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Chapter 3: Welcome to the Other World

I opened my eyes with the feeling of something flowing down my cheeks.

I wonder if I was sleeping…I slowly raised my body and stretched to loosen my body.


I let out a large sigh.

Okay, I’m in top condition again today!

“Wait, huh…?”

Where is this?

“Ah! Right, I met god…!”

I had completely forgotten.

After all, I think again that the previous exchange was not a dream, but a reality.

Looking ahead, I  saw the forest as god had said. There were soft pastel-shaded trees swaying and there were water droplets on leaves glistening against the light, perhaps because the rain had just stopped.

Heave-ho! I stood up and looked at my body. Now that I’m 13, I am quite small compared to when I was 21.

Perhaps a present from god, I was no longer wearing the loose-fitting part-time work uniform, but clothes that fit my 13-year-old body. I was wearing a top with wide sleeves and loose cuffs, a flared skirt that were a little above my knees. I also had knee high socks and brown boots on.

However, even though my body shrunk, I still had knowledge of a 21-year-old. I’m sure there won’t be any problems living…I hope.

Fortunately, I’ve been doing housework in place of my parents who both worked, so I have some basic knowledge. Recently, Ihad  been making sweets quite often because Hana was tired of hospital food.

I turned my body and looked around. It was all forest…but there was a very large stump behind me. When I looked closer, there was a door and windows. Also, there was a fenced area around the stump.

“Is this the house that god gave me?”

The area I was standing in was also inside the fence. So I guess this here is the safe zone where <God’s Miniature Garden> was in effect. I felt relieved that I wouldn’t suddenly be attacked by monsters.

The side of the fence looked to be about 30 meters. It was surrounding the stump house and a somewhat large garden around it.

There were three small fields prepared, with vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers growing in one field. There wasn’t anything planted on the other two fields, only soil.

About half of the garden were the fields, and the other half was a rough lawn of grass…

“In any case…this stump is really big, isn’t it…?”

Could this world…really have such large trees? I can’t imagine how many of me would be needed to surround the house with my arms.

I crossed through the garden and went in front of the house. When I looked to the side, I saw a well. There were also flowers of various colors around the house, so it felt quite warm.

I wonder if the god arranged these…?

I felt a tight sensation in my heart…I remembered how the god kissed the back of my hand at the last moment. My face must be red right now…

“P-Please excuse me…?”

I knew it was my house, but if this was someone else’s place, not mine, it would be a misunderstanding…I opened the door carefully. There was a little bell on the door, playing a tone as I entered the house.


I felt like I was wandering in a fairytale, like one where little fairies live in.

When I took a quick look around, I saw that it was a type of studio apartment. Right after I entered, there was a round wooden table and two chairs to my left. And further inside was a kitchen, and more than half of the stump walls were shelves.

Across from the table, on my right, there was a bed. Next to the bed, there was a room…toilet?

After I took a few steps into the room, my eyes wandered over to a letter on top of the table. 

On the envelope, ‘To Hinami’ was written, and on the back was ‘Ligris,’ the god’s name.

Ah, this is is my home after all, I confirmed and slowly opened my letter.

To Hinami,

If you’re reading this letter now, then it means you have arrived safely at the house.

I’ll explain about the house which I didn’t have time to explain about before.

First, there’s a bookshelf on the wall next to the bed.

There’s only a few now, but you can increase them if there’s anything you like. I’ve also put in three books there. The first is the ‘exchange diary,’ so please use it every day. Second is a book containing maps and general information on this world, ‘Letisreel’. Finally, I put in a book that best suited Hinami. I don’t know what book it is yet, so see for yourself.

Next, about the kitchen:

I have placed only the basic items so use them as you’d like. However, unlike Japan, Letisreel has magic and is a fantasy world, so the fundamental concepts are different.

Things that were once powered through science are powered through magic over here. The water supply and the stove are ‘magic tools’ made by using ‘magic stones.’ These are great products that can be used even without mana. There are probably easily noticeable switches, so press them to use.

Ah, I also made sure that the water will be drained properly.

Oh!, that’s right, I forgot something important. About the points!

A list of the methods to earn points and items that can be exchanged are written in the ‘Exchange Diary.’ Please reference it and earn points. For me.

And finally…

I’m sorry for suddenly sending you to another world. However, I’ll be  watching over you all the time, so please contact me if anything happens

May there be happiness wherever Hinami goes…


“God…thank you!”

I tightly embraced his letter.

Then after that, I looked at the bookshelf that was there as he had written. Because there was a book best suited to me, I decided to take look at it. Before that, I looked in the door next to the bookshelf. Yup, it’s a toilet. I was extremely glad it was there. What a relief. Truly.

“I wonder if this is the book best suited for me?…A book of Chemistery?”

What I had in my hand was a green book with plant leaves and flowers on the cover.

When I skimmed through it, I saw that it was a book with procedures on concocting potions and raising plants.

“Let’s see…health restoratives (high potions) and mana restoratives (magic potions)…So these are the potions…for the better ones, there are crimson restoratives (garnet potions) and deep sea restoratives (marine potions).”

I wonder what this is. Something like a pharmacist, I think?

By the way, the ingredients were written down too.

<Health Restorative (High Potion)>

Health grass, water, vial.

<Mana Restorative (Mana Potion)>

Blue grass, water, vial.

<Crimson Restorative (Garnet Potion)>

Red grass, orange grass, water, vial.

