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Chapter 6: Delicious Island

I stood around where Zak had disappeared for a while, but then I regained my composure and looked at the map.

Zak said he would wait for me. If I get to the end of the line, he’ll be waiting for me.

That thought calmed me down.

Because I know that he went out of his way to bring me here for my studies.

I want to repay Zak for all the good he’s done for me.

Since I came to Zak’s place, not once have I made a mistake in what he said to me.

I took off the compass around my neck and lowered it to the ground and aligned it with the north, south, east and west.


I crouched down, spread the map out on the ground and placed the compass on it to check the map direction. My current location is here and the volcano is directly south, yeah, okay, no problem.

There were many things written on the map of Cross Island.

“Uh, Mandragora Plantation…plantation?”

It sounds crazy disturbing.

When I saw the words scrawled with arrows, I kind of wanted to pretend I couldn’t see them.

It was in The Book of Non-Human Persons, which was lent to me at Zak’s house. It was there, I’m sure.

It was something I should have subtly avoided going through.

…for some reason, this sea of purple flowers…

I’m supposed to be avoiding this, but…

The map and the compass confirm it. Hmm, there is no doubt.

So the only thing I can think of is that the farm was expanded after the map was made.

And I can read a map.

Purple flowers, similar to eggplant, are in full bloom. It’s a vast mandragora field.

What is this signboard?

“Well, it’s a designated excellent farm…?”

“Yes, this is on my lord’s farm, my lady.”


When I turned around, there was no one there, and when I looked down, I was pulled around the knee of my tight pants, and there was something there. There was something plant-like in the area below my knees.

“…Who are you?”

“Oh, I beg your pardon. I’m Mandrake, the plantation manager of Mandragora plantation.”

“My name is Fiara.”

“Lady Fiara, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

It looks like it has the same green leaves and purple flowers on its head as the mandragora growing below, and its body is made up of humanoid, moving roots.

Oh yeah, there was something similar in my otherworldly memory. It’s like a ginseng root. With a ginseng root and a minnow around its waist, just like the locals in the tropics.

That mandragora-like self-proclaimed caretaker was looking up at me.

For a while, Zak had lent me a book called “The Book of Things Not Human”, and I remember looking through it, and I remember it was in there.

It was written that this plant is often used in alchemy, witchcraft, and medicine.

However it also mentioned that, ‘It is not true that you will die if you hear a scream.

It is also said that when it reaches maturity, it can slip out of the soil and walk around on its own.

“…Nice to meet you.”

Fiara took a long look at the pseudo-plant with its head full of leaves and purple flowers.

“This mandragora is grown organically without pesticides and fertilized with fire-eating dragon poo, oh, and it’s all pulled out and bottled in shaded bee syrup before it matures, so no individual will walk off on its own, don’t worry.”

From the corner of my eye, about three bodies go out and are buried in whatever spot they want.

That’s right, the plantation should be expanding, right?


Mandrake saw this and added an excuse. His eyes swam a bit.

“If they mature and start to move and increase on their own, it’s okay, because eventually there will be fire-eating dragon flames.”

That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about.

“Somehow, the plantation is a lot larger than in the map, but…”

“No! You can’t do that! If you say so, the map is only a guide! Yes, of course!”

“…Hmm, I see.”

Later, Mandrake asked me if I would like some sweet and delicious mandragora tea, but I politely declined and left the farm, saying I had to hurry on.

When we parted, he gave me a mandragora bottled in shade bee syrup.

It was a bit creepy. But it could be expensive if I sold it.

I hurriedly packed it into a backpack that wouldn’t get too heavy or bulky no matter how much I put in it.

By the way, I have been told by Silk that there are many precautions to take on cross island.

I was told, “You must not drink Mandragora tea because you will get an upset stomach if you drink it, even if he insists.”

So I went on and on through the jungle, and as the map says, I came to a place where yurts were dotted in the vast pastureland.

The map says it is the Dwarf Autonomous Region.

I am especially interested in the fact that the map says that this is a grazing pasture for Mame pigs. It looks delicious.

However, that cloud-covered mountain in the distance might be the fire-eating dragon’s mountain. I felt a little bit faint.

This Mame pig was a mini pig and a boar pig that were mixed together and refined into different species. It is said that the one with the strongest life force of the individual becomes a male.

Characteristics: Small, but very tasty. They run well. It seeks out magical stones, rare metals, and white truffles. (Note: If you don’t pick up the truffle immediately, they will eat it because it’s their favorite food).

Come to think of it, lately, I usually have dinner with Zak at the large dining hall in Shion Castle. It also serves as an exercise in eating etiquette. But it’s too far away to eat at one end of a long table for 30 people, I think

Unlike the black truffle, the white truffle is eaten raw, so it is much smoother and easier to eat, and has a more enchanting aroma. I’ve become very fond of them.

I can’t get enough of the white truffle when it is scraped off and sprinkled on top of tender scrambled eggs in front of me. No other kind of aroma can come close.

Of course, you can also use them with a half-boiled egg or risotto. You can also add melted cheese to them. Oh, I’m starting to get hungry.

The chef said it’s a very high quality ingredient. I didn’t know that.

I didn’t know that one large one would be enough to build a house with.

I felt ashamed of myself for gobbling up such an expensive food and having another one, but I didn’t know that it grew on Zak’s island. Then it should be okay to eat a lot of them.

I want to look for those white truffles with the Mame pigs. When they’re picked, of course, I’ll put them in the storage bag Zak gave me in my backpack and bring them home. In the morning, I can picture the ultimate happiness of making my own fried eggs with salt and pepper, and then shaving as many of those white truffles as I wanted on top of them with the truffle slicer.


That was a very tempting fantasy, but first I have to get to Zak…

Remembering my original purpose, I came back to myself and took a step forward.

A small person riding on what looked like a Mame pig ran away beside me.


“Ooh, I just passed by. You’re the master’s young lady, aren’t you?”

The one on the Mame pig was apparently a dwarf. A small person, but not a child.

He didn’t have a harness…or even a piggy harness, but he was riding with the pig firmly between his legs and holding its ears. He seemed to be able to control it at will, so he made a U-turn and came back.

“If by ‘the master’ you mean ‘Zak’, then yes.”

“Yes, Mr. Zakash is a lord, after all.”

“Hmm, that’s right.”

The Mame pig was small but firm and full of meat that looked delicious.

“We were preparing a welcome lunch when we heard the young lady was coming, so we came to get you.”

‘Lunch…! Thank you!”

With a big smile on my face, I follow the dwarf uncle.

Come to think of it, a very delicious, thick scent is coming from around the yurts. The scent of happiness, a delicious aroma! I smell all kinds of things.

The irresistible smell caught me and we headed to the yurts together.


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