’m not able to use powerful magic and space travel like Zak does, so I’ll have to find my way back home. I miss Zak. I miss Zak desperately.

Even Zak can’t jump directly to places he’s never been before. I don’t know even know what the timeline is or what’s going on. What can I do now?

Ah, but it seems that the closer I get to the north, the thinner the magic element gets, and if I’m being  pulled like that, I’m about to fall into a bad situation.

I certainly feel sorry for that spirit. But what can I do if I’m the only one sent there? I’m sure it was really just a coincidence that we were connected by the rutile emerald.

I crouch down on the bedrock and see if I can trace the trajectory of the sideways path with both hands, but I’m too weak to do anything here.

Oh, I want to go home. I want to go home! Go back to Zak…home!

First of all, I’d like to know where I am.

My guess is that if I am not in the north in terms of vegetation and climate, and not in the hot south, then I am left with the east. As I recall, the interior of that country is highly deserted, and if that’s the case, I may be close to the inland sea. Okay, let’s calm down. Besides, I’m sure Zak will definitely come.


Zak’s POV

“Touching what is mine…you’re a dead man when I get to you…”

All at once, the temperature dropped, and the crystal pillars that had picked up the wavelengths of anger, burst.

In a very serious voice, the Marquis Tizar, who was in the same room with him, asked Zak.

“What do you intend to do? Your Excellency.”

“I’m going to go get her. Just pretend it didn’t happen and settle the score. I heard that Dosa and Zikvah in the east have involved Heidel and are threatening the south. It appears that they have not learned their lesson yet. The Elementia side has been in contact with Fisaris, preparing for border exercises with the magic divisions.”

Due to the success of the 6th Division, the tools scattered around the country have been dispersed not only domestically, but also abroad. For example, if you quantify the magic element, how does it change depending on each country and region abroad? The figures for each country have been scrutinized many times.

In the northern country, there are magical barriers, called spirit barriers, and which one cannot enter into main places, but otherwise, it can be done to some extent using ancient magic. It’s not as if there is no magic element at all.

Insects, birds, and “tools” called four legs are woven with magic power and act according to their memorized movements, and when they’re done, they unravel and disappear spontaneously. It is eco-friendly.

Through them, small magic circles built and placed here and there can be operated and connected to send people as relay gates.

It was time to try out what I had spent more than 120 years perfecting for this kind of situation. It is said that an idiot is one who tries to make the same mistake over and over again, but won’t the person who has succeeded even once ever think about doing it again?

I rolled up the sleeves of my robe and pointed the gold bracelets on both wrists at the huge stone pillar of the Rutile Emerald.

“Go to the earth vein (ley line), run, probe, protect, and pull me in.”

Then the gold bracelets were easily released from my wrists and arms and turned into golden snakes engraved with ancient letters (runes) all over my body, swimming in the air and disappearing as if both of them were sucked into the green jewel.

The ancient magical tools are a set of chokers and rings that I had made Fiara wear before. Ancient magic tools attract each other.

When I think of my most important person who was taken away by a momentary difference, my stomach seems to boil over. But that okay because I will take you back right away. I waited for the “snake” while calming down the magical power that was about to erupt from my body.


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