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Chapter 29: Improvement

There are two things I noticed when observing the stalls.

First: It is not necessarily true that cheap food sells well.

Food stalls at the Founding Festival seem to be held under the auspices of the public, and ordinary shops also open their stalls.

Unlike cheap food stalls from the beginning, they sell items that are normally lined up in stores…probably in bad stock or are about to be sold at a cheap price. Such products are certainly unbeatable in price compared to store-bought items, but they are quite expensive for a street vendor’s product.

Still, they sell well.

I think it’s the trust that comes from it being a store’s products.

When you get down to it, I think it probably comes down to brand strength.

In other words, my sweets do not have that trust.

Second: You have to know at a glance what you are selling in order to sell it.

The stalls at the orphanage always sold flowers.

You can tell what they are selling by looking at the flowers.

Or rather,  most of the food stalls are bare, so you can see what they are selling by looking  at them.


My obsession with particular packaging brought me down.

The cookies and molasses beans were placed in a paper bag made of waxed paper and held together with a ribbon.

As for the amber candies, I made a tetrahedron-shaped bag on purpose and decorated it with a ribbon.

Both of them were simple, but I aimed to give a little twist to them, or to make them stylish so that they could be presented to someone as it was. They look cute on the outside, but you can’t see what’s inside.

People would be more worried about not being able to see what’s inside than they would about the pleasure of opening the package…

This was really my mistake.

I’ve done so well in the past that I didn’t really think about the difference between this situation and that one.

I don’t know many examples of shops here, but I didn’t see a single item packaged from the start at the stalls.

So maybe people here don’t casually pick up something they can’t see clearly.

Really, it was a big mistake.

I was thinking too simply.

I wouldn’t have made this mistake if I’d done better research from the beginning!

I probably wasn’t calm realizing the fact that I didn’t know how simple it was to understand now.

I won’t make the same mistake again!

How can we improve from here?

The first thing that came to mind was tasting, which was already done.

If getting people to try something that can’t be made into a product and you generate sales, then hooray.

Even if you go to…wait. Wait. Maybe there’s a problem before that?

As far as I have seen and heard, there was not a single stall that was giving away products for free.

Tasting, I suppose, is not something you can reach out for so quickly, even if you are told to.

That would mean that it’s the taster’s skill, not the vendor’s, that gets you to sample the food.

I carefully re-hold the basket of things to be tasted, and then look around for the kid who is working as a taster.

Ah, Giallo…

Light gold hair appeared at the edge of my vision.

He was a child from the orphanage. He was two years older than me.

Giallo was known for his affability, and everyone said he was the idol of the neighborhood wives.

The neighbors often send in “service work” for Giallo.

Service work” are the small jobs that the children of the orphanage take on in the area, including cleaning the shrine I was saved from.

In addition to official work, they also receive requests from ordinary shops. The requests are strictly scrutinized at the cathedral, and the client makes a donation to the cathedral when the request is made, and also to the orphanage when the request is completed.

Through this service work, the children of the orphanage decide on their future work. In some cases, they are adopted because of the work they do.

“Hey, hey, older sister over there. Do you like sweets? That’s good. That’s good. You can get one of those if you want. They’re selling them at the food truck in the corner, so if you like them, just pick one up. Oh, wait, would you like some cookies, too?  What, you don’t like cookies because they’re not very filling? Then you’ll want these molasses beans. They’re crunchy. Go ahead and try them.”

A big smile—Although it seems refreshing in every way, among his friends, Giallo is known for his tongue-in-cheek attitude.

So, his affability and flowing speech are all salesmanship.

He has been wanted for adoption on many occasions, but Giallo has never given the nod.

…Giallo, maybe…Yeah, maybe he was a nobleman’s child.

Even when the kids at the orphanage were curious about me, he was the only one who stayed away from me.

And yet he wasn’t ignoring me, her was very concerned about me and…

I think it’s not because he knows I am the Crown Princess Artillier, but probably because I’m an aristocrat.

And Giallo’s words have a distinctly aristocratic sound at the edges of his intonation…

As I watched, Giallo switched targets for me to sample, one after another, and then all of them smiled and went off to buy what was piling up in the stalls.

Way to go, Giallo! I can’t afford to lose either.

“Ma’am, would like to try one of the cookies?”

I smiled at the wife with her children who was passing by, and the children who were with her cheered.

“Hey there, I’m not in the position to be called a ma’am.”

“Children are welcome.”

And of course, I recommend it to the kids.

Please eat and beg for it!

“Wow, it melts in your mouth~”

“That’s a lot of sweetness~”

There are a few people who stop at the cheers of the children.

People don’t come to a stall where there is no one around. I don’t know what the rule is, but people come to the stalls where the crowds are lined up in a row.

“You can have some of those too…If you like it, please go and buy one.”

When I asked people to sample the food, most of them turned to the stalls.

It wasn’t quite a rush, but as I watched my stock gradually decrease, I decided to make my next move.


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