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Chapter 9: Fiara and Akaino

“Akaino, you can go to your friends, maybe they came to pick you up. I have someone waiting for me at the foot of the volcano, so I have to get there.”

Akaino is cute as it listens to my words with its little head tilted back.

“But, well, we’re heading in the same direction, so do you want to go together?”


And then me and Akaino left together. It was fun to go in the forest with him.

The snakes, lizards and insects were eaten by him, and he would jump up and down to get tasty-looking fruit.

He seemed to know what was inedible even if it looked delicious

According to the map, the campground was just ahead.

I was a little impressed when we arrived!

It’s a treehouse, it looks fun. It’s getting close to sunset, so let’s rest here.

“Hey Akaino, can you pick out which treehouse is the best for us to rest in today?”


He hopped around, and the tree house that Akaino had chosen for us was a big tree with a big staircase that wrapped around the thick tree trunk, and the hut on top of it was big and splendid. There was a wooden table set underneath the house.

“Akaino is smart, I like this tree house, okay, it’s decided here!”

Of course, the backpack that Silk let me carry has a magical storage function by Zak, and various large items come out of it that make you think that there’s no way I’ll be able to fit such a thing in there.

As long as I whisper what I want, it will appear on the side of the backpack.

Perhaps it’s connected to the castle’s storeroom or something. I can’t use such incredible magic, but Zak is amazing.

I can just say “infinite storage” when I want to put something away. It’s designed to respond to my voice.

I prepared the lantern first for when the sun went down.

I found a place for the hearth, which was built in a corner of the campground. There were several stoves lined up in a row. There was also charcoal on the floor.

I found a clean metal net hanging from one of the hearths, and decided to roast some of the meat that the dwarf man had given me here.

I took vegetables and sausages out of my backpack and prepared them.

When I thought that Akaino had flown off somewhere, he fetched some delicious, sweet-smelling fruits.

I put the coals together in the hearth. My aunt has taught me how to use charcoal when I lived with my family, and I used to use it a lot, so I was okay with it.

“Akaino, will you light the charcoal for me? A small fire, please.”

“Gyupi!” (‘I’m on it!’)

Akaino did a good job of lighting the fire by spitting out a small, heat-controlled fire from his mouth.

All that was left to do was to brush the meat with salt and herbs and grill the prepared dish.

The first step was to grill five fine steaks of Mame pig on tongs. Akaino has four steaks that are just quickly seared over the fire on one side. One piece for me was done medium.

It seems that the dwarf uncle was excited to pick out a good piece of meat. The meat was superb, tender, and as soon as I put it in my mouth, it tore apart and the juices mixed with the fat to create a wonderfully succulent meat flavor. The vegetable garnish was placed in a container and served for two people.

Akaino climbed on the table and dexterously held the meat on the plate with his foot and tore it into pieces with his beak and swallowed it happily.

It’s cute to see him happily slurp with pleasure. I’m impressed that he eats not only meat but also vegetables.

The sausages were handmade, and the chef seems to have made them by hand.

The fat was flaky and smelled like herbs. The texture of the crispy skin, the inside of the sausage with just the right amount of salt and elasticity, and the scent of the herbs are superb, chef!

I gave four of those to Akaino, too.

He looked so cute as he swallowed the sausages in his mouth with his throat averted.

The dessert was the fruit that Akaino had just picked up for me. Akaino was eating the fruit, using his claws on one foot and his beak with dexterity to peck at the skin.

The fruit was orange in color and very similar in shape to a dragon fruit. I split it in half with a knife and could be scooped up with a spoon and put in my mouth. It smelled sweet like a kumquat, tasted like banana milk, and had a pruney texture that slipped down my throat.

“This is so good, Akaino.”

Then I cleaned up afterwards, and got ready for bed.

There were cleaning supplies on hand, so I used a brush to scrape off the dirt stuck to the wire mesh and buried the food scraps, etc. in the hole I had dug.

The creek was right around the corner so it was nice to wash my hands and feet.

Since I am a girl, I will regulate myself, but the restroom is easy to install, and the inside is a magical restroom that is locally treated with a fertilizer converter.

The sleeping bag was fluffy and I fell asleep as soon as I got inside.

I made Akaino’s bed with a bath towel as his pillow.

When I woke up the next morning, there was no Akaino, so I went outside to find him working in the campground, where he had gathered a lot of thick ivy for some reason. Hmmm… is this a giant little bird’s…nest?

He knit up something big that looked like a bird’s nest. It looked like a cage, so I guess it would be called a cage nest because it was made of thick and hard ivy. It even had what looked like a handle on top. When it was done, he went back inside the treehouse and jumped down with the sleeping bag in his mouth.

After laying it down inside, he went and picked some fruit and put it inside, and finally put my backpack in it. When he did this much, I knew that this was made for me.

“Gyuru Gyuru,” Akaino said.

[‘Come inside,’ he said.]

I checked again to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything.

The inside of the caged nest is surprisingly spacious and comfortable. I sit in a triangle on my sleeping bag and look out.

Then, Akaino jumps up and spins around.

Flap, flap, flap…

Akaino spread his wings and transformed into a dragon.


The trees around him were rustled by the wind pressure.

Right beside me was a beautiful, lustrous, red-scaled dragon. Its eyes are beautiful black and gold, split vertically, almost drawing me in.

When he looked into the homemade caged nest, Akaino chirped a high-pitched cry and spread his wings with a rustle, then jumped up to hold onto the nest.

He seems to be using his magic power, and inside, I don’t feel any wind pressure or shaking.

In the blink of an eye, a large panorama is spread out below. I held onto the edge of the nest and looked at the view.

Fiara apparently liked high places.

It’s not scary. It’s a magnificent view.


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