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Chapter 21: Door of the Miniature Garden part 1

Sitting down at the table in the living room, I was drinking my black tea/mana potion while elegantly turning the pages of the book.

Ikuru was sitting down on the chair across from me, looking at the pages of the book as I flip through.

I noticed that Ikuru seems to like black tea. So I started to drinking black tea more often. Oh, but this tea is not sweet enough, Ikuru likes to drink it straight, but I like sweet tea better.

“Method of making potions…how to make high recovery potions…All of this is written in this book.”

“I see…”



Poison grass – snake scales – water – bottle

<Poison antidote>

Kukuri fruit – magical water – bottle

<Paralysis drug>

Paralytic grass – wolf’s fangs – water – bottle

<Paralysis antidote>

Kukuri flowers – magical water – bottle

<Sleeping drug>

Sleeping grass – butterfly wings – water – bottle

<Sleeping antidote>

Kukuri leaves – magical water – bottle

<Princess’ Divine Protection medicine>

Princess fruit – princess flower – magical water – bottle

<Prince’s Divine Protection medicine>

Prince fruit – prince flower – water – bottle

<Rose recovery potion>

Rose grass – white grass – prince fruit – magical water – bottle

<Iris recovery potion>

Iris colored grass – princess flower – magical stone – bottle


“There are some materials here that I don’t know…”

I was bothered by the fact that I could make poison along with antidotes…how should I say it? I’m kind of scared.

Oh, for the time being, the ‘Princess Tree’ is the tree in the magical mangrove, right? Then it seems like I can make a <Princess’ Divine Protection> potion. However, the princess tree in my garden doesn’t have any fruit or flowers…I wonder if I can make them bloom with <Angel’s Sanctuary>…?

When I glanced at Ikuru, he was reading more seriously than I was. Long eyelashes and flowing hair. Hmm…I admire it. I’m an ordinary girl…but well, I want to be a beautiful woman! That’s not to say that I’m not, but I long for it a little bit.

“Hmm…poisonous plants grow in the Lost Forest, so we should be able to find them, but it will be dangerous if we don’t have an antidote.”

“Oh! There are poisonous plants?”

“Yes. There is a poisonous plants that grows in the Lost Forest and in medium/large-sized forests. I am not sure if they will grow in this shallow forest.”

I see…! That was good information.

It seems necessary to get Kukuri fruit for the antidotes right? The name is kind of cute…According to the picture in this book, the upper part of it is yellow, and the bottom part is orange.

It seems to be pretty special, so I wonder if there is any growing here…?

“Kukuri trees rarely grow in shallow forests, but I wonder about this area?”

“Are they a group of trees?”

“Yes, the height is around my waist…It’s not that big especially since there are no particular habitat restrictions. I’ll go into the forest to look for it.”


“It’s okay, you don’t have to loo like that that because there are no strong monsters. There only small monsters here.”

Oh, that’s right…Ikuru is strong.

I know that he is strong, but monsters are scary after all.

“Um, well, please don’t overstrain yourself?”

“I understand. Hinami-sama should just sit and drink tea while waiting.”

I nod at Ikuru’s words and remind him “Please don’t overdo it!”

I dislike it when people get hurt from sickness or injuries.

“…I’m going to check the forest. I should be back in about an hour.”

“Eh! You’re going already?”

“It’s just right there. Well, it is a Lost Forest, so can I have a potion just in case?”

“You can have all of them!”

“I think that would be too many. I will just take what is needed.”

“Okay, take a lot.”

Ikuru goes into the basement and returns with a recovery potion, and just like, that he leaves for the forest after saying “I’m off.”

I went out to the garden to make more potions until Ikuru returned.

“Oh…if I have the fruit and flowers of the “Princess tree” I can make a Princess potion.” Chapter 1 of “Miniature Garden Chemister Part 1”

As I am gently stroking the princess tree that grows in the mangrove, I observe it. Hmm…there are many leaves, but I have yet to see any flowers bloom. So what kind of flower will bloom?…I wonder if beautiful or cute flowers will bloom?

“I’m sure that lovely flowers will bloom because it’s a princess tree. <Angel’s Sanctuary>.”

Immediately, the branches of the princess tree started to shake and then…the flowers bloomed.

It felt like a miracle had happened, as if an angel had descended. The flowers that bloomed were beautiful, and were white and pink in color. In the center of the flower, a crown was imitated, and the leaf that was sticking out under the flower fluttered, making it look like it a dress.

The flower really does look like…a princess.

“Oh, I need to pick it…! And I need the fruit.”

What should I do? Should I use my skill and pick it? Or would it better to use the skill again after a flower is picked?

“No let’s just do it this way! <Angel’s Sanctuary>!”

My voice echoed between the trees and reached the flowers of the princess tree.

Then, a fruit grew under the flower.


I gently pick up the flower like a jewel, and take a good look at it. Why are they sparkling so much…? Oh! It’s sparkling because it is reflecting the light. The fruit of the flower looks like a decoration that a princess would use.

Can I eat this…? It looks delicious…no, I should put up with it here. If it was poisonous…but Ikuru didn’t say it poisonous, and it can also be used in recovery potions in the princess’s divine protection medicine…so there should be no problem.

I wonder if I’m just curious or something else…?

No, it’s no good. Let’s just eat it together once Ikuru comes back.

“Ikuru is working hard, so I have to work hard to earn points!”

But…what should I do?

