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Chapter 23: Door of the Miniature Garden part 3

After I returned to my room, I started to tremble with excitement at the thought of what we would be doing in town.

Ikuru had said, “Hinami-sama, you can do anything you want. I am fine with anything.”

Even though I am technically an adult, it seems like I have been depending in Ikuru too much. He seems way more mature than me.

“But, I’d be the store manager, right?”

No way! A store manager!!

It’s going to be a shop where the potions I make are arranged cutely. It’s also a plus that the bottles that contain the potions are cute in appearance.

After that, I’ll make a space in the shop to have tea and drinks! I’ll serve it with cake bought from a famous coffee shop in town. It will be a place where one can sit down and chat over tea.

Ah, my dream is expanding!

“Oh! I also have to decide the name of the shop!”

Hmm… Let’s see. A cute name would be good. How about a name of a dessert? Oh, maybe we should use the name “Marshmallow”!

Oh wait, but there are no marshmallows in this world…so wouldn’t that be too weird?

Then what else would be good? We’d mainly be selling potions, so maybe chemister shop, potion coffee shop, pharmacy…none of those names are cute at all!

Let’s ask God tonight and Ikuru tomorrow about it.


I did a lot of new things today!

The magical mangrove that was exchanged with points is super amazing! The princess fruit I ate was also extremely tasty.

The princess potion tastes just like carbonated water, but when you add in the fruit, it tastes very delicious. Drinking it made me feel so happy.

I want god to taste it too.

Once the door of the miniature garden is installed, I would like to open up a shop in town. If I think about it…it’s super convenient, isn’t it?

I will do my best while saving money and thinking about the future!

Because of that, I would like to consult with god. I have not decided on a name for the store yet. Although, I have only just started thinking about it today. If you have any recommendations for names, please tell me. I think that I have no naming sense…

I’m still a little scared but…I will try and raise my level once I’m more calm.

I don’t think I’d be able to go where the goddess lives if I’m only level one.

I will do my best!

But since I have not saved up enough points, there’s still a bit of time until then.



I close the exchange diary and lie down on the bed. We have been using the exchange diary for about two years already.

A long, yet short two years.

I wonder if I was useful to god at all during these past two years? In the first place, it seems like a dream that I can be useful to god.

I can feel the drowsiness getting to me because I just took a bath awhile ago. My body is super warm which is making me sleepy.

That reminds me…I wonder if I should extend the bathroom if Ikuru likes it so much. I thought about that as I fell asleep.


Chirp Chirp!

As always the birds wake me up in the morning. I’m still a little sleepy, but I’ll worry Ikuru if I don’t get up.

I take one big yawn as I do a big stretch. I’ll do my best today as well.

As I remove clothes from the drawers, I noticed new clothes in there as well. It seems that God has added some more.

“This is…shorts and an adorable cat-patterned hoodie! This is the first time I’ve worn clothes like this that are so easy to move in!”

I put on the clothes right away. I’m wearing a t-shirt underneath my hoodie, and the socks that I’m wearing also have the same pattern.

The clothes are cute and easy to move in…they are indeed from God. Even though there are no frills, it’s still a super cute design!

“Well, I should check the diary.”


[Exchange diary] = 3 points

[Current points: 25,019]

[Potted plant: Small]  1

[Potted plant: Medium] 10

[Potted plant: Large] 20

[Vegetable seeds set] 10

[Fruit seeds set] 10

[Herb seeds set] 10

[Wheat seeds] 50

[Rice seeds] 100

[Brick : x1] 5

[Fountain] 1,500

[Terrace Seating Set] 3,000

[Magic Mangrove] 10,000

[Bottles: x100] 3

[Room] 50

[Bath – Extension] 5,000

[Hinami’s Room – Extension] 2,000

[Ikuru’s Room – Extension] 2,000

[Rooftop – Extension] 10,000

[Basement – Extension] 30,000

[Compounding room – Extension] 15,000

[Door of the miniature garden] 50,000

New! [Hina adventure set] 500


Good morning, Hina.

Thank you for writing every day. But please don’t overwork yourself to point of getting sick, okay?

There are a lot of tasty fruits in Letisreel including the princess fruit.

It’s different from Japan because the fruit tastes much more delicious raw than cooked. On the other hand, Japan has more developed seasonings and cooking methods.

Please try and find some delicious foods.

And a shop, is it?

The shop will surely become popular quite fast because of Hina’s potions. I also want to go buy some.

The name of the store…rather than have me decide, shouldn’t Hina choose it? It would be better if you came up with it instead. You should keep thinking about it until you find the perfect name. Once you find the name, you will say, ‘this is it!’

The shop will definitely be cute since it is Hina’s store, so do your best!

Also, I think that Marshmallow is a cute name.

Oh, that’s right.

I added an adventure set to the point exchange list.

If you plan on leveling up, take it with you. I’m sure that it definitely contains something that will be useful.


Adventure set!

Furthermore, it’s exclusively for me. Well, I’m not going to go leveling up just yet so I’ll wait to exchange it.

But, thank you, God!

I’m very happy with the his thoughtfulness.

“Okay, I will do my best today too!”

I walk down the stairs into the living room. Then I smell something delicious in the air, it seems that Ikuru has prepared breakfast.

