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Chapter 6: General Policy

Today, the situation is just the same.

As expected, I couldn’t even expect a dream punch anymore, so as soon as I woke up, I decided to call the maidservant and meekly change into my clothes.

I’m going to have to change my clothes…This is quite a challenge. I’m not going to be able to wear it without help.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a great deal more to say about it. Even so, it’s very pretty, just like a princess outfit. In the other world, I can just wear a dress as it is.

Normally, I’d wear panties and a bra…for underwear.

Adult women may have panties and bras, but the underwear for twelve-year-old girls in this world is so sloppy that the thighs are hidden in the slips. The princess option is lavishly covered in fine silk lace.

Then I wear an underskirt with more lace. This one had a waistband that was tied around the waist.

So far, one person can do it alone.

What I can’t do is next. It’s a body-hugging blouse with plenty of lace at the cuffs and a snug fit.

I don’t know why they bothered with the buttons on the back. And twelve of them! I could change into one if it had a front button.

But thank goodness I didn’t have a corset!

I agree wholeheartedly. Corsets are so dangerous that some women died prematurely because of the deformation of their hipbones caused by them. I wore one once at a Halloween costume party and I think it was one of worst torture devices.

It seems to be fine as is, but on top of it is a gown and a dress-like outfit according to the maids.

This one is a pale light blue with lots of white lace. Today’s dress is the type that goes completely over the head, not as frilly as the antique dolls, but still like a princess dress.

I’ve never worn one from Pink House or Atsuki Oonishi before, but it might be a bit addictive…

The gorgeous hand-crafted lace and embroidery is really lovely. It makes a woman’s heart float.

The socks are made of thin silk. The top part of the socks has a rubber ring to hold them in place. This is what a mature woman would use as a garter belt, apparently.

When I’m an adult, the sexiness of the garter belt will haunt me, I see.

…Sorry, I got sidetracked without a purpose for what I’m bothering with. I think garter belts are a very erotic item out there.

The shoes are made of fabric. They are full of beautiful embroidery and are sparkly. The color is light blue to match the dress. They are stitched with glittering thin metal flowers that have been worked into the fabric…I’m a little afraid to ask them if they are real gold or silver.

Either way, the detail of this embroidery is amazing. It’s a shoe that would make a fortune.

The bottom is made of what looks like rubber.

The only reason I can say it’s rubbery is because it’s a translucent, cloudy white color, unlike the color of raw rubber I know.

I found out later that it’s the sap of a tree that only grows in the kingdom’s southernmost territory, Valias.

Wow, so pretty!

I whirled around in front of the mirror.

I’m sorry for being a narcissist. But I’m really cute. I hope you’ll forgive me for admiring myself in the mirror.

Golden curly hair that falls softly in waves. My eyes are a strange color, neither bright blue nor blue. My mother’s portrait was beautiful, but this child is quite good, too.

I can’t wait to see how cute she will become in the future.

…Though I instantly couldn’t help but feel embarrassed when I thought it was about me.

Julia, one of the maidservants, neatly arranged my hair and fastened it with a ribbon of the dress and matching fabric.

“You look great in it.”

My maidservants were busy researching which gowns and underskirts to wear, what socks and shoes to wear, even what to wear with my hair and what to decorate my hair with.

They all nodded their heads in satisfaction, and I laughed a little bit, which was kind of funny.

A little bit, really. It’s enough to loosen my mouth.

And yet, seeing me like that, Lilia gives me a tearful smile.

…So that’s how much of a doll Arthirea was.

I’m a little teary in my own mind…I feel sorry every time I’m reminded that I was unresponsive enough that such a minor reaction caused so much pleasure.

“Princess, we have prepared a dish from this region for you today.”

Lilia brings in the dinner wagon, as usual. Of course, the maidservants are poison testing for me before I have a chance to eat it.

Poison testing for the birth family too…?

But, well, I’m more worried about the skill of the head chef than…poison, which is also an unavoidable position.

“Today’s soup is clams. Since the princess likes clams, the head chef has specially made a special effort to prepare…

Yeah, I like clams.

It’s my own thoughts, but it’s so refreshing to hear that.

“Oh, um, I’m sorry, was I wrong?”

This panicked child is called Ellucia. She is the daughter of a lowly nobleman whose father is a military officer attached for the crown prince.

She is about one or two years younger than Lilia. She seems to come from a military officer’s family, and it is said that she is well versed in martial arts and also serves as my bodyguard.

She’s different from the knights who openly wear swords as bodyguards, though.

I shake my head as if to say, “No, that’s not true”

Aside from Arthirea, I’m not such a picky eater. Bad things are bad, though.

