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Story 9: Thinking of You in Spring

“It’s been another year since Maya has gone…”

“That’s right…”

Her husband looked blankly at the petit knife Maya had brought in and left behind herself, then suddenly moved his gaze to the front of the gas.

She was the girl who was always making something in front of the fire.

She was crafty and very considerate of her customers, and there were many customers who only wanted to come on the days when Maya was there.

The slow Maya didn’t notice anything, and the rest of the staff was just playing soccer with her.

“Kanzaki-san said that I should have expressed my feelings earlier and clearly in such a case.”

I know that even Yakimaki-kun who says such things thought it was a bit cool.

“Ah, Kanzaki-san…it was pretty blatant.”

“Izumi, you were dramatically slow, weren’t you?”

“Maya-chan, you liked your job too much, you know.”

Maya-chan…Maya Izumi was a junior member of the fruit tart shop I used to work at.

She was a quiet type of girl and not very talkative. But she was an excellent listener, and most of the girls in the store probably consulted Maya for advice about something at one point.

Therefore, it was a natural progression for Maya to become the chief, and even though there were personnel changes, her team was always famous for their good teamwork.

“The pudding Izumi made was so good, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, and the raw caramel was good, too.”

“No, Maya-chan’s specialty is pie. The apple pie was exquisite!”

Apple pie is one of the most popular snacks you can make at home. It’s so easy to make that if you talk about homemade snacks, the process goes something like this: pancake, cookie, then apple pie. If you buy a frozen pie sheet, it’s even easier to make.

In other words, it’s that common and popular.

However, Maya’s apple pie was a little different.

It should have been made with the same ingredients and recipe, but there was something different about it.

Perhaps that was the difference between me and Maya, and it was in the sense of taste that I had never been able to match her.

Making sweets, or rather, cooking, is all about taste.

It’s a pity, but Maya was a girl with that kind of taste sense.

“…I’ve decided. I’m going to call this child Maya. Isn’t that good?”

I declare to my husband, patting my slightly puffy tummy.

“If it was a boy, it’d be a bit of a thing, but that’s okay.”


He gave a small nod with a look that reminded me of something.

…I’ll never forget.

Maya once cried drunkenly, saying, “Sometimes I want to cry when I think I’m going to die without getting married, without having a child, without leaving anything behind.”

I didn’t say anything at the time, but I can say it now.

There’s no way she’s leaving nothing behind.

Some of the recipes Maya left behind are now a staple on our menu.


I will tell this child, whom I call Maya, about my memories with you.

And I will teach this child, for whom you are named, about the food  you cooked.

Come quickly, baby.

Maya’s favorite season spring will be here soon.

You were born in spring.

I murmured to myself and patted my swollen belly again.



T/N: What a great senpai TT_TT

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