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Chapter 21: Haunted House of the Marquis of Comona part 1

During the holidays, Zak and I went to an izakaya (***a japanese bar restaurant) called the ‘Silver Ship Inn’.

As promised to Zak, we went to eat the fish stomach skewers that Grindel had told me about.

On a small skewer, three small stomachs of fish called Bobo were sprinkled with natural salt, grilled over a charcoal fire, and finally grilled with a brush of sea urchin miso to make it more fragrant.

Still, this is a snack for sake, isn’t it?

In Elementia, I am an adult at 16 years old, so I can drink a little bit of alcohol too.

The slightly salty, sweet sea urchin flavor mixed with the richness of the miso, slightly burnt and fragrant, is amazing.

“Yummy! Huff, huff, Crunch…it’s so good! It’s addictive.”

I took a small amount of the dry white wine that Zak was drinking and drank it. It’s easy to drink with its fruity aroma and mellow texture. Hiccup, that’s good.


“It really is…”

When I wasn’t careful, it looked like I had gotten a smear of miso on the side of my mouth. My long, clean, white finger wiped it off. I licked it and licked it. Bufuho!…I was hot to the ears and the drinks were spinning.

Zak was also huffing, puffing, and crunching. He was so cute and boyish. Ehehe.

And the fresh liver was so good, with no smell of fish at all. It was boiled briefly to make it smaller, smoothed out in a mortar, and mixed with chopped up salted anchovies, olive oil, and basil to make a sauce which was put on the cold wheat noodles. It was very, very, very good.

It was only two bites worth in a small deep bowl and wrapped around a fork. Mmm, I wanted to eat more.

The wheat noodles were also a little yellow and flat, hand-rolled, and made specially from local yellow pumpkin barley. The strong, sticky texture and the smoothness of the noodles were the best.

As usual, it was going to be troublesome to expose Zak’s inhumanly beautiful face outside, so I used recognition inhibition magic so we could eat in peace.

But even so, it’s quite noticeable to be wearing a robe while eating, isn’t it?

By the way, I had completely forgot to mention the little gold key, but when I told Zak about it, he said, “It came to Fii, so it might be a good match for Fii.” It is said that ancient treasures are divided into those who that be used by the royal family and those that cannot, and it is also said that those that can be used will naturally go to their rightful owners. Right now, it seems that all of them are in Shion Castle. It seems that Zak also didn’t know much about the details since he got them from his brother.

For some reason, I’m wondering why these ancient treasure-like items are at my place, but since they ended up at Zak’s place, is that what they are? Maybe it’s because I’m always protected by Zak’s magic power.

Even if I gave it to Zak to store in a vault, strangely enough, it would always end up back in the pocket of the clothes I was wearing before I knew it. So I decided not to worry about it. Zak said to leave it alone, too.


I asked Filgred to buy me some seedlings and seeds of herbs and vegetables, so I planted them in the field during the holidays. I also tried out my newly acquired farm tools and taught him how to use them.

He really knows something about everything. He looks like a young man with a soft-spoken demeanor and an easy-going personality, so it’s easy for me to ask him for anything I want such as the equipment at my place of residence. He’s always ready to help me out.

The head chef seems to be interested in my farm, and sometimes when he has time, he comes to visit, checks the vegetables, and then brings the ones he wants back to the kitchen, where they are made into a delicious meal. I always look forward to seeing what he’s going to make next.

“Oh, another new herb. I haven’t used this one yet. Mind if you share some of it with me?”

“Yeah, they say it’s a herb that goes well with meat, and you can chop it up and put it in soup.”

“Well, the young lady really knows a lot of things, doesn’t she?”

It’s a conversation that I often have with the head chef.

Finally, after the five days break, I returned to the Magic Division and began expedition work. Because the continent of Elementia is so large, requests for cooperation from other territories were constantly pouring into the castle.

They would be allocated to the various parts of the magic division. So the lords will ask for things that are beyond their control in their territory. Of course, the price paid to the castle varies depending on the request, and it’s expensive because it involves sending officials, soldiers and wizards to distant locations.

Even so, the fact that they ask for it means that they are in a lot of trouble.

One of them was a request to purify the summer villa of the Marquis Comona family’s summer villa in Villaha village of their territory. Villaha village is on the edge of the Marquis of Comona’s territory. It’s a beautiful place filled with forests and lakes.

The villa is built on the side of a large lake against the forest on the border with other territories, and you can see the mansion from the village on the opposite shore.

Unusual phenomena began to occur more than twenty years ago, such as a dancing blue fire that could be seen in the villa at night, people’s laughter could be heard when there should be nobody there, a fire was lit in the middle of the night in the villa where no one was supposed to be, a shadow of a person could be seen, and so on.

The village chief was troubled by this and consulted the lord many times, but the lord didn’t pay any attention to him. The reason why the request for purification came to the castle this time is that the previous lord had died of illness and his only son had succeeded him, so it seems that the wishes that the Villaha village for many years was fulfilled by his command..

In Marquis Comona’s territory, two purifiers and a healer from the 5th Division and two from the 3rd Division were sent for the escort.

Before I left for the expedition, Zak had drilled some rules into me, telling me not to do anything dangerous. He was very anxious.

As usual, we will be sent to the relay point by the Dairoku. There is a relay station in Canaan, the famous resort of the Count of Zesna, near the Marquis of Comona’s estate. This time the Marquis of Comona will send two carriages to pick us up there.

By the way, the other two members of the 5th Division were Helena and Judy!


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