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Chapter 36: Poor Me and my Poor Highness

Suddenly, His Highness looks like he’s going to listen.

I leaned in close to his chest and asked him in a whisper in his ear.

“…Is there something interesting?”

His Highness gave a small laugh.

“…There seems to be a little peeping Tom.”

His Highness tells me in a tiny little voice.

And then I look through the scaffold that covers the bed to see the other side. Beyond the scaffold allows light to pass through, unlike the one in my bed…I can see a small shadow over at the door, which is the boundary to the next room, which is a little far away.

“…Peeping? Isn’t it just a night-crawling?”

“It’s not time to crawl in the night anymore.”

Even though we were close enough to feel each other’s body heat on the bed, it didn’t create a suspicious atmosphere at all.

But it was so close, so warm, so satisfying.

I wish we could stay like this forever…

For some reason, my whole body was tingling, even though the only thing His Highness was touching was my hair. I looked up at His Highness in protest.

“…Can you let me handle this?”


I nodded.

His Highness lay down on the bed as if to go back to sleep and opened the blanket he had pulled up as if to say, ‘Come here.’

…What is he doing?

I noticed that after I settled into its arms as if it were a natural thing to do.

This is pretty embarrassing…

My nightgown is a simple white negligee. His Highness also has a long shirt-like nightgown that is pure white…What I’m trying to say is that the fabric is thin.

Therefore, when we hug, our body temperatures are clearly transmitted. It’s a little embarrassing.

And yet, His Highness hugs me as if I were a pillow.

“Are you a little cold?”

“……It’s okay.”

…Am I the only one who is conscious of this…?

My heart is beating faster than usual… I don’t want him to notice it.

His Highness holds me to him, oblivious to my struggles.

I tensed up a bit at the signs of something approaching.

“…Your Highness, are you awake?”

From the sound of his voice, I think he’s still a teenager.

His Highness Nigel tightens his arms to hold me close, as if to tell me not to move.

“…Your Highness?”

My body is shaking a little because I’m holding back laughter

I thought he was still asleep when he didn’t answer.

The shadow that His Highness said was a peeping tom, opened the door unceremoniously.

At that moment, the hands, which had been gripping the edges of my nightclothes, were filled with strength.

It was as if the quiet world between the two of us had been broken, or as if the world with just two people  had been carelessly uncovered.

“…Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince…”

An unreserved sign of approaching.

“…Um, I…”

At that moment, His Highness rose quickly, lifting me up with only one arm.

“I want tell His Highness…Hiiii…”

The voice of the maidservant who would have tried to continue saying, ‘I adore you, or I am longing for you,’ is unsightly and upset.

…Huh? What’s going on?

I gently turn around to cling to His Highness’ chest.


Wherever it was placed, His Highness was holding a drawn sword at the tip of the strange maid’s nose.

“…Who is this?”

“Wow, I am…”


Before she could respond in any way, His Highness’ sharp voice called out for an escort.

“Your Highness!”

“Crown Prince!”

Two knights of the Kings Guard jumped in from the door opposite to the one she had entered.

“We have an intruder. Take them in.”


They jumped in and calmly obeyed His Highness’ command.

…This must be a crazy set-up.

Normally, no one would be able to enter the Crown Prince’s bedroom without being spotted. If there were no guards at the door, one must wonder why they were not there.

“No, no. I’m just…”

“Just what?”

‘You will not be allowed to step into my bedroom,’ His Highness tells her with all the pressure he can muster.

“…Your Highness the Crown Prince, I adore Your Highness and…”

The maidservant, who was about to cling to His Highness, noticed me for the first time, and that His Highness was holding me carefully.


She froze as if making a snapping sound.

She was like an ice statue…

“What?…Her Highness?”

One of the guards…The onee who has gently wavy black hair tied up in a thin leather strap looks at me with a puzzled look on his face.

“Do not look.”

His Highness wraps me in the blanket as if to hide my appearance.

It is very embarrassing for a noblewoman such as myself to be seen in my pajamas. And moreover, I am a married woman.

I’m glad His Highness is considerate of that.

