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Chapter 6: Villainous Princess Invasion

When I heard Emperor Alexel’s words I put my hand on my forehead and was shaking my head in disappointment.

How did this happen…? Oh, maybe it was supposed to happen this way in the story or something! Normally, Cecilia would still be Kaiser’s fiancée in the game, and the fact that he’s the capture target, asking her to marry him in a way takes away his fiancée…and so he’s finally attached to the heroine…It’s a bit strange in terms of the setting though.

Just as I was puzzled by this thought, the door suddenly opened with a loud bang.

My shoulders tensed with fear at the sound, but with a look of complete exhaustion on my face, I turned my attention to the open door.


“…Victoria, why don’t you knock when you come in?”

“Oh, yeah! I’m sorry…No, no, more importantly, what the hell is going on here!?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It’s about brother’s engagement and mine, of course!”

Standing there, Princess Victoria approached the couch we were sitting on.

But her legs stopped midway and she opened her eyes and stared at me.

“Why are you here!?”

It seems that Emperor Alexel’s back was in the way and she couldn’t see me from the entrance.

Then, Princess Victoria gradually lifted her eyes and hatefully glared at me.

Ahhh, this expression…the expression Cecilia used to show in the game when I was playing the game in my previous life…

Remembering this, I was feeling nostalgic as I looked at an angry Princess Victoria.

“What’s with that look on your face!?”

“Huh? Did I have a strange face?”

“I’m asking why you’re smiling when I’m mad at you!”

“Smiling…I didn’t mean to do that.”

It was an expression that had been unconsciously on my face and I could only give a wry smile.

“Oh! You’re mocking me! I knew you had a terrible personality! You must have seduced my brother and forced him to apply for a marriage proposal! And Prince Kaiser, despite what he says about you, I can see that he was seduced into becoming a fiancé just like my brother!”

Princess Victoria seemed very proud to say that.

As I gazed at Princess Victoria, I was impressed.

…No, well,  I think it’s amazing to have been able to come up with such an idea from yesterday’s situation.

As I was being impressed, Princess Victoria shifted her gaze to Emperor Alexel.

“Brother has been tricked by this woman! Go and rescind your marriage proposal at once!”

“Oh, that’s the same as what I want…”

“I have no intention of taking it back.”

Princess Victoria’s words made me immediately try to make a statement saying that I agreed with her, but before I could finish those words, I was cut off by Emperor Alexel.


“Anyway Victoria, why don’t you calm down? Do you think I’m the kind of guy who would fall for a woman’s advances in the first place?”

“No, no…but this woman is absolutely crazy! Not just Prince Kaiser, but other royalty, noble men and women, and even priestesses, are surrounding her! She’s only a mere duke’s daughter… I have no idea what the hell is so good about this woman!”

“I…I feel like I understand.”

Emperor Alexel glanced at me as he said this and chuckled.

I was tired of seeing that expression.

“Oh, this woman isn’t suitable for you, brother! Please reconsider!”

“I won’t give it a second thought. More importantly, aren’t you more happy about the engagement between you and Prince Kaiser?”

“Uh, I’m happy…”

While saying that, I could see Princess Victoria’s cheeks visibly twitching with happiness.

“Well…if you didn’t want it to happen, then this wouldn’t have happened…’’

“Wait a minute, brother! Well, it’s not that I don’t want it, it’s just that…but Prince Kaiser…”

Princess Victoria’s previous authority had diminished and she glanced in my direction in a hushed tone.

I tilted my head slightly in response to her mysterious gaze.

However Emperor Alexel snickered at Princess Victoria.

“Victoria, are you not confident that you can turn Prince Kaiser’s heart around with your charm? When did you become such a timid woman?”

“…That’s right! To begin with, I’m several times more attractive than this woman! I will definitely make Prince Kaiser turn to me!”

“Oh, that’s the spirit.”

“Then I can’t stay like this! Now I must go to Prince Kaiser’s and show him my charm. Now if you’ll excuse me, brother…Cecilia, I will never approve of your engagement to my brother!”

That’s what Princess Victoria said as she glared at me and walked out of the room.

“…I’m sorry about my sister.”

