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Chapter 7: Fiara Picking Things Up

Food was being served in the yurt area where we were taken. There were carpets everywhere in the meadow, and there were a lot of people who looked “non-human” that I had never seen before, and everyone was enjoying the food in a friendly manner.

Looks delicious, doesn’t it, ladies and gentlemen…

I was thrilled to see the delicious feast resting on the carpet.

There were also five or six red birds that looked like kiwi birds, which I hadn’t seen before, sitting around the piled food piled high in their bowls.

I could tell that they were saying “yum” and “yum” as I looked at them.

In truth, they were saying “gyubiigu” and “gyubiigu”.

I say that, but there was a big wooden bowl piled high with a big, tasty-looking, simmered pork.

The red bird-like creatures would pick it up with their beaks to keep it from falling apart, and then they would stretch their throats and swallow it in a gulp before the plump fibers broke apart.

But when I finish my mound of stewed pork in the blink of an eye, the dwarf men from the yurt brings me platters of stewed meat one after another. Various other dishes were brought in one after another.


I think he’s probably saying, “that’s a good idea. That’s right, that’s right!

“Come on in and sit down, young lady.”

The dwarf man recommended that I go to the carpet and sit down.

After all, I guess I’ll just have to drink the local sake to go with it.

The uncle poured a large bottle of sake into a wooden bowl with a wooden ladle and set it down in front of the red bird one by one.

To the red birds, “drink some of it,” he said.

I was curious as to how the red birds would drink alcohol.

The birds, called red masters, use their magic powers to float their bowls and skillfully pour the liquor into their beaks (beaks) where they open them wide.


The bowl is thrown to the side like this is enough.

“You have a good mouth, go ahead.”

This time, I put the whole bottle in front of the red bird and set it down with a bang. There were a number of long-handled ladles in the bottle.

Just as I thought, the red birds manipulated the ladles with their magical powers and started pouring the liquor into their mouths with a thumping sound.

“Keep drinking~”

“Here’s some grape water for you, little girl.”

This one was not wine, but grape sweet water.

The juice of the dark grape juice was mixed with spring water and it was very sweet and tasty.

The dwarf uncles were getting ready, and they were kind of red-faced and just drunk.

I took a big slice of stewed pork on a plate and used the side of my fork as a knife. I ate it between two slices of bread on a separate plate.


The meat melts…. I lick the sweet and spicy sauce from my fingers. I make it the same way and eat another one.

The carpet is covered with all sorts of food: stewed tomato-flavored beans, steamed mutton, bread and clotted cream, kebabs and date palm sweets.

Eventually they started to play their flutes and drums and everyone started to dance.

The uncles encouraged me to dance, and it was fun to dance in the circle.

It didn’t matter how we danced. Everyone moved in their own way and it was fun.

We danced, then rested, then ate and danced some more.

While we were at it, I helped the men who were firing up the food and cooking the meat.

They put a net on top of a kiln made of stones and roasted meat and vegetables one after another and put them on a plate.

“Oh yeah, when one side of the meat is well cooked, we turn it over.”

As the fat popped off the meat on the grill and fell to the coals, the aromatic aroma of the meat filled the air.

Just by tasting various other dishes, I’m hungry, and now I stand up to eat.

By this time, the other guests were either lying on the ground or on the carpet, or were awake or in a state of slumber.

The same goes for the dwarf men.

“Thanks for the meal~ it was delicious. I have to get to Zak’s place now, so see you later.”

As I was about to go and say a quick greeting, the first dwarf uncle who invited me over gave me two leather bags with something slippery in them, saying they were gifts.

“Thank you for coming, young lady, come visit us again, Hiccup.”

“Yeah, thanks, Uncle.”

“The bag is enchanted with a conditioned shelf, so it’s always fresh. The big one has a Mame-pork steak in it, with just the right amount of fat.”

“Wow, thank you! I’m looking forward to it.”

As usual, I packed it into my backpack and left in a pleasant mood. It’s like a magic power spinning around in my body is filling me with energy.

As I hurried onward, bouncing around with the power of my boots, the forest began to deepen again. For now, I checked my direction with a map and a compass.

Yes, I was able to move in the direction I wanted, so it was okay.

Then for a while, because it is difficult to go in the jungle, and while I was going to see what fruit has grown here and there, I saw a white egg lying on the soil.

Why are there eggs lying around in this place? It’s very odd.

I looked around, but it doesn’t look like there’s a nest in the tree.


It still looks like a big white egg, no matter how you look at it. It’s not as small as a chicken egg, and I wonder if I can hold it with both hands. The size of the egg.

I tried poking at it with something like a fallen branch to see if it’s not a dangerous item, but it just looks like an egg.

I don’t know what kind of egg it is, but it’s a little…

“It stinks…”

Yes, it smelled like something rotten.

The smell was definitely coming from the egg.

I wonder if it’s rotten.

I try to go without touching it.


And from somewhere else, it echoed in my head.

For all intents and purposes, it looks like this egg.

I poked at it again with the stick.

“Help me.”

I poked at it again with a stick…


Oh, it seems angry…



“Now, I hope my precious Fii is enjoying herself?”

Having said that, my dragon tribe friend is looking at me with a dumbfounded face as I look into the crystal ball.

“You left her here unattended, how dare you say that?”

“What do you mean? You were the one who told me to stay away and watch, because if I was by her side, I would just wrap her up in cotton and coddle her around.”

“I told you, but I didn’t really think you were going to leave her, a kid, like that.”

“She’s a child, but she’s surprisingly strong, and I left her there in desperation, assuming it was me.”

“Well, I’m sure the air on the island has changed since she came over here.”

“Her purification power is so precious that I want to hold her hand all day long if possible.”

“I don’t think the conversation is going to happen, you’re so wrapped up in the middle of it, get out a little more.”

“I know that, but after thinking over it a bit more, this place is within my barrier, so I can rest easy.”

“You sound like an overprotective mother.”

“Hmph. You can say whatever you want.”

“By the way, it’s been a while since your brother was out of office. Why didn’t you have anyone on your side?”

“People die so fast. They all pass on by…I just didn’t want anything. The only thing I want by my side is Fii.” (***Okay, it looks like he’s gotten quite attached for such a short amount of time, lmao)

“Yeah that’s about it…you’re usually not attached to anything. It’s a rare thing, well, I’m one of those people who waits for my destiny, so it’s not hard to understand…”

“I…from that encounter, I realized for the first time that I was alive in this world. I had found my missing piece. In your words, Fii must be my destiny.”

“Well, if you’re sure it’s worth it.”


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