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Chapter 19: Treasure Chest of the Gods part 3

I was in the 1st expeditionary unit of Count Eznoa’s territory, and I went back to the mansion immediately after the announcement and packed my bags in the expeditionary bag that had been provided with storage magic.

It seems that Zak had contacted the mansion, and Silk had already prepared what I needed and packed it up for me. I was grateful.

“Miss, please do not overdo it.”

“Yes, I know. I’ll be okay.”

Frosty told me that Zak couldn’t come home from work and that he had written a letter for me, then he gave me the letter.

Before going to bed, I sat on my bed and opened the letter and read it.

The letter said, “Let’s go out for a good meal after we get our work done this time.” Okay, okay, now I’m fired up! I’ll work hard.

Then the letter lost its shape and became a pale purple butterfly.

It flew fluffily and landed on my right shoulder.

I can feel the presence of my favorite person.

I gently kissed the butterfly and it suddenly disappeared.

“Huh…it disappeared.”

The next morning, at seven o’clock, I ate breakfast at Shion Castle, and immediately set out for work, and with 15 members of the First Expeditionary Force, we headed for Count Eznoa’s territory.

Even though we were headed there, the Dairoku took us to a relay point nearby.

The commander of the 1st Expeditionary Unit was the 1st division commander, Nikhil Marc. He is a powerful water magic user and can also use healing magic. He has a mild-mannered personality. The former division commander retired last year to return to his domain after taking over the governorship, so he is still young, but he was the deputy division commander and has risen to the position of division commander.

The 2nd division and deputy division commander, Zemus Berkin, was attached to the deputy commander. He is a powerful user of fire-based magic and is said to be the best user of fire-based magic in the magic division. His personality is refreshing, but it is said that he is terrifying when angered.

I knew that around this evening, Count Eznoa’s soldiers would be heading to the “Treasure Chest of the Gods”, so first of all, we will stop them and capture Count Eznoa.

In the meantime, officials, civil servants, soldiers, and others will be sent from Elementia to take care of the Count’s territory.

Also, depending on the condition of the territory, there will be a selection of people sent from Elementia Castle, so Zak must be busy with that. In the meantime, the Dairoku will also be setting up a medium-sized transition gate this time.

At the Count Eznoa’s mansion, Fiara attached a lily-white object, as previously researched, and destroyed the barrier. It was like twisting a baby’s hand using Dairoku’s magic tools. It seems that the Earl family was a family that could use water-based magic, but even they couldn’t get rid of the water because of the vice-captain’s intimidation. As soon as the Earl and others found out that it was the magic division that got into the office, they sat down and couldn’t move.

After that, the noblemen who could use a little magic were sealed off with magic tools made by the Dairoku, while the Earl and his family, and those who were involved in the wrongdoings, were captured in the prison of the residence.

After that, I first visited the mayor’s house to check on the people in the fishing town and in the territory. I treated the injured and sick if there were any, and purified the darkened places. I went around distributing relief supplies to the poor to help them manage their lives for now.

They have already begun interviewing the people who worked at the mansion, and those who have finished have been allowed to return home. The camp is set up in the garden of the mansion. Those who were sent by a separate group from Elementia had quickly set up the camp and prepared meals in no time at all.

Now, the problem comes after this.

There is still work to be done to fix the ‘Treasure Chest of the Gods’ for the purpose of coming here, but now another meeting will be held in the lord’s hall and tomorrow’s schedule will come up.

I purified and cleaned my body to refresh myself and then went to eat at the campsite. For those who do not have the ability to purify themselves, purifying mages are loaned by the Dairoku for the expedition. They can use it by converting their own magic power. It’s a pendant type item that doesn’t take up much space, so I’m thankful for it during my expeditions.

Purification is my own speciality of magic, but I still want to soak in hot water. These days, I like to luxuriate in hot water, even at Shion Castle or in remote locations. Perhaps this kind of thing is because I still have memories of my previous life seeing it as something pleasant.

I’m sure that in this world, it was not common for ordinary people to take a bath every day. There is a sink for flushing your body with water, but there is no such thing as a bathtub in a commoner’s home. Since there is no such thing as a running water system, the water is pumped up manually from a well, and it is too heavy to carry a lot of water in a tub.

In Shion Castle and the detached house, there were devices with magic stones built into them here and there, so it was very convenient to run water or light a fire if you passed your own magic power through them.

Mary Anne Oma, who is in the 1st Division, and is in the same class as us, was with us this time, so we put our food on trays with her in turn and sat on benches to eat. Mary Anne can use strong wind magic. She is very good at defending herself and fighting, and she is very good at handling magic. The fact that she is good at handling magic delicately means that she is also suited to the Dairoku, but according to her, physical activity is more suited to her nature.

“Thanks to the meal team, I’m happy to have warm food and soup in a place like this.”

Mary Anne is a tall for a girl, quiet, with straight blonde-haired and deep blue eyes. Outwardly, she looks a bit like Helena.

“The vegetables, the noodles, the bread and the fried fish and potatoes are all good. It’s nice to have something warm and tasty to eat.”

It was really good and I ate it up.

“Fiaragent really makes it look good. I’ll also eat well and work hard tomorrow.”

With a chuckle, Mary Anne and I had a good dinner.

After the evening meeting, we were informed of the schedule for tomorrow’s dungeon fixing.

“First of all, the general division commander has told me that the dungeon fixing will be done with the captain, vice-captain and two purifiers. We will first enter the dungeon that Eznoa has defiled while purifying it. No weapons are needed.”

When I was told that it was from the General Division Commander, I suddenly felt like going back to Zak. This isn’t enough, already.

Huh? Two purifiers…so that means me! Hmmm.


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