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Chapter 4: Living Infrastructure part 1

As the chirping of birds reached my ears, I woke up.

Unfortunately, because I just got up, my head wasn’t working well as I was still in a daze.

“Ah… I’m hungry.”

As I raised my upper body, I thought of how I went to sleep without eating anything. The sound from my belly felt as though it was answering the chirping birds.

I took a deep breath and got out of bed. When I looked out the window I saw little birds. I said, “Hello,” and the little birds answered, “Cheep!”

I headed straight for the kitchen and looked to see if there was anything to eat. Howeer, not only was there no food, there also wasn’t any kind of seasoning. At this rate, I might die from starvation…Come to think of it, I think there was something I could exchange. I’d have to lead a self-sufficient life, so it can’t be helped.

“By the way, I think there were vegetables growing in the fields outside…!”

While rubbing my grumbling stomach, I opened door loudly on purpose.

When I went outside, the morning sun was shining like it was surrounded by gems. I felt happy that I could live in such a clean forest, so my expression loosened unconsciously.

Then when I arrived in front of the field, I saw that there were vegetables so magnificent that the sound “Delicious!” could almost be heard.

Tomatoes, peppers, cabbages, carrots, cucumbers and pumpkins, six types in total. Since I didn’t have any seasoning, I harvested three tomatoes and one cucumber, which were tasty on their own.

For now, because it can’t be helped, I’d have to eat them and fill my stomach.

“Ah, so sweet and delicious…!”

When I took a bite of a tomato on the spot, a sweet flavor spread in my mouth. I can confidently say that it was tastier than any tomato I had. Also, the cucumber had a nice crunchy texture.

If this was so delicious on its own raw…it would be even better if I cooked it!

I ate the vegetables on the spot in a daze, and when I had the 4th tomato, I finally got full. I was planning on eating them inside, but they were so tasty that I finished them all outside.

“For now, I’ve had a good meal…! Next are the points!”

I ran to the house with my now-13-year-old body. Although, the field was right in front of the house so it only took a few seconds.

I became younger, but there’s nothing inconvenient, but rather my body’s lighter so I feel lucky? 

I think that rather than beginning from the age of 21, starting from age 13 was luckier and better for memorizing abilities as well.

When I entered the house, my eyes rested on the exchange diary I put on the small bedside table. 

Speaking of which, it’s an exchange diary so there should be an answer from god. I wonder when it would come…?

When I opened the diary, I saw that there was a reply from him. He works quickly.


Looks like you enjoy the other world you’re experiencing for the first time. I’m happy.

I guess it was worthwhile for me to put in some effort.

Now then, for Hina who’s struggling a tad bit more than I expected, here’s some advice. It’s about how to use ‘Angel’s Sanctuary.’

This is a cheat ability for Hina whose affinity is for chemistery.

Actually, the effect applies to most things. Don’t be fooled by the description, okay?

Example 1:
Chant, “Angel’s Sanctuary,” in front of a plant. The growth rate will be greatly increased.

Example 2:
Regarding the creation of potions. Put the ingredients in a pot and chant, “Angel’s Sanctuary.” Then, you can collect the potions.

Ah, and don’t forget to place bottles nearby! This is important.

Did Hina know already?

For a while, it’s best to make potions to earn points.

Then you’ll easily be able to get enough points for the bath today.

Today’s tip will be this much, okay?

Ufufu, Hina, your sleeping face was also cute.


“Eh, sleeping face……?”

Is this what it means for one’s eyes to turn into dots?

I don’t really how my name Hinami turned into Hina before I knew it. Rather, I guess it’s an honor that I can be called that by a god.

…Was I peeked at? Ah, but he did say that he would observe me when he has free time…


I decided to stop worrying and gently put the exchange diary down.

My cheeks turning red and hot must be my imagination.

More importantly, as per his advicde, I should accumulate points by making potions.

First, I’ll try making a <health restorative (high potion)> which look like the most basic ones. 

The ingredients were health grass, water and a bottle, I think…but I’m not sure what health grass is…? Since it might be written on the book, I took out the manual from the bookshelf.

When I flipped through the pages, there were a few pages near the end with pictures.

“Ah, this one…it’s health grass!”

There was a picture of the health grass along with a simple description. To summarise, it seems that about 10 HP is restored from eating a health grass. By making it into a potion the effect is improved.

For the appearance. It looks like mugwort at a glance. A soft green plant with toothed leaves from a stalk.

Thanks to god’s advice, the potion can be created easily…I have water, and as for the bottles…they can be exchanged with points. In that case, I can create one with some health grass.

With a little thought, I realized that there was a way.

Maybe it’s in the garden…or the forest!?

If so, then let’s go! I went outside in a cheery mood, deciding that I’d look for health grasses in the garden first.

“Wow! There…it’s there!”

I wonder if it’s supposed to be hard to find? As I was thinking that, I found that most of the weeds growing in one half of the garden were not weeds but health grasses.

So, there were plenty of health grasses. If it’s with this, I think I can surely get a bath by today. 

Yes…I really  want to take a bath today.

I crouched down in the garden and diligently picked health grasses. There were plants other than health grasses too, but for now I decided to leave them and only gather what I needed.

