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Prologue (Part 1)

I was twelve years old when I remembered my so-called past life. What I was doing might have been out of fashion in modern Japanese society due to legality issues, but I’m not sure.

“It’s fine if it’s only a little bit—just try it!”

It’s okay, I was over 18 so it’s not like it was forbidden…

Or was it 20…?

Well, let’s just leave it at that.

This was a ritual that small children received from adults.

It’s called the [Do you want to try licking the foam off of a beer?] ritual.

It was called ale in this world. I was recommended by my uncle, who happened to be visiting the mansion for fun (on a secret visit?), to drink not only the foam but also the ale itself.

Then I collapsed.

“Kyaa!!” My mother shouted.

“Call a doctor!” My father panicked.

“Ahahahaha!” My uncle laughed…

…Laughed? Hey!

When I took my first sip of alcohol, I flipped over in my chair.

It was because the white foam and bubbles were so fluffy and looked so delicious! -Glug gulp-

And so I passed out and began dreaming


Amou Izumi. 27 years old. Single. My parents are still alive, and I have an older sister and a younger brother.

After moving to Tokyo from the countryside, and after having a lover a few years ago, I am now enjoying a free life as a single person.

My job is working as a customer service representative in the clothing department of a famous department store.

My only hobby is playing otome games while drinking my favorite drinks.

I’m not lonely, you know?

I’m just a carefree loner!

My favorite drinks are cocktails, soju, and sweet wine. I also like chilled beer.

Although I profess to be a drinker, I can’t drink sake, whiskey, or shochu, so it may be a bit presumptuous of me to say that I’m a drinker.

I tried my best to learn how to drink, but…it just wasn’t for me.


Fortunately, I was blessed with good bosses and colleagues at work, and my hobbies were fulfilling. I guess my parents had given up on me. They didn’t even ask for grandchildren anymore.

Yes, yes. Please look to my brother and sister for stuff like that.

And that was how I had been enjoying my elegant (?) life as a single person.

…Until that day.

It was a beautiful sunny morning, and for some reason I had woken up feeling refreshed, even though I was not a morning person.

As I was going to work in such an unusually good mood, an incident occurred.

A customer told me, ‘I left something in the women’s restroom.’ So I went to the restroom and found a large bag on the floor.

Was it the customer’s lost item?

I was about to reach for the bag when I noticed that a white smoke was coming out of it.


This is not good!

This is a bad guys!

“This is Amou. I found something suspicious in the women’s restroom on the second floor! There’s smoke coming from inside the bag! I need backup immediately!”

I quickly put in the earphones that had come loose from my ears and called out into the microphone that was tucked into the chest of my uniform.

And then,

“Are you okay? All right! If there are any customers nearby, please guide them! But don’t do anything rash! Protect your life!”

The chief, Saikawa-san, immediately responded in a panicked voice.

While holding a handkerchief against my mouth, I went around the private rooms to check if there were any customers left in the bathroom.

Alright! There was no one left!

So let’s run away.

The smoke continued to billow out and the inside of the restroom was filled with smoke. It would have already flowed outside the women’s restroom.

In my whitening vision, I walked along the wall towards the exit.

Almost there…the exit…!!!

As soon as I grabbed the entrance door to the women’s restroom, my memory was cut off.


T/N: This is the new series I’ve decided to work on! Because I’m also working on 2 others, I’ll probably start working on a more defined scheduled when posting new translations.

In any case, this is a cute otome game type of novel, except this time the Villainess girl is obsessed food/alcohol (there a lot of baking sweets/drinks). This novel is kind of like a mixture between Mastering Magic in an Otome Game and Reincarnated in an Otome Game? I Can’t Accept that! (both novels that I’ve translated) except that the main character seems to become more of a “best younger sister” type of character rather than taking the ‘harem route’ which I enjoy (there is a clear ML). Also, I find it funny that this is the second novel I’ve worked on where the main character’s name was “Izumi” in her past life–completely a coincidence!

In any case, sorry for rambling, and please enjoy!

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