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Chapter 7: Dream part 3

I’m sure that it was here…!

Lucas tried to move the bookshelf with all his might, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Master Lucas. Is there something in there?”

Kyle came up to him.

It was not surprising that Kyle didn’t know.

This was a secret passage that only a few people in the Avi family knew about.

“There is a hidden passage here!”

Kyle’s eyes widened in surprise at Lucas’ words.

“This…if this doesn’t work, then it must be locked from the inside!”

Lucas huffed and turned on his heel, running out of the study.

Charlotte must be in there!!

He rustled his way through the bushes beside the garden.

Then he saw a familiar figure lying in a slightly open area.


He rushed over to find Michael, the butler, lying in a pool of blood.

Nearby were the corpses of three demon beasts.

He must have fought them himself…

One of Michael’s eyes had been gouged out, and it was bright red.

When Lucas put his ear close to Michael’s heart, he could hear the heartbeat, though it was very weak.

“Michael! Michael!! Stay with me!”

Michael reacted to Lucas’ call with a small jerk.

His mouth moved slightly, and he was mumbling some words, but they were too feeble to be heard.

He put his ear to his mouth.

“Lu…cas…sa…ma. I’m sorry…promise…cannot be fulfilled…”

Even though he was dying, Michael was still concerned about the promise he had made to his father…

Tears welled up in his eyes at the loyalty of Michael the butler.

“It’s all right now. His Majesty has lent me the Knight Order. So for now, you can sleep in peace.”

Lucas let out a single tear and chanted a recovery spell for Michael.

The hand he held out was enveloped in light.

He couldn’t bring back the eye he lost. But the wound could be healed.

He was weak, but if he took his time and rested, Michael would live.

He was relieved that he was able to save Michael.

And the fact that he was here meant that Charlotte was definitely there.

Michael had made a promise to his father.

It was probably about Charlotte.

After hiding Charlotte in a safe place, Michael tried to call for help. That’s when he was probably attacked by the demon beasts.

When Michael lost one of his eyes, his father’s magic had kicked in and saved his life, though he was badly injured.

Afterwards, he slowly moved Michael’s body to the base of the tree and ensured the safety of the surroundings.

Then Lucas ran off to where Charlotte was waiting.

He arrived at the exit of the hidden passage, and slowly moved the heavy, slightly rusty door.

Sunlight streamed in, illuminating the dark passage.


He saw Charlotte right near the door.

Charlotte was sitting there, stunned and unmoving.

He ran over to her and checked to see if she was injured.

Her clothes were dirty, but she looked alright.

“—Thank God, you’re okay!”

Lucas hugged Charlotte.

He could not stop his eyes from watering as he felt the warmth of his beloved sister’s body in his arms.

Charlotte reached her hands around Lucas’ back, and Lucas hugged her even tighter.

“…Big broth…is it…huh?”

“Yes! I’m sorry I left you alone…It’s okay now…”

“Oh, brother—!!”

Charlotte cried as she hugged Lucas tightly. She wept so much that her large eyes seemed to melt, and she continued to cry out loud.

After crying for a while, Charlotte’s body suddenly became heavy.

Apparently, she was so tired from crying that she lost consciousness.

Lucas picked up his sleeping sister in a side hug and walked out the door.

Charlotte, who had lost consciousness, slept for the next two days.

When she woke up, it was the day of the joint funeral of her parents, the lords, and the servants of the mansion.

When Charlotte saw the beautiful faces of her parents, she broke down in tears once again.


In front of the numerous coffins lined up next to her parents’ coffins, Charlotte’s tears never ceased.

“…I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I…survived…”

Lucas continued to silently support Charlotte as she continued to cry like a broken woman.

He stared at the coffins of his parents and swore that he would love Charlotte as much as he loved his dead parents.

And to avenge them.

He swore to his parents in the coffin that he would annihilate those abominable demon beasts.

‘I hope you will be happy and I love you both.’

Without being able to deliver her mother’s words to her brother…

Charlotte had become twisted, and Lucas had found meaning in vengeance.

The two began the countdown to their destruction.


T/N: And that’s it for the dream flashback. So sad 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。

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