<Deep Sea Restorative (Marine Potion)>

Azure grass, magic stone powder, magical water, vial.

I wonder what’s up with this.

The ingredients were written on it, but the production methods were not…? Ah, there it is. I didn’t think they’d be on the last page…

“Put ingredients other than the vials into a pot, boil down overnight, and then cool. Afterwards, extract without impurities. Potions will be…Eh, isn’t this hard?”

What should I do?

For the time being, I’ve learned that it would be difficult. Let’s slowly put it back on the bookshelf. As I was about to close the book, the last sentence caught my eye and I let out a loud voice out of surprise.

“Oh! ‘However, these can also be created through special methods using divine protection,’ it says!”

It was a very small sentence at the end of the book. I had almost missed it.

Right, I remember god telling me to check my status. I hastily shouted <Status> and looked at <The Divine Protection of the God Ligris>.


<Hinami Kusunoki>

Age: 13
Lv. 1

HP 30/30
MP 45/45

ATK 10
DEF 10
AGI 13
MAG 20
LUK 50

God’s Miniature Garden
Rhapsody of Light
Angel’s Sanctuary


The Divine Protection of the God Ligris


“There’s another skill…! Now what about god’s divine protection…?”


<The Divine Protection of the God Ligris>

An exchange diary with Ligris can be written.

The divine skill <Angel’s Sanctuary> can be used.

<Angel’s Sanctuary>

You can give power by playing melodies.

Effect: Promotes the growth of plants and minerals, shortening the compounding process.


“……You know, the skill sounds grandiose, but isn’t the effect simple?”

It seems so.

I guess I’m not a fighter, but someone who produces.

But honestly, I’m not really good with disturbing things like fighting. Even if I am told to fight with swords in a world with monsters, I still wouldn’t be able to do it. I can say that for sure.

Anyway, if I have a talent in making potions, I can rest easy even if I get wounded. Also, I might be able to sell these for money.

“Also, the kitchen is somehow cute but mysterious…”

The kitchen was a cute pink color, and there was a mushroom patterned kitchen mat laid out. There was a cutting board, knives, a pot, and a frying pan. Also, there were a few tableware items such as dishes and cups on the shelf right next to it.

At the place which I think was a stove, there was stone like pot placed down? It had a round shape and there was a picture of a flame at the middle. Incidentally, I also found a transparent stone with the same flame picture. Even though I felt a little confused, when I touched it, fire came from the round stone.

“Ah! How amazing…!!”

This is magic…no, a magic tool. I was so interested.

There was also something in the sink. This was definitely the water magic tool. When I looked closer, I saw it was there. There was a vase on top of the sink, with a small flower. Then there was a round water droplet picture on the leaf of that plant. When I gently pressed it with eyes filled with anticipation, water came flowing out of the small flower.


Ah, unconsciously screamed that out.

But really, water coming from a flower, it’s just so cute and nice…!

I can cook and dine here. Somehow, kitchen here is so amazing and cute that it’s wasted on me. I’ll make sure to use it carfully. Thank you god.

Then next…Right, let’s check the exchange diary.

I sat down on the bed and opened the exchange diary. Right on the first page were the methods to accumulate points.


[Current points: 0]

[Exchange Diary] 3
[Creating a Low-level Potion] 1
[Creating a Mid-level Potion] 2
[Ccreating a High-level Potion] 3
[Creating a Special Potion] 5
[Monster Subjugation Rank D] 5
[Monster Subjugation Rank C] 10
[Monster Subjugation Rank B] 20
[Monster Subjugation Rank A] 50
[Monster Subjugation Rank S] 100
[Monster Subjugation: The Demon Lord] ∞ (Infinite)
[Other: Special] Adequate points depending on the situation.

[In addition, as the number of possible actions increases, the number of entries will increase.]

I see… I can get the points by writing in the exchange diary or by making potions! With that, even I might be able to gain points. Also there was something that caught my eye. [Monster Subjugation: The Demon Lord] ∞ (Infinite). Well that is…Yup, let’s just pretend I didn’t see that.

On that note, I checked what I could exchange for the points.

[Current points: 0]

[Farming kit] 10
[Vase: small] 1
[Vegetable seeds set] 10
[Herbs set] 10
[Bottles: x100] 3
[Bath] 30
[Room] 50
[Rooftop] 50
[Basement] 10

[In addition, as the number of possible actions increase, the number of entries will increase.]

“Ohh…wait, a bath…!!”

There weren’t many things I could exchange. However, there was [bath]. Shouldn’t I be getting that right now…!? However, it costs 30 points. I have 0 points right now…

For now, let’s write today’s diary entry and earn 3 points.

However, if it’s only that, it’ll take 10 days to get 30 points…that’s too much. There definitely has to be another way. I’ll write about that too and ask god a little about it.

In the exchange diary, I thanked him again for helping Hana and about what I experienced today.

I wrote about how I was moved because the forest was very beautiful, and about the new skill. I also wrote about how the house was very cute. In the end, although I thought it was quite shameless, I honestly asked if there was a trick to earning points.

I will take a rest today and do my best starting from tomorrow.


T/N: I gotta say, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this point system. It seems pretty unique!


One thought on “Chapter 3: Welcome to the Other World

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Yeah, I love this sort of point system, but pretty easy to mess up.
    It can become really OP without any cost… uhh…


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