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Extra Story 3: A Family Affair with the Earl of Dantrow

Starting tomorrow is a holiday where I am getting five days off. Since I am in the magicians’ dormitory, I usually spend it being lazy or inviting my friends to go into town for shopping, but this time I came up with the idea of going back to my parents’ house for the first time in a long time. With a carriage, it would take more than a day to get to the territory.

In case you’re wondering, there is also a small and cozy Dantrow family townhouse in the royal capital, but it was a hassle to live with my father and eldest brother. My father is fiercely protective of me, his youngest, just like my mother, but it’s very annoying.

The dorms at the Magical Order are comfortable. The food is good, and I don’t have to do any laundry.

They clean my room every day. There is a bedroom, a living room, a shower room and a toilet, and it’s very comfortable, and fully furnished.

There is also a common room in the dormitory, so you can have a cup of tea with friends.

The women’s dormitory and the men’s dormitory are in different buildings, but the cafeteria is the same, and it’s built in the middle of both dorms.

Well, maybe it’s normal for the Royal Castle to be well-equipped in that respect.

Besides, when you want to exercise, the castle has a martial arts hall for the magic division, where you can exercise freely. It is very convenient to walk to and from work.

I was told by Divisional Commander Hades that I should take some time off since my last ‘vacation’ had consisted of working on a friend’s territory.

I could apply to the Dairoku and they would send me to a nearby Dairoku relay location.

So I decided to go get some air from my parents’ house for the first time in a while.

The Earl of Dantrow is a family of knights, with my father being a musclehead, and my two older brothers also being muscleheads. My mother and sister are busy running the territory. The eldest son, the eldest daughter, the second brother, and me, in that order.

The house is clearly owned by my mother and sister.

My mother is calculating. My sister was educated as a knight, but she was spared from becoming a musclehead. My mother came from a poor baronial family, but apparently she won my father over with her looks. It was calculated, of course. I’m sure of it because she said so herself.

I’m the only one who resembles my mother in appearance, and all the others resemble my father.

My sister is 5’9″ and weighs 165 pounds, so according to my mother, she ‘doesn’t need a bouncer.’ Father and the eldest son are knights in the castle, while my second brother is forced to run errands for mother and sister in the estate. But it seems to suit our genders, and by all accounts, I am happy to do my job no matter how I look at it.

I used to play with my closest brother as a child. But when my magic was so strong that I could use it to defeat even my father, my mother asked me to join a magic division.

I was also able to use rare healing magic. I found that out when my brother fell out of a tree and injured himself. When I touched my brother’s injured leg with my hand, the blood stopped and the wound disappeared.

My mother told me to use that power for the benefit of others.

Our family’s territory has a mine that produces magic stones. And since it also has hot springs, it’s quite famous as a hot springs resort. My mother is the master in charge of it. Before my mother came to marry my father, the fiefdom was not this prosperous. My mother is a smart woman, and is always trying various things and thinking about how to make the territory more prosperous.

“I’m home!”

When I got out of the carriage and entered the doorway, I found Holp, the butler, out to greet me with Marill, the head maid.

“Welcome home, Miss Judy Anne. The Lady is waiting for you in the living room.”

“Okay, sure. Thank you.”

‘I’ll take care of your luggage.”

“Oh, thank you Marill, these are sweets, but all the servants should eat them. This one is the same, but please serve it to the family at tea.”

“Yes, Miss Judy Anne. Thank you.”

Marill has taken good care of me since I was a kid. She’s kind and I love her.

When I went to the living room, my mother had another maid brew tea.

“Judy, welcome back. You don’t come home often, so I thought you were busy with work.”

“I’ve been busy, but mother seems well. And sister?”

My mother is calculating and quite quick-witted, but she still has a lovely appearance that retains a hint of her girlhood. She is also conscious of the fact that she has created a frail and supportive appearance. She still wears light-colored fluffy dresses, and her pink blonde hair is half up and she wears a hairpiece of the same color.

When I go out with my mother, people usually assume we are sisters.

My mother said that my father was very easy to deal with, as he would do whatever she told him to do.

“Lara got a call about a quarrel between craftsmen at the mine, so she went to go check it out.”

My sister’s name is Lara Shante. My sister said herself that she is completely outclassed by her name, but I don’t think so. Besides, I think my sister is the most decent person in the house.

All my brothers and sisters except for me seem to be best flame magic. But if I also choose to use my magical power to attack, I think it’s easiest to use with the flame magic. I’m sure it’s a genetic trait.

My mother is not so strong magically, but she has talents that makes up for it. Many talents…

Without a doubt, the strongest person in the house is my mother.

We were chatting idly and having a cup of tea when my second brother, Brother Destria, came home.

“Judy, good to see you, how are you? Any good men in the royal capital?”


I spewed at my brother’s unexpected words.

The face of Helena’s brother, Gilbert-sama, flashed in my mind.

“Whoa! What are you doing?”

I remember that delicate appearance that is incomparable to this swarthy brother of mine.

“…It’s not the royal capital, but there was someone whom I…wanted to be my husband.”

I seemed to have been humming involuntarily.


My brother’s eyes widened and he said something like “That’s ridiculous.”

Come to think of it, I’ve never talked about it until now because I’ve always been surrounded by muscle-headed people like my brothers. They were all out of my range of defense.

“Well, Judy, Mother would love to hear that story.”

I don’t know what it was, but it seems that something tugged at my mother’s heartstrings.

After that, my sister also came back and we had a great time talking, and she asked me about the story of the Cubic Baronial Domain.

It seems that the family’s territorial disputes were handled well by my sister. As expected.

My mother sent my brother out on an errand so as not to get in the way of our love story.

“Don’t worry, Judy.” she said, “I’m good at manipulating appearances. I’ll make sure you get some help.” (***lmao, her mom is a boss)

“Well, Judy is a bit clumsy, so you should ask mother to teach you things. You’ll learn a lot. As your sister, I will be very supportive.”

My mother and sister promised me strong logistical support.


T/N: You go Judy! You go get your man!!

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