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Chapter 38: Open the Door

Couples fight, I think that’s one way to describe it.

It doesn’t mean that we are close enough to fight, but rather the fact that we can fight means that we have built a relationship with one another to be able to voice a different opinion. And then it means that we’ve acknowledged each other as equals who can then fight our opinions.

Therefore, my ambition right now is to ‘fight as a married couple.’

…Well, His Highness and I don’t seem to be very equal!

But it’s not like I’m a yes man to His Highness Nigel.

And I don’t intend to just be mentally protected.

Physically, I’m going to be protected.

So, this time isn’t so much a marital dispute.

Just that I’m sulking!


I don’t have to look at his face to know that he has a troubled expression. So I don’t dare to look at his face.

Because I’m angry!

I said I wasn’t angry at all at the breakfast table with all the vegetables, but now I am.

…What does His Highness think of me?

Gently peering down, His Royal Highness Nigel had changed into a long robe in a shade close to the forbidden colors of abbreviated formal attire with the help of Phil.

Looking at this scene, one might wonder why the resident chamberlain was not in sight.

But His Highness Nigel does not have a mere chamberlain by his side. In order to serve as Nigel’s personal chamberlain, you need to have true secretarial skills. And if you’re going to be able to handle a full-time job as a secretary, you’re going to have to take care of that job, and it’s not uncommon to not have an attendant at all.

“…Luthia, would you mind showing me your face?”

With my head down, I gaze at the carved decorative buttons on His Highness’ long robe. The beautiful color of the silk, which is neither green nor blue, is a specialty of Dardinia. I think it suits His Highness well.

He’s not wearing any jewelry other than the sword at his waist, but the reason he’s dressed so well is because we’ve just entered the rush of the Founding Festival and Coronation events.

“…Have a good day.”

And I can’t hide my sulky look because I’m impossibly annoyed.

I wanted to go together!

His Highness Nigel didn’t know what to say to me, and patted my head with a touch.

It was His Highness Nigel who decided that Crown Princess Arthirea would be absent from today’s event. It is not foolish to follow that.

It’s also fine that I was made to dress as a man. I could give up the beautiful gown I had prepared long ago if I was told it was necessary for my safety.

But that’s on the assumption that I be allowed follow him in this form.

I was ready to go with him, but I was still told to stay behind because it was too dangerous to take me with him.

I’m okay with a little danger! I would like to say that, but I can’t say that because my main job is to be protected.

…It’s frustrating to see His Highness stepping into danger alone, leaving me in a safe place.

“…Why can’t I attend?”

“It’s not quite back to normal yet, is it?”

His Highness looks at the feet of my amber-colored leather boots.

“I’ve recovered enough to dance now.”


He called my name in an accusing voice.

“Because I don’t want His Highness to go alone.”

His Highness shook his head when I told him that I could keep up with him in this outfit.

I thought the best part of dressing up as a man was going with him to places I wouldn’t normally be able to go, but apparently His Highness didn’t even think about that at all.

Incidentally, my current role is that of an apprentice attendant who rose to the royal palace through Phil’s connection. My name is Elty-Arthia…a relative of Phil’s sister’s husbands. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that Phil dressed me up as a man for the purpose of disguise, but it was Phil’s handiwork that uselessly got the official paperwork in order as well. The only thing that was a lie was the existence of Elty-Arthia, but everything else was genuine.

“…I’m going to make sure it’s done right.”

“Please don’t treat me like a child.”

His Highness chuckles as he speaks to me.

At the all-vegetable breakfast table, we discussed a few things, agreed on a few things, compromised on a few things, and then rebelled at the last one—After all, because of the weakness of my position, I had no choice but to give in.

“…I would like to cook for you. Please allow me to serve your highness lunch and dinner.”

That was my compromise.

After this, it was event after event, and there was actually no clear lunch or dinner time set. If he couldn’t eat before the ceremony, then of course he would have to go to the ceremony without eating food.

And yet, he’s planning to take care of things under the radar, isn’t he?

You should at least let me help you.

His Highness would probably never ask for help himself, though.

“I don’t mind if you do…Phil.”

“Hey, hey. Yeah, I know. I’ll be there to protect her the whole time, so don’t worry.”


“She’ll be using the new kitchen.”

“That’s fine.”

His Highness and Phil go over the necessary details between them.

