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Chapter 16: Brother Will


When I turned around at the voice I heard from the main gate, I saw the figure at the gate dashing through the front gate onto the estate grounds, the security guard yelling and chasing after him.

“Eh, could it be…?”

He’s grown quite tall, but if I’m not mistaken…

“Brother Will!”

I quickly take off and jump towards him.

“Whoa! Wait, hey?!”

I guess he didn’t expect me to fly over, but Brother Will hurriedly caught me and gave me a huge hug.

This person is Wilhelm Aaron Virgil. The relationship from my point of view he’s like the boy-next-door type whom Alice idolized as an older brother.

He’s quite handsome, with light green hair and gentle amber-colored eyes. He was fourteen years old this year, I think.

“Alice! Are you sure it’s safe to go out here? It’s awesome I’m so happy to see you after a long time, but if you get tired or something, you might fall asleep again and go to…?”

Brother Will said words of concern to us at a furious pace, but he stopped moving as if he suddenly realized something.

“…Alice, did you call out my name just now?”

“???…Yes, I called for you.”


Brother Will shouted vigorously, as if he had seen something unbelievable.

“You taaaaaaaaaalked?!?!”

I’ve missed that reaction.

Although, I guess this is not the time to go into it calmly. I hadn’t seen my brother for a long time since the Rouge incident, so it’s surprising, isn’t it?

This brother had always been loving me without any price, but he’s quite anxious, and like I said before, he takes care of me with great vigor. It can border on being overbearing at times.

Therefore, it had been too much for me, who was once morbidly timid, and I avoided him terribly for two years. It was so bad that I couldn’t even get close to him anymore.

I felt terribly sorry for that.

“Oh, Alice! When did you get so well? You couldn’t speak until a little while ago, and was bedridden…You were so very weak and now…! You have such a great complexion…and your cheeks are rosy—aren’t you just way too cute now??!!”

Was there something different about that last part?

I reply, while thinking.

“Well, I’ve been feeling better in the last week or so. There’s been a lot going on, but it’s going to be soooooo long, so maybe you can ask everyone for the details?”

I’m sure my father, in particular, would be able to tell him the details with his heart and soul.

“O-Oh, well…Anyway, I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m so happy, Alice—!”

Brother Will was happy with tears in his eyes and hugged me. If I wasn’t outside, I’d probably be crying my eyes out without looking aside.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you, Wilhelm-sama, but since you have finally met again, why don’t you contact the Master and Mistress and join us for today’s tea party?”

Although she said this calmly, her expression showed her true feelings. She was looking at Will as if she had just found a kindred spirit. Will’s expression, on the other hand, looked absolutely delighted at the idea. I could practically see flowers blooming in the background…he’s so happy.

“By all means. I’d love to visit!”

“Um, wasn’t Brother Will on his way somewhere?”

When I directed a simple question at him, he replied, puffing his chest out proudly.

“We’ll just say that I never had any plans. If Alice is going to be there, then in my eyes that is the only tea party in the world that I need to be at.”

Isn’t that like that vacuum commercial? I thought, but I kept quiet. I wonder if the person in Brother Will was actually born in Japan too… (***It seems that Will’s statement was apparently similar to a jingle for a Dyson vacuum commercial in Japan)


Well, that’s why we ended up having a tea party with Brother Will.

He’s a close relative of my parents. Originally, he was supposed to be going to a mid-afternoon tea, so I sent a maid to at the last minute to let the other party know. Then he was able to attend our tea party without worrying about time.


“Thank you for allowing me to join you on such short notice today.”

My parents smiled cheerfully as Brother Will said this and replied, “We’d love for you to come and visit us any time you want,” and the small tea party began.

The autumn roses in the garden were in full bloom, and a three-tiered afternoon tea set was set out on the white garden table as a true three-o’clock snack, with a pleasant breeze occasionally caressing my cheeks. It was a nice and peaceful afternoon.

As we chat, Father explains all the events that had happened up until today to Brother Will who yelps in surprise and anguish as he listens.

Mother and I were listening in silence, when I suddenly decided to ask her something that had been bothering me.

“Mother, there’s actually something that I’ve been curious about.”

When I said so, my mother said in a beautiful voice, “What is it~?”

“At that time, mother used magic, saying that it was at the red-berried elder’s power or at the time of the half moon…but what did you mean by that?”

That’s right. It’s a lighthearted fantasy element!

I was reincarnated in this world, and there’s magic! It’s a fantasy! And after a second of excitement, I hadn’t touched on it at all as I was mulling over solving the Rouge problem first.

But now that the cleanup was finally done, and we were ready to have a peaceful tea with the family, I couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, Alice is already interested in magic, isn’t she?”

Giggling, my mother explained.

“Elderflower incense, that is, the elderflower incense that filled the place. That was the only incense your father burned in his room that time.”

Hmmm. There was definitely a musky scent in that room, like muscat. That must have been it.

“It wasn’t that person’s everyday incense, so I knew right away that it meant something. At first, I was pessimistic because elderflowers are sometimes used in marriage…but once I understood the situation, the use was clear. Also, the half-moon is a term for the amplification of magical powers by the upcoming full moon.”