“But Ikuru isn’t here…”

Is he the garden?

“Hmm, he’s not in the garden?”

Where is he?

Ikuru’s breakfast is still there, so he hasn’t eaten yet. Maybe he went out into the forest…but that seems unlikely.

Just then, I noticed some noises coming from the basement. Is Ikuru in the basement?


As I went down the stairs calling out his name, I heard Ikuru say, “what?”.

Why are you in the basement?

“What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? I’m organizing.”

Ikuru is rearranging the basement which is filled with potions everywhere you look. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it was extremely disorganized, but when I see how Ikuru has organized it, it gives off a refreshing feeling.

The potions were divided by type, and the seasonings were grouped together.

“I couldn’t put anything else in here, but there’s actually an amazing amount of space in here!”

“If you put your items away carefully, you should normally have this much space.”

“Sorry, thank you!”

About one-third of the basement is left after reorganization. It’s only potions, but if there are thousands of them, even a large basement can get filled.

Ikuru had actually managed to make some more space—he’s amazing! If I had done it…I would have gotten too frustrated.

“If you do not organize it, when you try to sell them, it will be troublesome. For now, shall we have breakfast?”

“Yes, let’s.”

I felt bad because all I was doing was thinking o the name of the store while Ikuru was being much more productive.

Oh! Maybe I should name the store, “Ikuru’s Shop!”…Wait no…I’m sure that he would be furious with that name.

“What is it this time?”

“Hmm, I was thinking of a name for the store.”

“Well, that’s certainly a necessary thing.”

“Do you have any good name ideas?”

I have to admit defeat on names because I’m terrible at thinking of them. Ikuru seemed to be thinking about it, and I heard a small “hmm…” coming from him.

As I am drinking soup, I think about the names I had come up with and regret thinking of them.

“By the way what did Hinami come up with?”

“…Ikuru’s store, pharmacy shop, marshmallow…things like that.”


Ah, Ikuru made an amazed face before going back to being expressionless.

“How about using Hinami’s name and calling it ‘Hinami’s miniature garden?’”

Huh, wait? Did he just pretend to not hear me? I told Ikuru all of my name suggestions and he didn’t say anything about them. Well…I guess that’s good because I know that I have no naming sense…

“That’s cute, but it’s embarrassing to use my name…”

“Really? It’s quite common for merchants to use their own names as the store name.”


Now that he says that, it’s certainly true that even in Japan people would name their companies and stores after their own names. Is everyone’s self-assertiveness just strong? If one does not have strong self-assertiveness, then they cannot survive in the business world where it’s survival of the fittest, right?  

But…to use one’s name?

Or is it because I’m just small? But if we are going to use ‘miniature garden’ then it should be in English. If I use my name this way though it makes it seem like I’m miniature sized!

“Does that mean that I’m small?”

“Yes, that’s exactly right.”


“Isn’t being small and cute a good thing?”



“I thought that it would give off the feeling that it’s a cute store.”

“Oh, that’s right!”

“Then it’s decided.”


I thought he was telling me that I was cute, but he was talking about the store name!

I got caught up in the moment. It was my misunderstanding…how embarrassing.

But I was excited that the name has been decided. Well, the name gives off a cute atmosphere so it’s good!

Alright, ‘Hinami’s Miniature Garden’ it is!


Now then.

Ikuru is in the forest looking for the Kukuri tree, and I am, of course, house-sitting.

In the first place, we need the door of the miniature garden to open up the store. But for that to happen, I need to earn 25,000 more points.

“Let’s play today Maro!”


Maro jumped up and down on the princess tree so that the fruits and flowers came down. I would then cast <Angel’s Sanctuary> to make the princess potions. Each potion gave me 5 points, so I should be able to earn a lot of them.

I can earn many points all at once in this way.

Ufufu, doing this makes me feel more like a working adult.

“<Angel’s Sanctuary>”


“<Angel’s Sanctuary>”


“<Angel’s Sanctuary>”


“<Angel’s Sanctuary>”


“Haa haa~…”


“As expected, I got tired.”


I wonder if Maro has unlimited energy?

I ran out of power after using <Angel’s Sanctuary> several times. It seems like there is no problem using the skill itself, but carrying the bottles to the basement each time is the problem!

“Let’s take a small break Maro~”


I plop down on the grass, and it was so fluffy that it felt like it caught me. Maro also laid down on the grass right next to me. He looks very happy.

The wind gently blew and caresses both me and Maro. My tired body felt completely healed by that wind. I was pretty sweaty, so the wind was super comfortable!


“What’s wrong Maro?”

“Mimi Mimimii!!”


Oh is he using magic!?

Maro sounds different than he usually does. It’s like he’s excited.

However, this seems different from the last time he used magic. Maro was not as excited the last time he used magic.

So…what’s making Maro so excited?



It looks like Maro got super excited by looking up at the sky. I should look around more, but I have no time  to reflect on that right now.



When I look up at the sky, I see…a dragon…!? I also heard a nostalgic voice.

Although when I look up, I can only see the dragon, but I definitely heard a voice. Because that voice was the first voice I heard in this world other than my own.


I stand up vigorously and call out her name loudly.


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