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[Setting] House and Potions

<<God’s Miniature Garden>>

Stump House

—Basement: Used as a warehouse.

—1st floor: Used as a living room. There is a kitchen, bath, and toilet.

—2nd floor: Hinami and Ikuru’s rooms, compounding room.

—Roof: laundry and drying space, cultivation area for herbs and etc.

—A house prepared by Ligris for Hinami’s sake. It was basically built to be cute. The many motifs of plants and the electrical magic tools in the shape of flowers gave off a fancy feeling.

—The compounding (crafting) room…was a sad room. It has appeared often in the story but hasn’t been used even once because <Angel’s Sanctuary> handles everything that’s needed. This room will be used in the future though. Maybe.

Well and Shelves and Tools

—Water can be drawn from the well.

—Seeds for vegetables and other plants are stored in the shelves, as well as the tools for their care. These included watering cans, buckets, and pots. This was also the shelf that held the tools and seeds for the garden that were exchanged for points.

—Vegetables and rice are grown here.

—It is especially easy with <Angel’s Sanctuary>. There are three sides.

Magical Mangrove

—The Princess trees make up the magical mangrove, and a small stream is formed. The Princess trees are roughly three meters tall. The flowing water has mana imbued in it.

Medicinal Herbs

—These are quietly grown in the corner of the garden. If they aren’t trimmed, they might end up like weeds…!



High Potion

—Ingredients: Stamina Grass, Water, Bottle

—Effect: Heals injuries. Recovers 10-1,000 HP

—A potion that tasted like green tea when drunk. Drink it to heal the wounds on your body and restore your stamina. Just like how it tastes, it also looked like green tea.

—There is a heart-shaped design on the bottle.

Garnet Potion

—Ingredients: Red Grass, Orange Grass, Water, Bottle

—Effect: Heals large injuries. Recovers 1,500-3,000 HP

—A potion that tastes like cola when taken. Drink it to heal the wounds on your body and restore your stamina. Just like how it tastes, it has the same color as cola.

—There are two heart-shaped designs on the bottle.

Mana Potion

—Ingredients: Azure/Blue Grass, Water, Bottle

—Effect: Recovers 100-500 MP
—A potion specifically for mana and tastes like black tea. Just like its taste, the color is similar to a light orange color.

—There is a star-shaped design on the bottle.

Marine Potion

—Ingredients: Azure/Blue Grass, Magic Stone Powder, Magical Water, Bottle

—Effect: Recovers 1,000-2,000 MP

—A potion to recover mana that tastes like Pocari (***a sports drink). Just like its taste, its color is a pale blue.

—There are two star-shaped designs on the bottle.

Princess’ Divine Protection Potion

—Ingredients: Princess Fruit, Princess Flower, Magical Water, Bottle

—Effect: Increases the max MP from 1/5th-1/2 the total amount

—It tastes like carbonated water. If fruits are added, it becomes more delicious.

—There is a crown-shaped design on the bottle.


T/N: This is the last post of volume 1, however, I am posting what I have of volume 2. I heard that someone else was translating this story once again on novelupdates (after years of hiatus), so depending on how fast they upload, I am thinking of just leaving them to officially translate instead. You can go back to the summary page here. Or you can see some of my other novels here! Thanks guys!!

UPDATE: As I wrote before, somebody other than me actually started translating this on novel updates after I finished posting V1 a while back, which is why I mostly stopped translating this novel. That said, I decided to post whatever V2 chapters or etc. that I happened to get done before the new translator started. In the future, if the translator stops working on this series, I might pick it up again depending on requests and time. My translation and the new one might have some differences, which is why I recommend reading through/checking from the beginning if you decide to switch translations! Nonetheless, whatever you choose to read, I hope you all enjoy this cute novel!

If you want to read what I have posted for volume 2, you can find it here!


5 thoughts on “[Setting] House and Potions

    1. Thank you! I was wondering about what to do with what I had already translated from V2, but I also didn’t want to impede on the other translator’s hard work :). I might just go ahead and post what I have on this site.


  1. Thanks for this translation as ever!
    I really wanted to read the continuation here… that quite unfortunate.
    I was wondering if Hina’s house will become the Yggdrasil one day, now that I saw this picture and how se can expand and create new layers (I guess?). Also, if she were to defeat the Demon King, that would be the end of her services and also she would be turned automatically into a demi-god with her points exchange system. Quite entrusting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I am actually posting what I had finished of volume 2 this week, so there should be some more chapters coming up (I think I got to around ch. 50). I was thinking about continuing this series, depending on the other translator, and requests, but above all, I just want to make sure that I am not getting in the way of another translator before I make any decision. 🙂


      1. Thank you very very much Kizuna!!!

        I really didn’t wanted to change to another translation, partly because I’ve already done that in other series (its often common for translator to stop, drop, pass the baton to another translator), and the inconsistencies killed great part of the emotion, but also because your translations are just so good!
        Thank you again!
        (Hopefully you won’t be getting in the way of anyone…)

        Liked by 1 person

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