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Extra Story 5: Soliloquy of the Black Dragon (Selvado)

There is a word used for “Crossing over to the other world.”

I’ve never heard of it in Elementia, but it’s an old saying that has long been said in the land of the dragons where I was born and lived in.

It is not possible to cross over from the world created by ‘god A’ to a world created by ‘god B’ in the flesh.

But it was said that creatures from God A’s world could die and be reincarnated in the world created by God B or C. Some of them could be reincarnated with their memories.

Those who happen to be unlucky enough to cross the other world by accident, while still in their physical bodies, would usually suffer severe damage and die. It is said that the reason why crossing the other world in the flesh happens is because of a distortion of space-time or a rift in space-time.

The time since I had fallen to cross island has already exceeded three digits of numbers, but I’ve experienced that “otherworld migration” with my body. No, I really almost died.

By the way, my name is Selvado. There was a long name that followed, but I discarded it.

And in my case, I’m more fortunate to have space-time rifts and distortions than to be unlucky. For some reason, I was dropped into the space-time interval by my fellow countrymen and was supposed to die, but I fell through the another rift and fell into the cross-island. If it hadn’t been for that, I would have just wandered through space-time and died as it was.


I was burned and hurt all over, and I noticed that I was falling fast.

“Falling, falling…”

Even that sensation was like was in a state where the soul was about to be peeled away from my body, like everyone else.

And when I crashed into the green trees and fell to the ground with a tremendous thunderous roar, the impact caused my consciousness to return a bit.

I was in the form of a giant black dragon, with burns and wounds all over my body, and I was unable to move even one of my claws anymore. I opened the only eye that could be moved and checked my surroundings. I felt the many signs of something.

The red-furred, bird-like things were gathering around me in a huddle.

I’ll call them red birds because that’s what they looked like at that point.

These red birds kept growing and growing, and eventually I noticed that the birds were all coming with large leaves in their mouths.

They look like small red birds, but strangely enough, they have a hint of their own kind. In the midst of the rustling, I could hear the deafening bird’s voice guffawing and squealing.

And then, abruptly, they began to work.

Everyone chewed on the large leaves they had brought in their mouths, and then they began to stick them on my body sloppily. They used their beaks and feet to stick it on my body in a messy way. It’s wasn’t a human wave tactic, but a bird wave tactic. They took turns taking in smelly leaves from somewhere and continued to apply on me in a mysterious manner.

“Stop it! Stop!”

I intended to scream, but in reality, there was only a bit of smoke coming out of my mouth.

I spent a lot of time stuck in this nasty green syrup until my entire body was covered, and finally, when they pried my mouth open, I swallowed a lot of the same stuff. I was already in tears.

Eventually, I became a blue-green, mountain-like mass lying on the ground.

I noticed that as I swallowed it, it tasted like medicine. That’s when I finally came to the conclusion that these guys were trying to save me.

Sure enough, I swallowed the stinky leaf and after a while, I noticed that the pain in my body, which felt like it was being burned by a fire, was rapidly easing.

Then they brought out some round yellow berries and made me eat them.

The sweet juice was delicious. After being fed several of them, I became sleepy.

The next day, as the green color of the fruit dried up and began to fall apart, my body, which should have been covered in scorch marks, began to swell with regenerated peach-colored flesh underneath.

They were like parent birds, kindly caring for me until I could move.

After my wounds had healed considerably and I was able to return to human form, I was worried about staying naked, so I asked for some clothes. They understood my request and brought me some beautiful color-dyed cloth from somewhere.

I lived with the cloth around my waist for a while. When I was able to move around a lot, I got some clothes that were just big enough for me to wear.

It seems that there are humanoid creatures living on this island.

Later on, I would learn that these red birds are a dragon called “fire-eating dragons”. And would grow accustomed to a life with them who accept me as a brother.

The red companions asked the dwarves living on the island to build me a small, livable house at the foot of the volcano on the southern tip where they lived, and they gave me a place to stay. This was a strange island, inhabited by all sorts of ancient creatures.


One day I heard that the dwarves had begun to build a castle on the western tip.

This island is in the domain of the Kingdom of Elementia, a nature preserve owned by the royal family, apparently. I was told that the king’s brother had become the lord of the island.

I had almost died, but I had a strong magical power intact, and trying to understand the language of this place was a ‘kappa before breakfast’. This is the so-called ‘proverb’ of the dragon country.

It means that the work you undertake is so easy that you can complete it even before breakfast. The word “Kappa” also has the meaning of something unimportant and unpowerful, like a kappa in the water. In other words, it is so easy that it is not important. It’s ridiculous.

I’m not going to get into that because it’s going to be a long story.

Well, that being said, I felt that the lord of this island had extraordinary magical powers. I felt that he possessed immeasurable magical power that easily surpassed my own.

In the blink of an eye, a castle was built on the western point, and when the “Shion monarch” came to inspect the island, I could feel a pressure so heavy that I broke out in a sweat.

I’m sure the other side island felt my presence as well.

So I went to the castle to say hello. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “When in doubt, go for the long haul.”

Yes, I didn’t want to get hurt for a while.

I’ll leave the origin of that feeling out of it…

The gates of the castle opened of their own accord as I went, and a light purple butterfly led me into the castle. It took me some time to get to the building, but the butterfly took me on a wandering tour of the castle, which was quite large.

The butterfly led me to a living room in the castle.

Then I met the “Shion monarch” for the first time as he was sitting on a couch in the living room, seemingly absent-mindedly.

He was still young and very beautiful. A delicate beauty with light purple jewels inlaid into his long white and silver hair. This would be perfect if he were smiling. However, he was, by all means, expressionless.

In my opinion, no matter how beautiful he was, his charm would be halved if he was expressionless. What a waste.

“Pull up a chair.”

A low but well-passing voice called out to me.

“Excuse me. I’ve come to say hello today.”

He prompted me to sit down and drapes me over the chair there as it is.

“I see.”

“Let’s get right to it. I’ve crossed over from the otherworld and ended up here. I’ve got nowhere else to go, so I want to live here.”

“Well, as long as you don’t destroy the island, then it’s fine.”

“…What, you’re sure?”

I didn’t expect to get permission to do so easily…I asked him plainly.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

“Oh…thank you.”

He’s expressionless, but he doesn’t seem to be a bad guy.

Perhaps this guy just doesn’t know how to laugh. It had occurred to me for some reason.


I remember when I was talking with the little girl who said she was his companion, she was rolling around laughing and almost fell off the sofa.

The little girl’s name is Fiaragent, and she’s the girl that Shion-kun calls ‘Fii.’

“I call her “Miss” in a friendly way.”

Shion-kun puts his hand on the little girl who is about to fall off the sofa, and casually takes care of her so she doesn’t fall off.

“Oh, thank you Zak, it’s just too funny.”

“Is it really that funny?”

“Yeah, it’s funny.”


Of course, I’m the one telling the story, I’m telling it funny. Of course it’s funny.

As usual, he seems to be out of touch with people and their emotions.

But he was definitely smiling when he saw her rolling over with laughter.

Who’d have known. So you can laugh…

The scene is soothing to my soul.


A long time ago, I lost someone important and became a lost dragon.

My brothers and sisters joined forces to send me to another world, where others had no choice but to take care of me.

If I could make my wish come true, I want to turn back the clock and hold her in my arms again…My dear, fate is in your hands.


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