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Chapter 18: Hinami and Ikuru part 6

The next day, I remembered the previous day’s events while opening up the exchange diary. 

Ikuru came to my house along with the snow rabbit.

My life has become livelier compared to before when plants were dying because I over watered them. I’m happy but am very confused that it might be too much. This is…probably a luxurious problem.


I unintentionally laughed when I recalled Ikuru’s reaction when he saw the bath. It might be the first time I laughed so unintentionally since coming to this world.

“What the—this bath is amazing…! Can I use it everyday?”

“Of course”


I remembered such a conversation.

Apparently Ikuru loves taking baths. Yeah, quite the slender ikemen. It was not the usual frowning face. Instead his eyes were shining. I hope that I can gradually grow closer to him this way.

Well, I need to look at the exchange diary. I had asked God how much I could tell Ikuru. It’s not good to talk without permission, after all.


[Exchange diary] = 3 points added

[Current Points : 30,146]

[Potted plant: Small]  1

[Potted plant: Medium] 10

[Potted plant: Large] 20

[Vegetable seeds set] 10

[Fruit seeds set] 10

[Herb seeds set] 10

[Wheat seeds] 50

[Rice seeds] 100

[Brick : x1] 5

[Fountain] 1,500

New! [ Magic Mangrove] 10,000

[Bottles: x100] 3

[Room] 50

[Bath – Extension] 5,000

[Hinami’s Room – Extension] 2,000

[Ikuru’s Room – Extension] 2,000

[Rooftop – Extension] 10,000

[Basement – Extension] 30,000

[Compounding room – Extension] 15,000

[Door of the miniature garden] 50,000


Good morning Hina,

It seems like you slept properly by locking your door so I’m relieved~!

Oh yeah, about the explanation to Ikuru.

I don’t mind letting him know depending on Hina’s judgement.

You can talk about me, the god, and I do not mind if you blur things out in a nice way. Of course, it’s okay to talk about the points.

But just don’t talk about it everyone, okay? If a rumor spreads that Hina can do all of these things…you will be targeted.

So…Hina, I think it’s okay to tell everything to anyone you trust.



It seems like the decision is left to me.

Is Ikuru a person I can trust…? I think it’s possible. But is it bad to tell him everything? I’ve only known him for a small amount of time. Is it fine for me to tell him slowly?

For the time being, let’s think about today’s schedule:

Step 1: Explain about the house to Ikuru.

Step 2: Make potions to earn points.

Step 3: Play with the snow rabbit.

Also, a new item was added to the point exchange. What is a Magical Mangrove? Mangrove is…a tree on water, like in Okinawa, right? Is that it? I have a lot of points but…10,000 points is still a lot. Then again, I want to start going into town and I also need to save points for the door of the miniature garden…but I am still interested.

“…No! I can just accumulate the points again! I want a magical mangrove!!”


[Magical Mangrove] = 10,000 points used

[Total : 10,000 points used]

[Current points: 20,146]


This is fine!

A “Mangrove” is it’s name, so it must have been formed in the garden…probably.

For now, I take clothes out of the closet. Today, I will play with the snow rabbit and will be making a lot of recovery potions, so I will wear clothes that are easy to move in.

The skirt has culottes, with a soft orange ribbon in the back. Since I am going outside, I should also take a hat.

“Oh, good morning Ikuru.”

“Good morning Hinami-sama”

As I went down into the living room, Ikuru welcomed me.


His hair is slightly wet. Did he take a bath?

I started to laugh as I thought about that.

“…What are you laughing at?”

“Hmm, I’ll make breakfast.”

“I already made soup, bread, and sunny-side up eggs.”

“Thank you very much!”

It’s a dream come true that breakfast was ready when I got up! Ikuru would make a good bride wouldn’t he? I can’t lose…! I’ll get up early and surprise Ikuru with breakfast tomorrow!

“This breakfast combination, after all!”

“Well, I think that it’s common. But there seems to be rice used in some regions.”

“Rice is good for breakfast!”

“Did you come from a region that often eats rice?”

“Well…we ate both rice and bread, but rice was eaten more often.”


The soup that Ikuru made was delicious just like yesterday’s. Yesterday’s soup had a lot of vegetables, while today’s is tomato soup. Tomato soup is so tasty…!

I remember in Japan, I used to cut a lot of vegetables for consomme soup…No, I shouldn’t cut corners. Consomme soup is delicious.

After we ate everything, we cleaned and put away the tableware.

“Before explaining about the house, I will play with the snow rabbit!”

“Okay, I don’t mind.”

The rabbit is energetic in the garden. As I opened the door to the garden, I stopped.

Ikuru and I noticed the mutation in the garden immediately.


“Magical mangrove…!”

““Eh!?”” we both shouted.

Our voices had overlapped perfectly.

But Ikuru had called it a ‘magical mangrove,’ so it really does exist in this world.

To the left of the garden, there are six trees about 3 meters each. They were growing, and water was overflowing from the roots. Spring water…I guess. It flowed a little like a river for about 2 meters and was sucked into the root of a tree at the back.

…What a mysterious phenomenon. In other words, spring water was flowing from the root of five trees, and it made a river about 2 meters. There is also a tree at the end of the small river which absorbs the water, and the river ends.

It does indeed seem to be a mini mangrove.

“Does Ikuru know what this is?”

“This is a ‘magical mangrove’ and the water that come from this tree…the ’princess tree,’ produces magical water. By the way, a stone that is touched by this water can become a magic stone, although it’s rare.”

“Princess tree…?”

“Yes. Although, this should only be found in deep forests and mountains…”


Ikuru’s eye felt like they were complaining to me, saying “What is this?”

“Well…how should I explain this?”

“You can tell me when you’re ready, until then I will not ask.”

