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Chapter 29: First Study

I collapse into my bed. All around me are piles of dictionaries and textbooks on herbology.

“Ufufu…ufufufufu—I’ve identified it! I’ve finally identified the material!!”

As I fall down, I can’t help but make fist pump. Connie, who is organizing books nearby, is used to my outbursts, so she just continued smiling and doing her job.

“Good for you, young mistress! Looks like you’ll be ready for your study session tomorrow!”

“Yes, maybe…! I really don’t know what is going to happen…”


These past few days after Big Sister Thulite gave me my homework, I’ve been holed up in the mansion and Father’s study doing a lot of research.

By the way, for my research study, Sister Thulite told me she was going to get some appropriate materials from the estate for me. In her absence, after she had departed with great enthusiasm, I was only able to train voluntarily.

It was a bit tricky to identify the contents of the green ribbon wrapped potpourri.

After all, it was like a collection of herbs that could mostly only be analyzed by smell. Each person’s sense of smell is not the same, so I asked all the family members and servants to smell it, and after noting down the characteristics of each of them, I looked for the appropriate characteristics in the books.

It seems that my parents would be able to tell what was inside it with a single shot if they used a detection spell, but I asked them to not say anything for the sake of my education (***T/N: Lmao, she’s a way better student than me).

By the way, my parents knew that brother Oluris was holed up in his house, but they didn’t know the details of the incident. So they had a strange look on their faces when I began talking about the potpourri.

However, a noble family’s problems are basically something that should be kept secret. Naturally, I and Connie, who was with me at the time, had been asked not to say anything else.

Aunt Felicia and Brother Will may have loosened up and talked about it because they were dealing with a young girl like me, but…they were a little worried about it in the aristocratic sense.

For now, the medicinal and spiritual herbs used in this potpourri were as follows:

– Calendula.

– Sage.

– Coltsfoot

The main ingredient used in this potpourri was the coltsfoot.

A coltsfoot is what I had called a dandelion in my previous life. This is what Sister was talking about.

It’s hard to believe, but in this world, a dandelion was considered a valuable spiritual herb that only bloomed in remote areas. At first, I had to do a lot of research to figure out what the mistake was.

The mystery of this reincarnated world is that while one thing may be a perfect match to something from my previous world, another thing might also be completely different.

Anyway, now that I’ve identified them this way, the next step is to write out what magical significance these herbs have.

“Part of the coltsfoot’s academic name, the logo, is an ancient Lóin word meaning, ‘I will carry it away,’ the dominant star of Venus, and the symbol of water.”

Ancient Lóin is the language of a huge empire that once existed in this world, according to my father.

From the feeling that it was our current language’s foundation, I’m guessing that it was something akin to ancient Rome in my previous life.

“Sage means Jupiter, wind, salvation, and resistance to death…Hmmm.”

I’m sure Sage had a Latin proverb in my previous life, like something that goes against the power of death.

My favorite book back then was, “The Fierce Debate! Occult – A wonderful relationship between magic and herbs”… the abbreviated name of the book was Fierce Occult. (***T/N: the abbreviated name basically merged ‘Gekiron’ and ‘Occult’ to make ‘Gekioka.’ That’s why I just combined ‘Fierce’ and ‘Occult’)

When I was a company slave, I had wanted to feel like a magician, so I eagerly read this book on my way to work. I remember the person sitting next to me on the train quietly moving one to a seat to the side.

Yup. It would be scary if a raggedy corporate slave with dark circles under her eyes was eagerly reading that stuff. It was a dubious hobby, I know. It makes one wonder who I was trying to curse to death.

Oh well, that’s okay, because it’s being put to good use now!

“Calendula, as it is, is a Lóin name. It means the first day of summer, when summer begins…Magicians of the western lands have carried it around as an amulet, and it is effected by picking flowers with wolf’s teeth wrapped in laurel. Hmmm. The dominant star is the sun, and the symbol is fire.”

I pick up the all the definitions from several references and put them together on a single piece of parchment.

I can then use this as a basis to find out what kind of magic is being applied.

I’ll ask my father to pick up a magic book for me later.

By the way, I had been going to my mother and Alphonse-san to study difficult words and phrases each time, so I feel that my language skills have also improved.

It reminds me that there are still words I can’t read…But even though I’m almost 6 years old, in a previous life, I would still have been practicing hiragana and stuff like that.

Aristocrats must have a difficult time getting all these things done before starting school. Were all the other noble children doing this on a normal basis?

—Well, of course it’s not normal, but I had no way of knowing that, so I continued to compile more and more materials.

“When I look into it like this, it seems like it’s only effective as an amazing talisman. Quite the excessive overprotection, Brother Oluris…”

As I muttered to myself, Connie nodded.

“If it were me, I’d be crying with joy if my family gave me a good luck charm like that! I’m sure Master Wilhelm would understand!”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

Connie’s enthusiasm makes me feel more positive.

“By the way, Connie, do you have a favorite color?’

“Huh? Um, it’s yellow…? Why?”

I smiled at Connie, who looked at me blankly, and told her.

“One day I’ll make you one of these good luck charms with a yellow ribbon tied around it.”


Adorable! Connie smiled as if flowers we’re blooming around her, and hugged me in a teary-eyed, irresistible way. It was so cute.

While accepting the hug, I decided that I would learn a lot more and try to make her the best good luck charm ever.


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 29: First Study

  1. Instead of going though all the chapters. We’ll just put down that you should probably look through all the links of this story going as far back as chapter 22.

    Sometimes we get a few chapters with perfect links between them, only to run into several pages with links going to different stories, different chapters (with a massive chapter difference.)

    Kind of breaks the immersion to keep going back to Novelupdates, to get the correct chapter.


    1. I’m sorry for the confusion but there might be a misunderstanding! Those links you see are just added in the order I wrote the posts without my control—they aren’t actually “next” links and are just what pops up every time I post. However, the table of contents link I added will take you to all of the chapters of the current volume in order. I have multiple novels I post for which is why I did it that way—hope this helps!


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