Relieved, Ellucia showed a smile.

I wonder where I can get clams?

I picture a map in my mind’s eye.

This Radiv, Elzevert’s home base, is not that close to the sea. It would take a maximum of three days, even at this time of year, to carry raw clams to cook.

Maybe she read my mind, or maybe it’s just a coincidence, but Julia, who tends to worry about her freckles, laughs and says,

“These clams were brought in from Al-Baiser, the estate of Her Highness. I’m told that Radiv and Al-Baiser wouldn’t take more than a day to get there by boat.”

Do you think I can go to the river?…Next time I’ll look at a detailed map

The words of the maidservants invite me to take a mouthful of the cloudy white soup.

Here, the cutlery is mostly silver. We eat all our food with three knives, forks and spoons. I don’t have to use a lot of different cutlery like I would in a French course, so it’s rather easy.

For now, I can eat without rags, so manners don’t seem to be that different.

…This should have a little ginger in it. Also, it would be delicious with a splash of white wine.

Good, there’s no herbs in it.

The chef’s use of herbs here doesn’t suit me very well.

“Do you like it?”

I nodded with a chuckle. Julia smiled happily…It’s so cute.

I was totally loved the maids around me.

Because they are all cute girls, and they serve me sincerely from the bottom of their hearts.

I don’t mean just hanging around and taking care of things. They are always ready to fulfill my wishes when I need them, but when I don’t need them, they refrains from being there.

It’s perfect service!

I think I understand a little bit about the maid-loving old men and nerdy kids of the world.

But please don’t ask me to go to ‘moe.’ I don’t really understand the nuances of ‘moe.’

Now, how do I get back to the royal palace…?

I thought about it a lot, but I decided to make it my basic policy to return to the Royal Palace for now.

As a result of synthesizing various information available now, there might be more things I don’t remember or more people I don’t know, but I decided that the Royal Palace is safer than this place for the time being.

…I don’t know how to treat my husband, or His Majesty the King or the Her Majesty the Queen, for that matter.

It’s not that I blindly trust my husband or my parents-in-laws, whom I’ve never met.

However, simply given the stakes, the people on the royal side have a reason to protect me.

It’s more profitable for them to protect me than to kill me.

Besides, if I’m in danger, that means these girls are in danger too.

The maidservants who are always with me are, in a sense, in league with me.

It’s important to unravel the mystery of the incident, but I’d also like to stay away from the danger if I can.

It may take me away from the truth, but in this case, I think I need to be cautious.

I want to know what’s safe and who to trust.

I don’t think the Duke tried to kill me, but I also don’t think he’s someone who will protect me.

It’s impossible to ask me to trust someone who won’t even look at his daughter straight in the face, even during the morning greetings. And moreover, my current position in Elzevert is quite delicate.

“…Princess, what’s going on?”

I was probably in a daze because I was eating while thinking. Then I heard a crunching sound.

Everyone looked suspiciously at me who had stopped moving.

I put my hand in my mouth…something drops from my mouth…blood



“Oh, my God!”

“Somebody get a doctor!”

…No, don’t fuss, it’s nothing. It’s just a clam shell stuck inside!

But there’s no way they can hear my thoughts…

Even if I gestured that I was fine, in a case like this, they wouldn’t understand me at all.

Some of them are screaming that it might be poisonous.


“Your Highness! Princess!!”

“Vomit. Quickly!”

But if I tried to open my mouth, more blood would spill out and all hell would break loose.

The doctor jumped in with a pale face and forced me to drink a full glass of water, no questions asked, and then made me vomit.

The pieces of the clam shells came right off. The stinging wound hurt a little.

I didn’t take any poison!

“Excuse me.”

The doctor looks at me. Is it my imagination that there’s something wrong with the way he looks at me? It’s all in my head, isn’t it?


I had a nightmare!!!!!!!!

They forced me to drink a lot of water and then suddenly put a finger in my mouth.

I mean, your finger is more poisonous than mine! I don’t know if your hands are dirty or not, but a middle-aged man’s fingers would make anyone sick if they were shoved in your mouth!

There is no explanation. Well, that’s because if it was  suspected to be poison, there might not be any moments to spare.

Help me.

My resistance was utterly pointless; it was a sobering reminder that a 12 year old flailing her limbs a bit is useless in front of a grown man’s power.

I was held down and forced to vomit…nothing, but I went limp after the procedure was over.

I gargled and brushed my teeth well and became a half-hearted person in bed. I didn’t have the energy to change and was still in my underwear.

…Don’t blame me for going straight to bed.

I felt like I was in an attempted assault or something like that.


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