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Chapter 9: The Kingdom of Lareel


I was completely exhausted, feebly hanging down my head.

Yes, this is…above the sky.

“Hinami-san! Are you okay…?”


Alfred-san, Thia-chan, me and Kiruto-san, the four of us were on the dragon in that order. Because it was a small dragon, Thia-chan was sitting on Alfred-san’s lap. I was fine in the back, but Kiruto-kun was sitting near the tail.

Please don’t fall out…To be very honest, it’s very scary…!!

I wanted to reply energetically to Thia-chan, who was worried for me, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough energy. Behind me, Kiruto-kun was rubbing my back. I’m sorry, I’m very grateful…

At first, the dragon flew in the sky, showing off it’s acrobatic moves as if to welcome me. Of course, I was happy in the beginning. However, I quickly grew queasy and fell down.

“We’ll arrive at the mansion in 1 hour…please hang on a little longer.”


Now that this happened, I’d have to close my eyes and endure…Right, I’ll review this world’s currency to distract myself. Yes, there’s no other choice…!

The same currency is used in all 3 continents of this world. Starting from the bottom, there are iron coins, copper coins, silver coins, gold coins, white-gold coins and black-gold coins. And according to the book of common knowledge I received from god…the currency is called ‘Rill.’ It’s easy to imagine that it was named after the world. (***Rill sounds like it comes from Letisreel)

As a matter of fact, the currency is very similar to Japan. It’s simple if you imagine that there are no coins for 1, 5, 50, 500 and 5000 yen. Conveniently, 1 iron coin = 10 Rill. It’s really easy to remember.

Iron coin (10 yen)
Copper coin (100 yen)
Silver coin (1,000 yen)
Gold coin (10,000 yen)
White-gold coin (1,000,000 yen)
Black-gold coin (1,000,000,000 yen)

A commoners’ monthly income is about 5 gold coins…or 50,000 Rill. So in Japan, that would be about 50,000 yen. With a rough calculation, that should be about a quarter of the living expenses in Japan. No, maybe it’s even cheaper considering that a first salary is about ¥200,000. Anyway, I’ll just have to think in quarter pieces when shopping…so it should be fine. Although, there are no prices for potions in Japan to compare to.


“We’re almost there!”

“That’s my Onii-sama for you…! So fast!”

While I was thinking about money, it seems like we had already entered the city. When I peeked my head out from the dragon and stared down, I saw a medieval European cityscape right before my eyes.

The sun was already setting and the city was dyed orange, but it was still lively. I wonder if the catches from a hunt are being sold to the lady buying ingredients…I also saw adventurers with armor. There are even people with cat ears and rabbit ears…!

Those are probably the ‘beastmen’ that god mentioned. From this scenery that could never have been seen in Japan, I felt very excited.

This place is the ‘Kingdom of Lareel.’ It is a country located in ‘Sariton,’ one of the 3 continents of this world ‘Letisreel,’ Because this the second biggest country, there’s even a castle here.

With Alfred-san’s…dragon piloting skills?…we landed down in the courtyard of a large mansion. Or rather, this is Thia-chan’s house…? From the sky, it looked like the 2nd or 3rd biggest in the city. What should I do, it seems like she was someone important.

I wonder if it’s even okay for me to come along like this.

“Welcome back, Alfred-sama, Cynthia-sama.”

“Welcome back.”

A real butler and a real maid…!!!

This is an amazing mansion after all. I was so nervous that my right hand and my right foot were moving at the same time…

Alfred-san handed the coat he was wearing to the butler and headed inside. 

Thia-chan and I followed him. As for Kiruto-kun…it seems like he’s talking with the maid about something.

“We will begin preparations right away, so please wait here. I am the butler of this mansion, Sebas. If you need anything, please feel free to call on me, Hinami-sama.”

“Oh! Thank you very much!”

By the guidance of the butler named Sebas, I was led to a beautiful reception room. Is that the name that came with all butlers after all…? It would have been perfect if there was a ‘tian’ at the end (***Sebas and Sebastian seem to be very common name for butlers, like in Black Butler or Overlord).

