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Chapter 13: Hinami and Ikuru part 1

Morning came and I woke up to the sound of knocking.

I liked how the sound gently echoed throughout the room, so I shut my eyes again and was about to throw myself back into dreamland…until I heard Ikuru’s voice.

“Hinami-sama, if we don’t have breakfast soon, we’ll be late.”

“Uuah—Okay, I’ll be up soon! Wait in the room.”

“Oh, yes.”

Right. I was too used to being alone, that I forgot I had started living with Ikuru yesterday…! I’m not alone anymore. It makes me feel nervous for some reason.

Also, yesterday, while I was thinking of taking a bath…there wasn’t any! Indeed, I could see why Thia-chan was surprised at the bath in my house. By the way, I had washed my body by getting hot water from the lady at the front, and wiping my body with it.

I told Ikuru that I’d get ready and stretched to warm up my stiff body. Then I opened the exchange diary I had placed by my bedside.

Yesterday, the absurd entry of ‘[Extinction of the curse] 1,000,000,000’ was added. I wonder what it is, and I wonder if I have to get rid of the ‘curse.’ Of course, I would want to do it if I could, but honestly, it’s not something that a little girl like me can do. So…I asked god through the exchange diary. “Is it even possible for me to annihilate the ‘curse’?”


Hina, there will punishment later, okay?



For the time being, I tried to check the reply about the ‘curse’ and on curse-slaves. No, there was nothing…! Instead…punishment…?

I wonder…did I make him angry…?

What should I do? It’s scary. I’m not scared of punishment, but I’m scared that I made him angry. But I don’t even know the reason why…Is it because I formed a curse-slave contract…? It’s different from the slaves I knew about, but maybe I shouldn’t have after all…!?

What…What should I do…?

“God…I, I…”

I don’t want to be hated by god…!

I clutched the exchange diary tightly and curled up on the bed. Shaking from fear, I had tears forming at the edges of my eyes.

“That’s right…! First, a response…!”

I have to say something to god…! I don’t know what I want to write, but I have to tell him something!

The moment I opened the diary and picked up a pen to write…large teardrops fell from my eyes.


Hina, there will be punishment later, okay?

…I’m joking! Did I surprise you? Sorry.

Hina made a contract with a male curse-slave so I was teasing you a little bit.

I am a man too, so I do get jealous.

Well, it’s a curse-slave so it can’t be helped…but you can’t be seduced by men other than me, so be careful.

Oh yeah, you also wanted to hear about the curse-slaves.

Also about the new entry of [Extinction of the curse]. This is achieved when the ‘curse’ disappears from everything that has the ‘curse’…a very difficult mission!

In other words, it’s achieved when there are no more curse-slaves nor people with the curse. 

Even if you can’t do it right away, I’m sure Hina can certainly achieve it. It doesn’t matter how you get rid of all the ‘curses’ specifically, so Hina can just do her best.

To be honest, I want to give you more tips…but I can’t spoil you too much, right?


“Ah… Uuh…I was scared…god…!”

So I wasn’t being hated…Ahh, what a relief…!

Tears of relief came out…! I rubbed my eyes and wiped away the tears. Perhaps from the relief, strength had left my body and I fell limp on the bed.


I breathed deeply and calmed myself. Then I realized that I had made Ikuru wait. Oh no…I have to prepare quickly. I quickly took out my clothes from the backpack and put my hands through the blouse. I like the soft knee-length skirt…I know that we’re going to the forest, but I can’t help it that I only have cute clothes. When I changed my clothes and opened the door, I saw Ikuru.

“Wah! Why are you here!? Ah, never mind, good morning, Ikuru.”

“I felt that you should be coming out soon…good morning, Hinami-sama.”

“Then, let’s go have breakfast! I’m hungry.”


For some reason, Ikuru’s gaze stung a bit. Could it be that my eyes are red now…? If so, that’s a little embarrassing. The two of us went downstairs together, heading for the dining hall. Then, on the way, I realized something.

Clothes that Ikuru can change into or things like that—there’s none of those…! Right, I completely forgot about it! If Ikuru weren’t in the same clothes as yesterday, the stupid me wouldn’t have realized it forever. Before I go back home, I’ll buy some necessities for Ikuru… amongst other things.

We arrived at the dining hall at the corner of the 1st floor and Ikuru and I started having breakfast. While eating, I glanced at Ikuru.

His light yellow-green hair was so silky that I almost want to pat it. It was something very enviable as a woman. 