“I beg your pardon!”

The other brown-haired person, who was probably a couple of years older than the dark-haired person, turned away in a hurry.


The golden-haired maidservant with a similar golden shade to mine, looked at me with a shocked expression, and then glared at me with a snap.

His Highness embraced me as if to protect me from her gaze and gave a nonchalant instruction to the knights of the Kings Guard. He was completely calm as usual.

“…Raiden, Sarfa, we have an intruder. Capture them and take them away.”


The maidservant gave him a dumb look.



The two men agreed, forcing the maidservant to stand with her arms around them from both sides.

“So, Your Highness, I’m not a suspicious…”

“What’s not suspicious about someone entering my bedroom without my permission?”

“No…I just wanted to let Your Highness know how I feel…”

This girl probably doesn’t know what happened at the ball the other day. If she knew, she wouldn’t have stepped into the Crown Prince’s bedroom without permission, and she wouldn’t have been able to say that she just wanted to confess.

The daughter of Marquis Rhodelia had been perfectly rejected by a similar argument.

…Or maybe she was just too sure of herself.

Confidence that His Highness would never reject her.

Well, this is the result…

“No, let go of me…Your Highness! His Royal Highness!”

It was a desperate call, but His Highness didn’t change his expression and told them to take her away, shaking his chin.

The two guards nodded deeply and walked out of the room with her.

As soon as they left, the room suddenly became quiet. As usual, His Highness prefers silence, so his surroundings are always incredibly quiet.

When we were alone, I suddenly felt embarrassed and gently left His Highness’ arms.

It was hard to stay away from the warmth that gave me absolute peace of mind, but I couldn’t stay close to him that way forever.

Then we looked at each other. The closeness that comes from the same experience was building up again, just a little bit more, and suddenly His Highness smiled.

“……It was a night crawler, wasn’t it?”

I gave a small smile too.

“Well, what do you think?…I wouldn’t be surprised if that maid had a poisonous ring for assassination.”

He says, as if it’s nothing, because he’s been targeted by a series of people these days.

“…Is His Highness being targeted?”

“Yeah…There’s someone out there who wants the throne. I seem to be in the way.”

“Who is that? If they’re going for the throne, then is it a royal?”

His Highness Al is the second in line of succession to the throne after Nigel-sama, but His Highness Al does not want the throne. Everyone knows this isn’t a pose or anything, it’s just a fact.

“Yes. That seems to be the case.”

“…Is His Highness Errol the third in line of succession to the throne?”


“…That’s Nadi’s twin brother, right? What was he like?”

I’m sure we’ve met a few times, but I can’t remember.

…Huh? That…?

I can’t remember his face.

…I think he had the same red hair as Nadi…

I’m sure we’ve met properly since I came back here to be the ‘me’ I am now.


“…Ah, no, no… I can’t remember his face…”

“You can’t remember?”


I’m trying to draw the memory out, but the face is hazy, and I can’t quite make it out.

…He was supposed to have been Nadi’s partner at the first evening party not too long ago.

The only thing I can recall is that the tie and pocket handkerchief on his evening wear was the same dress fabric as Nadi’s.


“…Yes. It’s a shameful thing, but…”

Involuntarily, I look away.

“…Somehow, I know who he is. It’s just that his face didn’t leave much of an impression on me…” (***RIP Errol)

No. No matter what I say, that’s just an excuse.

His Highness Nigel’s eyes snapped, and then he chuckled.

“…Your Highness?”

“He seems to have made a very weak impression.”

“……I’m sorry.”

Because I’m not involved with him at all, I don’t even remember having a conversation with him.

“No, I’m not mad at you…”

His Highness continues to laugh.

…Huh? What’s with the good mood?


“What is it?”

“…Maybe you’re in a good mood or something?”

“…Oh, that’s right…I’m in a good mood.”


“Is it because the operation was a success?”

“Operation? What?”

“…Because you knew that you were going to trap that maid, right?”

“Oh…oh, that’s right…you really notice a lot.”

He chuckles and smiles good-naturedly.



“…I feel sorry for you, but you are not allowed to choose anyone but me.”

