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Chapter 2: Awakening part 2

The one who was giggling was a beautiful boy with soft, honey-colored, silky hair and eyes of a mysterious shade of amethyst blue—a mixture of amethyst and turquoise blue.

When I saw his mysterious eyes, which looked both amethyst and turquoise depending on the light, I was surprised.

I know of this boy when he is 18 years old, with a gentle face that still retains youth and sweetness.

The gentle face he had when he was a young boy had disappeared, and he wears a cold, expressionless face that makes me wonder what he could be thinking.

He dotes on his younger sister, who is three years younger than him, and lavishes his love only on those whom he has forgiven.

That person’s name is…

“Lucas. Come here.”

My father called Lucas, and brought him closer to me.

Yes. It was Lucas.

[Lucas Avi]

The eldest son of the Avi family. The future duke. Currently 15 years old.

He is the older brother of [Charlotte Avi] and one of the [capture targets].

I see. So this is the setting from “Lovely Heaven.”

And for some reason, I’ve become [Charlotte Avi].

[Charlotte Avi] is the villainous daughter from the otome game “Lovely Heaven.”

It’s a story set in the Kingdom of Yunaishia, filled with magic, demon beasts, and adventure.

The heroine, [Kanata], is a saint of light who is summoned by the kingdom’s mages to defeat the demon beasts.

It’s a story that aims to eradicate demon beasts alongside the crown prince, knights, and mages, centering on the cheat-like skills of Kanata.

The game concept was…

“If there’s love, there’s heaven~!”—at least I think it was…

I think I understand…or maybe I don’t.

I wonder if the scenario writer was tired?

…Anyway, as the villainous daughter in the story, I would be the one torturing the crown prince’s love interest, the heroine, to a fierce extent.

Kidnapping, assault, poisoning. Anything goes.

And in the end, the villainess is condemned and ends up in execution by beheading or banishment.

Is the banishment route too kind for what she does, you ask?

No, no, it’s still a forced exile into the land of demon beasts where people can’t survive!

I don’t want that!!

I was addicted to such an otome game in my previous life.

I’m living as Charlotte now.

…’Izumi’ probably died at that time.

I wonder if this is some kind of a reincarnation.

But how is it possible to be reincarnated in the imaginary world of an otome game?

Well…the fact that I’m alive here means that I’m in a similar world. Maybe it’s true.

Dad, mom, big sister, little brother. And the chief, Saikawa-san.

I’m sorry.

It seems that I, Izumi, have died.

Well, there’s nothing I can do about being dead…so please forgive me for the misfortune that preceded me.

“…Charl, are you sure you’re okay?”

Lucas…my brother looks worried.


I was sorting through my memories, and completely forgot that my new family was still here.

“I was just in a daze. So don’t worry, Brother.” (***Onii-sama = Big brother, polite form)

I decided to fake it by using my special move [Saleswoman Smile].



I’m not sure why, but Father, Mother, and Brother Lucas’ gazes hurt.

Did I do something wrong?

Is it possible that I was making a smug expression instead of a business smile?

Once again, I smiled and tried to cover it up.

Seeing me like this, my father let out a sigh and said,

“She’s still drunk. Let’s let her rest a little longer.”

Then he walked out of the room along with Mother and Brother.

I watched them go.


I let out a big sigh and rolled over in bed.

In a daze, I stretched out my hands toward the high ceiling and observed my slender little hands.

A child’s hands…

I’ve really become [Charlotte]…

My memories of Charlotte up to the age of twelve and my memories of Amou Izumi were all jumbled together.

I was groggy, my head hurt, and I felt like I was going to throw up…or is this just a hangover?

I feel like two people are living together inside of me.

The well-mannered me who was raised as a Duke’s daughter, and the carefree, single-minded me…

I appeared 12 years old on the outside, but was 27 years old on the inside.

While I know that I can’t help what has passed, I find myself regretting my life as Izumi.

I wish I had done certain things back then…


Stop it already!

I scolded myself for my depressing thoughts. I’d have to think about the future rather than that.

If I wasn’t careful, I would surely die by execution or be exiled.

I don’t want to die even though I know I’ve been reborn.

I will organize the situation as far as I can remember.


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