…But how did he take care of his hair before then? Because curse-slaves are sold, maybe he was taken care of…? Hmm, this is complicated. Or, could Ikuru just have that sort of hair? Not needing shampoo…or something? Then I can’t even be envious of that. Also, his eyes are…dark green. Right, I was captivated by these eyes at first. I wonder if this is what one would call a sight for sore eyes.

“…What’s wrong?”

“Ah…sorry, I ended up staring at you.”

“No worries.”

“I was thinking that I should buy clothes for you, Ikuru.”

For a moment, Ikuru made a blank expression.

No way, could it be…?

“Hey Ikuru. I’ve been living alone in the forest, so I don’t really know how curse-slaves are treated…but how are they treated normally?”

“Well…curse-slaves follow their masters’ orders. Basically, eating together is not allowed and there are separate curse-slave rooms for curse-slaves. For clothes…they are sometimes bought, but other things usually aren’t provided.”

“Does everyone do that?”

“No…there are people like Hinami-sama.”

“Ah, I see!”

Hearing that not all owners gave harsh treatment, I felt a little relieved. But I must be a rare kind.

“Mostly, it depends on the usage of the curse-slave. Curse-slaves bought for labour are given the minimal necessities. However, curse-slaves that accompany their masters sometimes wear good clothes at least…or so I hear. Then…sex curse-slaves’ clothes vary greatly depending on the owners’ taste. I hear that there are a lot of clothes for decorating.”

“I see.”

But only having good clothes…I don’t like that.

Hearing these things, I ended up thinking that I just want to live peacefully in the forest. No, but still, living alone is lonely, right?

I put the last piece of bread in my mouth and drank down the glass of milk.

“[Extinction of the curse]…I want to do it.”


My thoughts escaped my mouth. Panicking at Ikuru’s question, I shook my head.

It’d be nice to do it in the end, but it’s impossible for me right now. However, it possible…I’ll become strong and get rid of the ‘curse’! I felt enthusiastic.


“Wow! Look at that! It’s cute!!!”

“Ahh…that’s a ‘Moo.’”

“A Moo…?”

Ikuru and I were at the market.

I bought clothes for Ikuru, but since we’d get dirty in the forest anyway, he was still in the rags he was wearing. By the way, I bought a bag too and am planning on placing the things we’ll buy at the market in the bag. Heavy things are too much for me, but I feel that Ikuru can lift anything…!

“A moo is an animal that produces milk. It’s about 1 meter large and grows to be about 2 meters.”


A cow? Hey, isn’t that a cow? A ‘Moo’ is the cry of a cow, right? It even looks like a cow too.

Nope, I’ve nothing to say. It’s easy to understand, so it’s all good. Yup.

Anyway, getting milk at home would be nice. I want to raise one. But raising a cow would be hard…but this cow…this ‘moo’ was for sale!

I definitely thought it was for selling milk, but there was a price tag on the moo. I was looking at a small moo of about 1 meter in size. The price was 5,000 Rill.

“Eh, it’s cheap…?”

I accidentally blurted that out. I don’t know if it’s cheap, but according to what Ikuru taught me about the market rates of moo, it is on the cheap side. If it’s 5,000 Rill, I want it…Hmm

“Are you thinking about the moo?”


“Fufu. You can get delicious milk from a moo or butcher it for meat. Also, it’s herbivorous and docile. Any grass is fine for food, so it’s easy to raise.”

The merchant lady spoke to me and explained.

I see, it can be used for meat, not just milk. But still…butchering…I’d feel too sorry for it, I can’t do it…! I’d want it for milk…but I think taking it back will be impossible.

“Are you buying?”

“Hmm, I do want it…but I can’t take such a large thing back home.”

“The moo can walk along with you, and the forest we’re going to doesn’t have any strong monsters, so we can take it.”

“Eh! Really!? Then I’m buying it!”

Hearing Ikuru’s words, I immediately decided to buy it.

After paying the lady, I walked in a buoyant feeling with the moo. Very docile, it was calmly walking beside me as I lead it by the rein. Then behind us, Ikuru was following.

“Well, Ikuru! Did we buy enough?”

“Well, isn’t it good?”


The things I bought at the market…I didn’t get much else because I got the moo.

Ikuru’s clothes: 2000 Rill
Moo: 5,000 Rill
Cutlery: 200 Rill

Meat for cooking: 300 Rill
Magic stone: 15,000 Rill

Total: 22,900 Rill

By the way, this magic stone is an ingredient for the marine potions. When I saw it, I almost couldn’t believe it. The merchant taught me that the stone is an ingredient. Ikuru also confirmed that, so I bought it.