The door is knocked on loudly, not with a knock, but with a large bang.

His Highness and Phil looked equally uncomfortable, so perhaps they knew who was knocking.

“…Excuse me, Your Highness.”

A dark-haired young man with a rather tight face came in. Claude Eus, the husband of Princess Alienor.

I bowed my head and waited for Claude to pass by, as my own maidservants do the same.

He probably did not recognize me as the princess. He passed in front of me without giving me a glance, and fell to his knees in front of His Highness.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince, I beg you to please come and join us.”


Finally, His Highness, with his sword strapped to his waist in an ornate scabbard, gently patted me on the head as he passed by.


“…Then, Phil. Shall we go?”

“What? Where?”

Phil-Lynn has a look on his face that says he’s a little unsure of what is being said.

“You’re going to let me cook, aren’t you?”

This anger and stress… The best way to get rid of this haze swirling around in her chest was to cook a little elaborate food.

…What shall I make?

Without a doubt, she was going to be able to cook with her own hands, which she had almost given up on.

“…Uh, I get it. I understand. Follow me.”

This is the situation, but I’m getting a little excited.

Let’s make something delicious. Something tasty and tender tasting.

Lunch should be something quick and easy to eat.

…Pizza, oatmeal, risotto…porridge, udon noodles…no, something easy to eat. Something that tastes good cold…

We turned a few corners and exited through a long corridor. We were invited into a shiny corner, as if construction had just been completed.

“…This is the Princess’ new palace.”

“Is this a new palace?”

“Oh. To be precise, it’s a new rear palace…Nigel doesn’t need such a large rear palace, so he is planning to close down the old one and gradually repair the aging building. And this is the first part of it, designed by Nigel. He’s going to make the palace more user-friendly for you.

In terms of location, it’s a fairly secluded corner of the Royal Palace, with a garden like the Crown Prince’s Palace.

“…It’s shiny.”

“That’s because we just renovated it. We’ve been working on it a little bit at a time with a bunch of good craftsmen…It was completed just the day before yesterday.”

Phil’s eyes narrowed as he was glad to see it in time.

“I think Nigel was actually going to bring you in…”

“Because I sulked…Are you in a good mood, by any chance?”

“Uh, well.”

Chuckling, Phil-Lynn laughed in the back of his throat.

“…You’re really amazing. You’re the only person who can make Nigel look like that and get him to concede…You’re the only one who makes Nigel do stuff like this.”

“Is that so?”

“Oh…I’m just saying that it’s funny because the perfect crown prince isn’t all so perfect when he’s with you…so thank you.”

“Yes? Why is Phil thanking me here?”

“No, as that guy’s foster brother…every time he makes a funny face, I feel like thanking you. Because I couldn’t do it, you know?”

“…I’d say you’re welcome…but I really don’t want to do that at all. Foster brothers and wives are in completely different positions and situations!”

“I know, but…after all, let me thank you.”

“No need to thank me. I mean, Phil, let me just hit you in the face a little.”

“Huh? Huh? Why? I did something?”

“I’m annoyed that you think you have the right to say thank you to his wife.”

“Eh? What? Huh? Are you jealous of me?”

“I’m not jealous. I’m just exercising my wife’s rights!”

“…No, that’s just jealousy! I’m not in the mood for that at all!”

Wavering, Phil shook his head. His face was strange. He’s laughing hysterically, but he also looks like he’s about to cry.

“…Hey, Princess. I’m really happy…For him, only the princess is ‘his own’ and ‘special’…And the princess also thinks of him as ‘special.’ Such a miraculous coincidence doesn’t happen often.”

“What are you talking about? It can’t be a coincidence.”


“His Royal Highness and I tried and made an effort…It’s the result of our mutual respect and caring for each other over time.”

I’m glad to be able to look straight at Phil and tell him so.

“…Achievments, huh?”


I nodded clearly and confidently.

Phil closed his mouth, trying to stop himself from thanking me again. I’m glad he’s a good learner.

“…Oh, Princess, over here.”

I was led to a large oak door. The solid door was very massive and somehow oppressive.

“…What is this place?”

“Open the door, please. Your Highness.”

Phil bowed his head reverently in a theatrical tone.

I wasn’t sure, but I did as I was told and pushed the door open.

It opened so lightly that it didn’t seem to be as massive as it looked.