“I understand…I will summarize it today!”

“I don’t expect an explanation, but I’ll be waiting.”

Ikuru is kind.

Maybe it’s because I made a contract, but what is this atmosphere? The tone is quite negligent, but it’s not an unpleasant feeling at all. Strange.

“Well, for now, this water is magical water.”

“Yes. The princess tree sucks up the water to circulate the magic into it. Then it is returned into the river.”

“Wow…that’s amazing.”

When I crouch down and touch the water, I realize it’s very cold…!

“Ikuru! The water is so cold!”

“Water that has magic becomes cold.”

“Ikuru is a very well-informed person!”

Oh, is this water drinkable?

For Japanese people, that’s it. Because water is dangerous to drink as is, you need to at least boil it! It’s an implicit rule.



…The snow rabbit drank the magical water!

Is it delicious?

“It’s okay to drink it since it’s clean.”


“You want to drink some, right?”

It seems like Ikuru has not overlooked anything.

Because isn’t it interesting?

This is like spring water that can be drunk only in mountains and in a deep forest. Isn’t in only natural that one would want to drink it?

This is such a phenomenon! Or maybe it’s just me.

“… It’s cold and delicious.”


“And it’s slightly…sweet?”

“Ah…clean magical water is sweet. A magical mangrove is an indication of magical water.”

As expected, this is indeed the magical mangrove that I had gotten from god’s point exchange. The performance seems to be perfect.

The snow rabbit and I were drinking the delicious water, and thought it felt like everything had happened so quickly, it was so good! Ikuru was drinking the water on the side, and was also surprised by the sweetness.

“Nevertheless, you don’t often see natural magical water.”


“Yes. There is artificial magical water made using magic stones while the princess tree produces natural magical water. Of course, the natural magical water is overwhelmingly better in quality.”

“I see…! Does that mean I can make magical water with the magic stone that I bought from the city?”

“Yes, but it isn’t necessary for you.”

Certainly, I also think that and nod.

There is so much natural magical water, that it is not necessary to produce it that way. From today onwards, I will try making marine potions.

<Marine potion>

Ingredients: Blue grass, magic stone powder, magical water and a bottle.


“I need magic stone powder!”


“I would like to make a marine potion, but I don’t have enough magic stone powder, and …”

“Well, normally that’s made by scraping magic stones into powder…but I think you can substitute the powder for sand from the magical mangrove.”

“What, is that so?”

As I grabbed the sand with amazement, Ikuru nods once.

I see, I see…

“It’s amazing! The magic grove!”

“It’s a magical mangrove.”

“Ah, yes…”

Ikuru had corrected my abbreviation immediately, so it was short lived.

For now, I need to make potions to save up for the door of the miniature garden. Then everything will be done faster!

“Ikuru! Please help me make potions!”.

“Ok, I understand.”

I brought the big pot that was near the wall and handed it to Ikuru. Then I got the blue grass that was picked yesterday and planted them carefully in the garden. It seemed convenient, so I planted them immediately next to the magic grove…magical mangrove.

Ikuru with the pot seems to have a question mark above his head, but I do not mind. The skill <Angel’s Sanctuary> can’t be helped if it needs to be hidden. It is also the center of my life.

“Are you planting these to make marine potions?”

“ A lot will be made! Ikuru I need you to help pick the grass.”


“I’m sure that you will grow well with the magical water from the magical mangrove. You will all grow up big right…? <Angel’s Sanctuary>!”


At my voice, the single blue grass herb I planted had increased to several dozen or more around the magical mangrove. Yes, I had improved a lot.

<Angel’s Sanctuary>, had different effects depending on the image I had while chanting. 

Somehow <Angel’s Sanctuary> can accelerate plant growth slightly just by muttering. However, if you imagine flowers blooming or sing while speaking, it will have more dramatic results.

“Wait…what’s that?”

“Hehe, it’s one of the few skills I can use.”


“Yes. For now though, let’s pick up the grass!”

Ikuru started to pick up blue grasses and I once again usef <Angel’s Sanctuary>. The blue grassers bloomed. Then I used <Angel’s Sanctuary> a few more times. While I was chanting and looking around, the whole surface was dyed blue.

“Oh, I increased it too much!”

“A pot is plenty enough…”

Ikuru’s stunned muttering was heard.

Or rather, Ikuru was surprised at first, but he wasn’t as  shocked anymore and had a self-paced, amazed face…! I wonder if he’s getting used to it. He is an adult after all.

Anyways, I needed a bottles to make potions. There should be thousands of bottles in the basement.

“Because the bottles are in the basement, I will get some and make the potions here.”


This is good.

Ikuru has three bags containing 100 bottles, while I have one bag. So we brought a total of 400 bottles.

I firmly place them right next to the blue grasses and the magical mangrove. The ingredients used will be this bottle, the picked blue grass, the magical water of the magical mangrove, and a magic stone. It’s amazing that the soil used for the water can be a substitute.

“<Angel’s Sanctuary>”

Really…It is indeed a versatile skill.

With only one use of this skill, roughly half of the bottles were filled.

I had managed to make marine potions. As I looked at the pot, I saw that all of the blue grass was gone. As for the magical mangrove, there was no change to it after using the skill…it should have been decreasing, but it wasn’t. How scary.

The blue grass is picked with Ikuru again.

Then more marine potions are made. While repeating work without a thought, I began to feel hungry.

Perhaps it’s a good time to stop…?

When I looked at Ikuru, I saw that he had an amazed expression.

“You have been here for about three hours already.”


It seems that time had passed faster than I had expected.

I saw an endless number of marine potions spread out all around Ikuru. The number is…yes, I can’t even count them.

……I overdid it.


T/N: This picture is from the manga!


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