The princess tree is about three meters tall (~10 feet). There are some fruits at the base, but there are many fruits in places that I can’t reach. And of course some flowers too.

It’s slow, but I can use my skill to pick up the fruits and flowers at the bottom. But there’s no ladder…Hmm. For now, let’s request God for a ladder through the exchange diary later.



“The fruits fell…?”

The princess fruits have fallen near my feet. Along with a flower. Did they fall off naturally…? When looking up, I understood the cause.



“Did you drop the fruits for me? Thank you!”


Amazing! I didn’t know that rabbits were so good at climbing trees!

Maro, the snow rabbit, walks across the branches of the tree and shakes the branches, causing the fruits to fall. Flowers are also falling, so it’s killing two birds with one stone. It is indeed a magical mangrove.

A considerable number of fruits have fallen into the river, so do I now have to carry them? My thought start to move towards the fallen fruit.

For the time being, I have to bring some bottles. However it is difficult to bring bottles all by myself. So I decided to get the exchange diary here and prepare some bottles here.


[ Bottle x 100 ] 3 x 5 = 15 points used

[ Total : 15 points used ]

[ Current points : 20,031 ]


“Yes, this is good!”

The bottles are put next to the magical mangrove, and the magical water is flowing like water from a river. In the water, there are plenty of princess fruits and flowers that Maro dropped. It looks like there are about 30…? For now, I’ll make the princess potions.

“I don’t know the effect of the princess potions though…but I think it might increase magical power…and mana? It was probably written in the book, but I only saw the materials…Let’s take a look later…For now…please become a wonderful potion <Angel’s Sanctuary>!”

As they shine in response to my voice, the potions are made as usual at my feet. I have already gotten used to it, I am continuously making potions.

“Are those the princess potions…300 potions?”

There are three bags with 100 bottles each at my feet. Three bags of bottles changed into princess potions. There were 30 flowers and fruits, so I could make 10 potions with each fruit and flower?

But…it is still a subtle quantity, and I can only make 10 princess potions with one fruit and flower. I thought I would be able to make more potions with this amount.

While I still have the chance and am lucky, I will make a lot of princess potions…I’ll do my best to surprise Ikuru!

“<Angel’s Sanctuary>!”

I use the skill on the princess tree once again, and Maro knocks down the fruits and flowers that grow on the tree to me.

Yes, Maro and I have good teamwork! Our compatibility is perfect! By the way, when I was playing games with Hana, I couldn’t really work well with her…but that must have been because Hana was not that good at the games…right? In the end, Hana was devoted to following me…! But it’s not like I wanted to be entertaining!

“No, it’s fine, never mind. <Angel’s Sanctuary>.”

I exchanged points and bottles several times while making the potions silently with Maro. I must have been working with great concentration. I kept making potions nonstop until Ikuru called out to me.

When I looked near my feet, I saw that it was overflowing with bags of potions. I can’t even count how many…scary. Oh, but the princess potion bottles have a more rounded shape than the others. It’s a cute bottle with a picture of a crown.

“I’m amazed…what did you do?”

“Well, haha…”

I finally received his amazed face…and also his amazed words too…! I thought that wasn’t even possible!

“I spaced out…”

“Well that’s ok, but…is your body okay with using that skill so much?”


My body…I never even thought about that!

But there was nothing unusual about my body…so yeah, it’s okay. It’s a bit embarrassing to be worried about. I told Ikuru that I was okay, and turned around showing that I was fine

“It seems like this is a princess potion. There are1, 2, 3…10 bags of potions…so 1000 potions?”

“Ah…it looks like it…!”

Ikuru steadily counted the number of bags unlike me who was strongly escaped reality…


[Bottle x100] 3x 5 = 15 points.

[Points used : 21 ]

[Magical Formulation : Special] 5 x 1000= 5000 points added.

[Total added:  5000 points.]

[Current Points: 25,016]


“At this pace…I can get the door of the miniature garden soon! Don’t you think?”

“Certainly. Well, it’s good since it’s super convenient.”

I noticed that Ikuru is holding something…is that a poisonous grass or a kukuri plant?

Ikuru noticed me looking and said “I found it properly” as I receive the bag.

The leaf…it’s swirling around the vertical rolls and seem to be the “poisonous grass” containing ordinary leaves at the base! Although beautiful, the poisonous parts are a beautiful yellow-green color.

There were only about 20 poisonous grasses in the bag.

“I could not find the Kukuri tree, but there were quite a bit of poisonous plants growing…I picked these for the time being. As long as we don’t eat it by mistake, we are OK.”

“Thank you very much Ikuru. But what are we going to do with the poison? It’s dangerous.”

“Well, since it’s poison…assassination?”


“It’s just a joke. Besides, this poison is too very effective on humans, so will not kill a person. However, the poison has an immediate effect on monsters, so it’s often applied onto swords and arrows. If Hinami-sama wants to level up, you can apply poison onto a sword and hit a monster with it. If using on a bow…well, that might be too dangerous for you.”

“Oooh…so you defeat them this way too!”

There was a bow that was given to me, but it seemed to be too dangerous. The contents seemed to be more for adults for the time being!

But…leveling up? It’s true that I live in a forest, and it increases my anxiety that I’m only level 1. Besides, if I go to meet the goddess, I’ll have to leave this forest to go to a more dangerous place. As expected, shouldn’t I work to level myself up?

Anyways, in the meantime, Ikuru and I did the tedious work of moving the princess potions to the basement.


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