Picking them was easy, but there was no container. This is inconvenient…

I picked enough to create a small pile, and then let out a sigh.

I think I picked about a third of the health grasses that were growing.

Afterwards, it was time to try making potions. The ingredients were health grasses, water and bottles. 

And also a pot…

I can use the pot in the kitchen…I’ll have to get the bottles by exchanging points.

First, I filled the pot from the kitchen with health grasses. There was a little too much, but this is within a tolerable range. I took it inside and poured water into it and placed it on the table.

Next, I opened the exchange diary and exchanging [Bottles: x100] for 3 points.

…Huh? I wonder how I should do this?

“No, it does say [Current points: 3], so there should be enough points…”

But then, how do I exchange…?

Hmmm. I didn’t think I’d be stuck here. But I can’t progress without getting the bottles…

“I’d like to exchange 3 points for bottles…!”

For now, I tried talking to the exchange diary. There’s only me here, so it’s not embarrassing…yup, not embarrassing at all.

Then, the exchange diary shined and there was thud by my feet.

When I looked down in panic, there was a large bag. When I opened it, it was full of bottles.

I did it, it was a success!

The points I had were gone now, but if I can properly make 100 potions, I’ll get 100 points. Yes, there’s no problem!

I dragged the large bag up to the table. For these kinds of things, the body of a 13-year-old is a little inconvenient. It’s worse in terms of physical strength compared to that of a 21-year-old.

Now then. On the table, there is a pot full of health grasses and water. Underneath the desk, there are 100 bottles. Now I can get enough points for a bath.

Of course, the method of compounding them is not a formal and troublesome one, but instead uses the skills given by God’s divine protection. That’s definitely a relief…!

With that, I’ll begin.

“<Angel’s Sanctuary.>”

My voice echoed in the room and light overflowed around me. The lights then gathered in front of me and played a tune. Then there was a pot with some health grasses leftover and a bag full of high potions.

Looks like it was successful, what a relief.

When I took out a bottle of high potions from the bag, there was liquid of a deep green shade. 

The bottle that did not even have a lid was gone and it changed into one with a lid. At the centre of the bottle, there was a heart symbol. It changed…no, evolved into a very cute bottle.

“Mmm…if there are still some health grasses left in the pot…”

If I gather some more health grasses again, I can make 100 high potions again.

I quickly went outside and filled the pot full of health grasses.

Then I created another set of 100 high potions.

“This is all right…”

After writing down the diary entry for the day, I looked at the point exchange list.

As I had been making high potions, it had already become evening before I knew it. By the way, I expressed my gratitude to god for the advice and wrote about what happened today in the diary.

This was today’s result:

[Exchange Diary] = 3 points added.

[High potions: low] 1 x 200 = 200 points added.

[Bottles: x100] 3 x 2 = 6 points used.

I earned 203 points and spent 6 points so my current points are now 197 points. Now I can get a bath…! Not only that, I can even expand the house! Yay!

I chose what I’d exchange, and spoke to the exchange diary.

“I’d like a bath, a basement, a farming kit, a vegetable seeds set, a herb seeds set and 200 bottles…!”

[Bath] = 30 points used

[Basement] = 10 points used

[Farming kit] = 10 points used

[Vegetable seeds set] = 10 points used

[Herb seeds set] = 10 points used

Bottles: x100] 3 x 2 = 6 points used.

[Total: 76 points used.]

[Current points: 127]

I spent 76 points overall. Now I have 127 points left.

Okay, I still have some leftover. Even if I want to exchange all of them at once, I won’t be able to use them, and the extensions will be difficult to clean. Firstly, the bath. Also, I got a basement to store the potions.

Then, a rumbling sound came from somewhere.

I wondered what  it was. I felt anxious for a moment, but the sound subsided quickly and there was change in the house.

Right next to the entrance, there was a staircase leading to the basement, and where the toilet door was, there now was a small corridor leading in. And to both sides of that corridor, there were doors. I quickly went to that corridor and opened a door. Nope, it was the toilet. Then the bath is in the door to the left!

“Wow, wow—!!!”

I couldn’t help but let out a voice of admiration.

Because right in front of  my eyes was a really adorable bathroom…!

There was a cute bathtub which was large enough for me to stretch my legs. The magic tool for the water was the same as the kitchen. However, there were two flowers here. A sky blue flower and a pink flower. Maybe they’re divided by cool water and warm water.

I immediately touched the pictured leaf to get warm water.

“Ah, it’s warm~!”

Ah…this is healing. Healing me.

I merely touched it, but it warmed my whole body.

The water flowed from my hand and spilled out the bathtub. There was a proper drain so the water disappeared properly. Unfortunately there was no shower, but there was a mushroom-shaped chair in a container made out large leaves, so that was enough.

In addition, it was well-furnished…there were towels in the shelf next to the bathroom door. There was also a bar of soap so I enjoyed a nice bath with that.


God, thank you for today.
The bath felt really really good.



T/N: I’m getting warm “little house on the prairie” vibes from Hinami’s cottage!


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    See? Just took one chapter to ruin this system xD…. Quite sad… but at least we still can enjoy the fluffiness!


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