I don’t really know how to use it, but this is one step forward.

“Hinami, about getting to the forest…There’s a stagecoach heading that way, so we could ride that or we could walk.”

“We’ll ride!”

“Understood. Ah, come to think of it…do you have any potions? I don’t have any problems with a forest of that difficulty, but just in case you get injured Hinami-sama, you should have one on you.”


I sold everything.

But, since I know only my potions, it might be a good idea to buy other people’s potions! 

Positive thinking is important!

I told Ikuru, “I understand,” and spoke to a nearby merchant who was selling potions.

There was a cloth on the floor with potions scattered above it. Unlike mine, the green liquid was in an oval bottle. As I thought, my potions and the bottles are special.

“Welcome! These are my handmade, super effective potions!”

“Then…I’d like 2 please.”

“Thank you! 500 Rill each…so 1,000 Rill.”

It’s 200 Rill cheaper than the price I sold to Clef-san…!

When I looked at the potions I received, they had a slightly murky green shade. Thia-chan’s comment about potions not tasting good echoed in my head. Then, thinking of the disgusting mana potions, I felt as though I would puke. Urk, no giving up before I even give it a try!…Maybe this one might taste better!

On the way to the stagecoach, I glanced at the potions sold at the market. They all were in oval bottles. Some of them were sold in big cauldrons. It seems like the buyer there use their own bottles and scoop some of it in.

“Ah, Ikuru! That potion costs 300 Rill! Cheap…!”

“Ah…the effect must not be very good. Potion efficacy depends greatly on the chemister’s skill.”

“I see. But truthfully, I don’t really know in detail…”

“Potions can heal external injuries and fill up the HP and MP shown on the status screen. Normally, potions heal wounds and restore 10-1,000 HP, garnet potions heal greater injuries and restore about 1,500-3,000 HP. Mana potions restore 10-500 MP, and marine potions restore 1,000-2,000 MP.”

“Those are some large gaps…”

But, now I see. I didn’t think that the skill of chemister would make that much of a difference.

My HP is 30, and my MP is 45…wait, huh? Does that mean I am much lower than the average of this world…? Because, a potion can restore 1,000 HP, yet I have only 30…Ummm.

Come to think of it, I wonder what Ikuru’s status is…? But asking such things are not nice! The person at the guild said that too, so I’ll endure it.

“Is there a problem?”

“Ah, yeah. I am a chemister, but I don’t know anything about HP or MP.”

“HP are life points. The more there are, the harder it is to die. MP is magic. It is reduced when magic is used…Wait, Hinami-sama, you’re a chemister?”

“That’s right.”

Ikuru was a bit surprised, but his expression turned back to normal quickly.

“I did tell you that I lacked common sense, right?” I laughed and strode ahead.

Then, about the HP and MP Ikuru explained. So MP was needed for using magic after all…not that I have many magic skills. And HP is life force? Well, there shouldn’t be many occasions for it to be reduced. I think.

“Well, there are some unfortunate chemisters without adequate knowledge…but Hinami-sama, why are you a chemister?”

“Hmm? Well, because I had the aptitude I guess…ahaha.”

“Aptitude…? That’s rare.”

Hmm? Rare??

“I heard that there are a lot of chemisters though.”

“Yes, there are many chemisters. It’s just that not many have the aptitude for it. One can be a chemister even without the aptitude. There are many poor chemisters without the aptitude so the general opinion of chemisters isn’t very good.”

That’s a new fact.

I see…so the world’s opinion of chemisters isn’t good…? But compared to that, there were quite a lot of people selling potions. Ah, I see… adventurers buy them often, so normal people might not have much to do with it.

I heard a bit from Thia-chan, but it seems like adventuring earns quite a bit of money if one is skilled. Otherwise, such expensive potions would be unusable.

“…Hey, can you teach me various things once we get home…?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you!”

While feeling satisfied at Ikuru’s answer, I saw the gate and the stagecoach station. To get home, it takes about 2 hours on the stagecoach and then 30 minutes on foot through the forest. By the way, it cost 200 Rill per person.

Now, I’m finally heading home!!


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  1. Uhhmm… I wonder about this slave system. I know that is a noble thing to do, eliminating all the curses in the world… but… somewhere also thinks that isn’t just all good. Well, better less malice a than more of it right?


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