The name Sebas makes you think that he’s old, but believe it or not, this butler is an ikemen…! His slightly transparent sky blue hair, reaching a little longer than his shoulders, was tied behind him and he was wearing the butler suit very smartly.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m an otaku or anything, but I felt sure that one doesn’t have to be an otaku to feel excited by a real butler.

I slowly rested my back against the sofa and sipped the black tea Sebas-san served me. Thia-chan and Alfred-san were getting ready, so they weren’t here right now.

“To think that I could ride on a dragon…there really is no telling what might happen in life.”

As I think about it, my heart starts pounding quickly again.

I wonder if I got involved with someone amazing. I was thinking that. Apparently, getting out of a ‘Lost Forest’ is very difficult. But Alfred-sama came a lot quicker than I expected. It might be thanks to the dragon, but even though he looks like the same age as me, he might be someone of great talent…a genius! I wonder. Because, I heard that people other than experienced adventurers can rarely ever step foot into a ‘Lost Forest’.

But still…

I’m glad that Thia-chan and the others were the first people I met in this world.


“I am Thia and Alfred’s father, Clef Melditi. Truly…thank you for helping Thia. I don’t know how I can show my gratitude…”

“Oh no…I didn’t do much of anything, it’s alright.”

As I was led to a large room, an extravagant meal was prepared in front of me.

Thia-chan’s father, Clef-san, was sitting at the head of the table. He kept saying thank you so I started feeling troubled. I mean, all I had done was give them some potions.

“By the way, Hinami-dono is a chemister, correct?”

“Ah, yes…”

“I heard from Thia just a while ago. She was rambunctious as she told me that the potions were delicious.”


Panicking, Thia-chan retorted, “I wasn’t being that noisy!”

I see, she was happy enough to chat ecstatically. In that case, I’m happy too…

By the way, a while ago, Alfred-san told me that I shouldn’t tell others that I can grow medicinal herbs… or so he advised. So I didn’t tell Clef-san and others. Only 3 people, Thia-chan, Alfred-san and Kiruto-kun, know about it.

“Because people can become a chemister without knowing magic, there are quite a lot of people working as chemisters. However, to that extent, there are many low-quality potions out there. The potions made by chemisters who cherish their jobs are effective and do not taste as deathly. That said, I’ve yet to taste a delicious potion.”

“Is that so…?”

“Though I may not appear so, I am a knight. I drink twice the amount of potions compared to normal people.”

A Knight…!!!

I wonder why, but a knight sounds quite nice. I admire knights who protect their princesses.

But, is that so? So delicious potions are rare after all. Then, in return for the meal that was more delicious and extravagant than I expected, I’ll give some more as a gift! It’s called cola! I took out a garnet potion from my backpack and handed it over to Clef-san.

“This is a potion I made. Please try it if you’d like. It’s a carbonated drink, so it’s very delicious!”

“Carbon…? Then, without further ado.”

“Yes, it should feel nice inside the mouth…”

The garnet potion I held out tastes like cola. The fizz doesn’t get reduced, so it’s very delicious. I decided to not mind why the fizz never disappears.

There are two big and small hearts on the bottle. As always, making potions with <Angel’s Sanctuary> makes the bottle look very cute.



Clef-san suddenly choked so Alfred-san hurried ran over to him. Of course Thia-chan and I ran over too. Oh no…I wonder if the fizz was the problem.

“No, I’m fine. I was just surprised at this flavor that I’ve experienced for the first time.”

“First time…?”

Alfred-san took the remaining half bottle of the garnet potion and slowly drank it. Then, his slightly frowning eyebrows straightened and his eyes went wide open as he looked at me.

“Hinami…! What is this!?!”


“It’s a flavor I’m having for the first time…There’s a fizzy taste to it—it’s very delicious…!”

“…I’m glad that you like it.”

Looks like they liked it, that’s a relief.

Clef-san too seemed to like it, as he was nodding his head next to Alfred-san. Seeing that, Thia-chan protested, “Unfair!” but Alfred-san replied with, “But you drank the mana potion,” so she couldn’t rebut.

By the way, I learned that potions are called by abbreviated names. Well, calling all of them by their long names is indeed tiring.