Spread out behind the door was the kitchen.


I looked around, amazed.

There were state-of-the-art ovens, cleaning stations, and shiny hall pots and pans all over the walls.

“Nigel said you’d like to make your own food…”

“Yes. Yes, that’s right.”

As expected of Nigel-sama, I thought. He may have foreseen that I was itching for it.

“…Shall we have a sandwich for lunch that is filled with your highness’ favorite ingredients? We’re having a meatball stew in the evening.”

“Is there something you like?”

“There is…There’s also a menu that can be replaced silently…Anyway, meat, I love it, don’t you?”

“Well, it’s true that men like meat. Especially when they’re hungry.”

“Okay Phil, I’m going to need you to bring me some of these ingredients.”

I held out a memo that I had kept in my long coat pocket.

Men’s clothing has many pockets for various items, which is convenient, and the sleeves are not spread out. I am very comfortable in these boots and trousers.

“We can’t forget flour, buckwheat flour, cheese, eggs, ham and bacon…and vegetables.”

“Ah, for now, just don’t move from here on out until I come back with the food.”


I nodded emphatically.


The vegetables simmered gingerly in a copper-colored pot.

Carefully scooping out the lye, I used the fire next to it to cook down the béchamel sauce in a small pan.

Carefully sprinkled flour is sautéed in plenty of butter and then stretched out with fresh milk to boil it down—In a word, that’s a simple procedure, but it’s a lot of hard work.

Over there, all I have to do is add the stew mix, but here, every single step is manual labor.

That one was delicious, but this one is better.

The smell of butter mixed with the scent of milk is gentle.

“…I’ve been stirring it for a while now, but what are you making?”

“The source of the stew, isn’t it? It can be applied to many different sources.”

I get a kick out of just looking at shiny pots and pans, and I get excited just looking at the knife that looks like it can cut anything.

Oh, I sound like a bit of a dangerous person, don’t I?

“…Princess is a strange woman.”


“You’d rather have pretty pots and pans and knives than pretty jewelry and dresses, wouldn’t you?”

“…Well, yes.”

‘So that means Nigel’s operation was a jackpot,’ he whispered.

Operation? What?

I drop the batter for the galette onto a large frying pan. The technique is to bake this into a large, even thickness.

…This hand remembers it properly…

When the surface was a little bubbly and cooked, I put a mild, addictive white mold cheese on top, and then arranged thinly chopped, grilled salted pork on top of it. For color, I sprinkled some marshall leaves, a vegetable similar to mizuna, and finished with a drizzle of honey.

“Wait a minute, Princess, isn’t that honey?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Meat, cheese, vegetables and honey?”

“Yes. It’s okay. I know it seems like a mismatch, but the combination is great.”

“No, no, no, Princess, just because you like honey doesn’t mean that’s true.”

“That’s not the case. If you’re going to goof off…just try it.”

‘Here you are.’ I rolled up the galette, wrapped it in a paper napkin, and gave it to him.

The paper napkins that are being mass-produced these days are more gray than white. It’s a very convenient item to throw away at such times.

Although it can’t be used for regular dinners and such, though.


Phil-Lynn looks as if he’s seen all the despair in the world.

“Eat, Phil.”

I chuckled.

“Yes, no…but, Princess.”

“It’s much, much tastier when it’s warm.”

It tastes good cold, but I prefer it warm with melted cheese, and it’s extra special when it’s freshly made.

Although he seems rather flexible, Phil is very conservative when it comes to food. Perhaps he has a conservative palate because he has eaten well with his mother, who is a good cook.

Nigel-sama is not at all, in that respect.

His Highness Nigel doesn’t have a lot of rules about taste.

It’s not a matter of whether it’s good or bad, but rather the minimum rule is whether it’s edible or inedible.

Of course there are things he doesn’t like, but he eats them meekly if it’s too much trouble to get rid of them.

For His Highness, food was just a means of life support.

…Even so, Nigel-sama is starting to get his likes and dislikes in order these days.

I am deeply moved when I think about it from the beginning.


Phil’s face as he coyly ate his galette…It turns into something sloppy.

“…Princess, this is totally fine.”

“I know.”

I laughed proudly and began to roll the galette around as a dish to be delivered for His Highness’ lunch.


T/N: I love Phil. The OG “Nigeria” shipper

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