“No, I understand…but if you can spare a thought for Princess Victoria’s feelings, then perhaps you should re-consider the marriage proposal…”

“I won’t take it back.”

“Is that so…”

I let out a loud sigh as I looked at Emperor Alexel, who had made his case very clearly.


The fact that Emperor Alexel had asked me to marry him had caused a lot of commotion.

Well, it was mostly noisy because Kaiser and the others came to ask me what the hell was going on, but I was honestly just as confused by the situation.

It’s not only that, but Kaiser was also unable to do anything about it because of the fact that he has been forced to get engaged to Princess Victoria.

So I was officially engaged to Emperor Alexel against my will.

Then the bureaucrats who didn’t think well of me, began to treat me favorably, as if I had turned their hearts around to me.

…Well, even I can see the significance of having someone from this country marry the emperor of a great country. It is quite significant…

I was warned not to do anything that would upset Emperor Alexel, but at the same time, I had to deal with the bureaucrats who told me to say good things about myself to him.

While spending such days, I was tired of seeing my pending marriage progressing without permission, so I decided to do what I could do now and stayed alone in the library of the castle.

“Hmm…I can’t find any information on Landrick empire.”

I muttered to myself as I fingered the books on the tightly packed bookshelves, searching through them.

“Oh, maybe it’s this one.”

I pulled the book I’d found off of the shelf, and after looking through some more books, I put them down on the desk at the back of the library and sat down in a chair.

“Well…I wonder which I’ll read first.”

As I said this, I picked up a book and began to read it.

The reason why I am doing this in the first place is because I thought it would be better to know a lot of information first in order to get Emperor Alexel to break off the engagement.

That’s why I came to this library to look for something more detailed than the material my father gave me before.

So I found a few books that looked informative, and arrived here in the present.

Well…according to this book, the Landrick Empire was founded before the Beizelm Kingdom, wasn’t it? And Landrick’s empire is surrounded by mountains. But those mountains are rich in minerals, and the country grew to be a great power through trade. I see. Moreover, they use these rich minerals to make weapons, so many of the best blacksmiths live there. Ahhh, it looks like a city from an RPG I’ve played in a previous life.

Just reading the book made me very excited to see the city.

However, I soon shook my head, and turned my attention back to the book.

“Hmmm…I think I understand the history and industry of the Landrick empire. Then, the next book on the royal family is…”

“Hmm? Is that Cecilia there?”


I was about to pick up my next book when a voice suddenly called out to me, and I turned my gaze towards the voice.

“Oh, Ghislan!”

“…It’s rare to see you here. I didn’t think you would be here because you usually borrow books from the Royal Court’s Ministry of Academic Research to read.”

“Well, they have more books about this country’s foreign affairs here.”

“So what are you doing with…books on the Landrick Empire?”

Ghislan took a quick look at the title of the book I was putting down and muttered sullenly, wrinkling his brow.

“Cecilia…do you really want to marry Emperor Alexel?”

“What? As I explained to you when everyone came and asked me what was going on, I don’t intend to do that at all, okay?”

“Then why are you reading all that stuff about the Landrick Empire?”

“That is, of course, to know the enemy first!”

“Huh, that’s just like you, Cecilia.”

I said so proudly confidently, and for some reason Ghislan looked at me and let out a sigh of dismay as he looked at me.

“Well, that’s fine. If that’s what you’re saying, I’ll help you with that too.”

“What? But didn’t Ghislan have something to do here, too?”

“No, mine isn’t much of an errand, so it doesn’t matter…I just ran away here because I didn’t want to hear about Cecilia’s engagement.”

“Hmm? What did you say, Ghislan? I couldn’t hear you very well in the middle because it was so quiet?”

“Well, don’t worry about it—it’s nothing! More importantly, how far have you investigated?”

“Well…Oh, and for now, Ghislan, please sit down too. I’ll show you.”

As soon as I said that, I backed away from the book I had placed in front of the seat next to me and pulled out a chair and urged Ghislan to sit down.

But Ghislan remained motionless and stared at the chair I showed him.


“…In this case, Cecilia asked me to join her. So it’s fine because it’s not like I’m stealing her.”

Ghislan muttered something to himself and then nodded one with a serious face before he sat down in the chair I had drawn.


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