I see. If it’s a magical effect of the Elderflower, I remember reading about it in an occult book in my previous life. I wonder if it’s similar in this world as well?

“So by invoking those two things, you were calling upon magic protection and hoping to amplify your powers, right?”

My mother flashed her eyes in surprise, and then laughed softly and praised me.

“That’s right. Alice is so knowledgeable about things.”

I guess the two world’s really might be connected somehow!

My mother giggled impishly and continued.

“Since ancient times elderflowers were hung over the doors of houses and sheds in order to ward away thieves. The tree itself has been used as an ingredient to aid in magic spells…We ourselves were dealing with something like a thief that night, so it was the perfect choice”

I see! I listen intently, thinking that it’s a shame that I don’t have the tools to take notes.

And so I listened to the explanation, when mother’s gentle expression suddenly starts to turn sad.

“…And above all, it’s a tree that protects her grave, so he must have used it there as well.

“…Elder sister…”

I nodded my head in agreement.

By sister, I mean the “Alice,” who died soon after she was born.

My parents agreed with me, and we decided on this name.

To me, she should be called “the previous Alice.” In fact, my parents in this world held her in their arms before me, so I feel that she was my sister.

Most of all, I can’t help but adore her ever since that tender incident at the grave visit—which I hope is still a convenient assumption. I’ve been wanting to believe that she’s already accepted me as family, even though I’m only someone who’s stolen her rightful place

After finishing speaking, I stood up, as my mother was concerned about my condition due to the painful topic she had brought up.

I put my head on my mother’s lap as she sits in the chair and snuggled her like a cat.

It’s an appeal to show that I’m fine because I can be spoiled like this. And I hope that it will distract my mother’s sadness.

Mother gently strokes my head.

As I was enjoying the interaction between mother and child, I suddenly noticed how quiet the place was.

Hmm? I looked up and looked at my father and Brother Will…and regretted it.

Yup. There were two unfortunate handsome men staring at me with wide, affectionate eyes and super silly expressions that all but ruin their good looks.

I pretend I didn’t see them and rest my head back in my mother’s lap. Those two are so handsome, but as soon as their expressions become like that, the results are just disastrous.

I guess mother doesn’t notice it, or maybe she’s used to it, but she’s relaxed and not paying attention to that. Then, with a supple hand, she took one of the roses on the table and placed it in my hair.

“I knew roses would look good on you Alice.”

I look up and see my mother smiling happily.

“Are you sure?”

I can’t see it myself, so I crane my neck to show them, and mother says yes. Out of the corner of my eye, Brother Will and father were nodding their heads vigorously in affirmation as if their heads were about to come off.

Well, my coloring is lightly pigmented with white, silver and gold. Maybe the red of roses would look good.

Thinking about that, I suddenly looked at the roses in the garden. It’s the autumn rose season now, so they are in full bloom.

“Mother, the roses in this garden are so beautiful.”

“Yes, they’re my favorite, too.”

My mother says happily.

“There is a place called the Imperial Garden where the roses were so nice that I told the gardener to copy them.”

“The Imperial Garden?”

When I questioned the unfamiliar words, my mother calmly explained to me.

“Alice only went there when she was very young, so she may not remember it. This mansion is near the center of the imperial capital, but it’s located a little west of here. It’s very large and is partly open to the public.”

In Japan, it might be like a nature reserve or national park.

There’s no way I wouldn’t be super interested in seeing a fantasy world’s wildlife preserve!

“Oh wow! I can’t believe it’s so great that you wanted to copy it. I’d love to go!”

I said that with a twinkle in my eye, trying to look as hopeful as possible. Father, looking as if he had just thought of a good idea, suggested casually,

“Then should we try visiting there sometime?”

“What?! Are you sure?!”

When I turned around with a bang and checked again, my father couldn’t seem to maintain his serious face anymore, and then said with a delirious grin on his face,

“As soon as Alice’s strength stabilizes, we were talking about going somewhere to rehabilitate you. The Imperial Garden isn’t too far away, so it should be just fine.”

“True, it’s about a quarter of an hour by carriage, so it sounds good.” said mother.

“What about you? Do you want to come out to play with Alice?” Father asks Brother Will.

“Yes, by all means! Of course!”

With my parents and Brother Will making plans, I’ll be going out with them to the fantasy garden! I’m finally going to see the outside world! I began to burn in excitement at the thought.

I didn’t get to see much when I first went to the Jaime’s castle because I had been bedridden in the carriage, and I came back soon after I got there. This would be like my first outing!

Are there magical creatures or something out there? Are there any mysterious herbs? What are the people out there like? Ufufufu.

“Already, you have such a twinkle in your eye…my daughter is so cute!!”

Father says as he saw me unfolding my strong delusions.

As I look at Father’s adoring face, I can’t help but think that glinting might be a more accurate descriptor than twinkling.


T/N: Yup, yup, nobody can resist Alice-chan~. Also, I added a picture of Will from the manga, but he is also on the upper left side of the cover page in the Table of Contents in case you wanted to see a colored version!

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