Basically, the health restorative potions are simply called ‘potions’ and refer to high potions. The reason being is that potions are expensive, so high potions are the most commonly used. Other potions are  called with other shortened names:

High potion (health restorative) = ‘Potion’
Garnet potion (scarlet restorative) = ‘Garnet’
Mana potion (magic restorative) = ‘Mana’
Marine potion (deep sea restorative) = ‘Marine’

Or so they are called.

“Right, Hinami! Instead of selling those to an equipment store, can you sell your potions here?”

“Ohh, that is a great idea. I’d like to request that.”

“Eh? Well, yes, I’m fine with that.”

Moved by the cola flavor, Clef-san and Alfred-san’s excitment rose greatly…! Perhaps it’s normal for Thia-chan, as she was drinking her tea without getting fazed.

Because I don’t know anything about the pricing, I’ll just leave that to them. I’m sure it won’t be bad…Yeah.

“Oh! Thank you. How many do you have?”

“Hmm…20 potions and 30 garnets, and 30 manas.”

“Oh, may I buy all of them?”

“Please, go ahead.”

The potion bottles are a little smaller than palm-size, so I filled in as many as I could in my backpack. Oh, but the mana potions Thia-chan had were slightly bigger. I wonder if the amount is proportionate to the size of the bottle.

“It’s small, so it’s easy to carry. Is the quality good, Hinami-dono?”

“The quality…I don’t think it should be bad.”

“It’s the highest grade! It’s better than the mana potions I always carry around.”

“Thia! Is that so?”

“Yes. When I was out of magic power from using magic, Hinami-san’s mana potion fully restored it.” 

As I was a bit anxious from Clef-san’s question about the quality, Thia-chan gave me some help just in time. Well, it shouldn’t be bad? Was what I was thinking? But hearing that it was the highest grade made me feel shy…! Surprised at Thia-chan’s words, Clef-san held a mana in his hand was staring at it.

“By the way, father? If I drink the mana I usually have…only half of my magic power is restored.”

“What…? That is amazing…”

Magic power…does that mean the MP shown on the status screen? It makes sense. Then does that mean my mana potions restore twice as much as the normal ones? Then that does feel quite amazing…!

“Well. You’re still young, yet you have such great talent…Hinami-dono, are you around the same age as Thia?”

“Um…I’m 15.”


Clef-san asked my age very casually while praising me. When I honestly told them that I was 15, everyone raised their voices in surprise. I wonder why…? I wonder if I looked younger because I’m Japanese? The atmosphere felt strange, so the three of them apologized.

By the way, Thia-chan is 11. And Alfred-san is a year older than me. When I showed my surprise at that, he got mad and exclaimed, “I’ll grow up soon!”

“Oh, sorry about that.”


“Anyway, why don’t we decide on the prices of the potions? The highest price at market rates is…700 Rill each for the potions, 1,100 Rill each for the garnets and 1,800 Rill each for the manas. Does that sound okay?”

“Hmm…yes, that’s fine. Actually, aren’t those prices a bit high?”

“No? Considering the effectiveness of Hinami-dono’s potions, it’s so cheap that I feel sorry. Is that really alright with you?”

“Yes, I don’t have any problems…”

I was actually worried because the prices were higher than I expected.

High potions: 20 x 700 = 14,000 Rill
Garnet potions: 30 x 1,100 = 33,000 Rill
Mana potions: 30 x 1,800 = 54,000 Rill

Total = 101,000 Rill

Wait, isn’t that equal to the living expenses for 2 months…10 gold coins?!

I mean, in games, the MP recovery system is expensive…amazing, the price is more than double.

Immediately after, the butler Sebas-san appeared with a tray holding 10 gold coins and 1 silver coin. I received those and placed them in the pocket of my rucksack.

After that, when I thanked him for the purchase, I was asked to spend the night here, so I felt happy at the kindness as I had nowhere else to go.

We had a nice time chatting over tea. Also, Clef-san did not ask about my personal history or anything like that. Perhaps Alfred-san had been considerate for me.

The room I was led to was so dazzling, decorated with beautiful furniture, and it was a calm-feeling room. It was like a noble’s room…Ah, they were nobles after all.

I learned this during our chats, but House Melditi is a Count family. They really were amazing people…!

I felt like I was still dreaming, so today’s entry in the exchange diary ended up being 3 times longer than usual.


T/N: Here is a picture of the dragon that I took from the manga. His name is Schtrein!


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