His Highness gently touched my cheek.

It was a cool hand.

Maybe I thought that way because I’m a little high at a child’s temperature, but I don’t know.


I nodded persistently. Then I add,

“…I don’t feel sorry.”

Well, when I first met him, I didn’t want a husband like that.

But now it’s different.

At my words, His Highness, who should have been in a good mood, had a strange expression on his face.


“According to some, I am of a poor bloodline. They say I am not supposed to be a prince by nature.”

“…Who would say that?”

“I won’t say for sure, but I suspect most of the nobles think so.”

“That’s exactly what I mean by ‘let them say it.’

I borrow the words of His Highness from earlier.

“…Because no matter what anyone says, my husband is Nigel-sama.”

His Highness Nigel’s expression became even more strange.

“His Majesty, before he died, said that this country belonged to me. He said that I would bring the crown to Your Highness, and that because of me, Your Highness would be king…Isn’t that right?”


His Highness nodded with a faint voice.

“If I had the right to choose…I would choose Nigel-sama.”

‘So I don’t feel sorry.’ I looked straight into his eyes and told him.

“…you have no right to choose.”

“Yes. So I was lucky.”

I chuckle with a smile—To reassure Nigel-sama.

“Because whether I choose it, or someone else chooses, it’s only Nigel-sama.”

I reached out to Nigel-sama, who had frozen with his hand on my cheek.

The moment our fingertips touched, I gave a small shiver of fright.


He squeezes my name out of the back of his throat as if gasping.


“…Please remember. I’m not poor nor sorry. Rather, I’m so lucky that His Highness is my husband.”

“It is…lucky…that I’m your husband?”


I nod confidently.

I’m surprised that I can nod so confidently like this, but I really think so.

“Rather, shouldn’t one feel more sorry for His Highness?”


“I’m the only one whom His Highness can choose. I’m probably the worst in the world with the worst conditions for His Highness.”

Moreover, if he chooses someone other than me, I might die at worst…or I may be killed. Not only me, but also my loved ones and their children.

And if I die before I have a child, I will definitely die.

We can’t even try to have a child quickly. It’s too early for that to happen because the other person, me, is too young.

…I think it’s rather unreasonable.


His Highness asks curiously.

His Highness is supposed to be very smart, but he doesn’t understand some of these things very well.

“The age difference. The only thing that’s good is the bloodline and the health concerns. I probably will not being involved in much of the practical work…Most importantly, I’m the one who took away His Highness’ freedom…”

Because of me, His Highness became the crown prince.

And in just a few days, he will be king…the king who will carry all of the people of Dardinia.

I think he is the biggest victim of a life plan gone awry because of me.

“That’s not true at all.”

His Highness shook his head loosely.

“…It’s not one person’s fault, that’s for sure.”

‘I’m sure it was meant to be,’ he murmured quietly.

“I hope you think so…”

His Highness Nigel, who had a strange look on his face that was hard to describe, looked into my face and said,

“…I don’t feel sorry either, Luthia…I am lucky that I have you as my wife.”

Happily, I kiss His Highness gently on his forehead as he looks at me.

I don’t have the courage to kiss him on the lips, but I wanted to tell him how I felt, and I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

I was looking at His Highness, who rounded his eyes in a cute way, when he suddenly lifted my chin in a grip and robbed my lips.


It was as rough as the word ‘robbed’ implied, and His Highness would not allow me to escape from the suffocation.

My resistance was probably no resistance at all. So I gave up and closed my eyes. I hadn’t expected to lose consciousness as it was.

It was Phil-Lynn who found me spinning my eyes around from lack of oxygen and His Highness cringing, not knowing what to do with me. When I woke up, Phil  in front of me, holding his stomach and rolling on the floor laughing while His Highness kicked him in the leg.

“…You’re the best, Princess! I’ve never seen Nigel like that before.”

I also laughed at the mortified face of His Highness.

At this moment, I had properly chosen the not-poor me and His Highness had properly chosen his not-poor self.


T/N: !!!! First real kiss! This chapter had so many feels (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

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