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Chapter 23: Where is the Ending?

“Cecilia! Do you know who I am!?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s Ghislan, right? I know that much, don’t I?”

“Well…She’s not experiencing any memory problems. That’s good…”

Ghislan looked relieved to hear my answer.

“Princess! I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you! I will give my life to you to make up for it…”

“I don’t want that! I won’t be happy to receive such a thing at all!”


“Cherish your life!”

I lifted my eyes to stop Viktor, who was really about to harm himself right here if I didn’t stop him.

“Sister Cecilia…you can’t be hurt by anyone other than me, okay?”

“No…what scary things are you even saying?”

“Because Sister Cecilia is mine and…”

“No no no! I am my own property!”

I said crisply to Prince Leon, who looked dissatisfied while puffing out his cheeks. Then for some reason, Prince Leon’s expression changed to one of happiness.

“Cecilia I’m really happy to see those beautiful eyes again.”

“Prince Alfeld…”

“Hmm, I’d rather you only look at me.”

“Prince Alfeld is very impressive, in a way, for making a move even under these circumstances.”

I smiled wryly at Prince Alfeld, who smiled bewitchingly at me.

“Cecilia-sama! I’m so glad you’re awake! If you hadn’t woken up, I wouldn’t have survived!”

“No, you don’t have to take this so seriously…”

“It’s because you are that important to me!”

“Uh, I see…”

I had pulled my cheeks up slightly at the spirit of the situation.

“Lady Cecilia! Lady Cecilia!! Oh, you’re really awake!! It was worth praying to the goddess every day!”

“Nina, so you have been praying for me. Thank you.”

“No, it was the only thing I could do, so…”

I smiled at Nina as I thanked her, and she smiled back, tears pooling in her eyes with happiness as her cheeks flushed.

“Cecilia, please show me your face as well.”


“Oh, your complexion is still not looking good…but you’re warm…This is not a dream after all, is it? Cecilia I’m really happy that you’re alive and awake.”

“…I’m sorry that I worried you.”

I felt a pang in my heart when I saw Kaiser smiling and touching my cheek with an expression of heartfelt joy.

But even so, I was so relieved to see that everyone was not cold like they were in my dream, but rather completely unchanged from the way they had always been.I felt like I was going to cry in relief.

Then, suddenly, there was a person who jumped onto my body and hugged me tightly.

“Huh? Princess Victoria!? What happened!?”

I was intensely confused when I saw Princess Victoria jumping at me.

Immediately I turned a confused look in everyone’s direction, but for some reason they all looked at me silently with the same indescribable expressions.

“I’m glad…I’m glad…I’m really glad!”

With that said, Princess Victoria pressed her face into my body.

But the action of Princess Victoria and the strength of her arms holding my body to hers made my wound begin to throb with pain.

“Ah! S-Sorry, Princess Victoria, my wound is a little sore…”


As I complained and endured the pain, Princess Victoria rushed away from me looking dejected.

“…I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s all right now. Please don’t worry so much about it. More importantly…why is Princess Victoria here? Well as far as everyone else is concerned I’m already done, so I’m letting it go.”

“Well, that is…”

I don’t know why Princess Victoria stuttered at my question, her cheeks tinged with a slight red, and her gaze turned away from me.

At my strange look, Kaiser, with a bitter smile, answered instead.

“Princess Victoria has been taking care of Cecilia all this time.”

“What? Princess Victoria!?”

Kaiser’s words startled me, and I blushed even more when I looked at Princess Victoria again.

“Princess Victoria…thank you very much.”

“Hmph! I’ve taken the trouble to take care of you…so get well soon!”

“Fufu, yes.”

When I looked at Princess Victoria, who turned her face away from me, I was kind of happy and replied.

I was so happy to see them, and they looked at me with relief.

But then a question occurred to me and I asked Kaiser.

“Kaiser…how long has it been since I was stabbed and lost consciousness?”

“…it’s been about a week now.”

“What? A week!? Has it been that long!?”

“Yes. Fortunately, Count Straryed missed your vital point and you managed to survive, but later, due to a high fever caused by the wound, your condition deteriorated and you were in a coma.”

“Is that so…I’m sorry…I’m afraid that I had you all worried.”

“You needn’t worry so much about it. It’s enough that Cecilia is safely awake.”

Everyone nodded in unison at Kaiser’s words.

“Thank you—Huh? Speaking of which, what happened to Alexel? And what has happened to Rabi since then?”

“As for Rabi, since he was instrumental in rescuing Cecilia, I’ve decided to undo his crimes and instead make the Lonjar Bandits, including Rabi, my new intelligence unit.”

“Intelligence unit!?”

“Yes. I found Rabi’s brute force, and the Lonjar bandits’ intelligence-gathering abilities to be very useful, and I thought that it would be best to have them under my control, so we can have a better look at things.”

“I see…but I’m glad you were able to convince Rabi of that.”

“We gave Rabi more than enough money to keep them well paid and safe, including their families. Besides…Rabi himself was happy to be near Cecilia if that was the case, so…”

“Oh, is that so…”

I had a twitch on my cheek as I replied back.

“And then there’s Emperor Alexel. For now he’s returned to the Landrick Empire with that Count Strayed. I heard that it’s so that he can be formally call judgment in his home country. And he’s also going to thoroughly investigate and eradicate any other remnants like Count Strayed.”

“…My brother was worried about you right until he left for home. That’s why I’m going to send a letter to him right now, informing him of your awakening. I’m sure he will come to see you soon.”

“Is that so…Well then please tell him not to worry about me and to focus on what he needs to do instead. There’s no need for him to come all the way over here.”


When I smiled and asked Princess Victoria to write that message, for some reason, she looked as if she was pitying someone.

“Brother……you have chosen quite a difficult partner, haven’t you?”

So murmured Princess Victoria.

And so, after that, the room became even more crowded as my father, brother, and even my mother appeared, having rushed over immediately after hearing Dahlia’s report.


It had been about a month since I woke up from my coma.

Since then, my injury has healed well and I’ve recovered enough to walk on my own.

However, as I’ve been bedridden for a long period of time and haven’t regained my full strength yet, I am now taking a walk in the castle to gain strength for rehabilitation.

And since today’s weather was very pleasant, I decided to take a walk in the courtyard of the castle…

“Cecilia, there’s a stone there, so please be careful!”

“Cecilia, if you’re tired, you can tell me right away!”

“Princess, if you specify your destination, I will pick you up and take you!”

“Viktor…that won’t help you with her rehabilitation. More importantly, Sister Cecilia, if you’re having trouble walking, you can hold my hand.”

“No, then it’s better to hold on to my arm, which is taller than Prince Leon’s.”

“No, no, no, no! The women can grab you more easily than you men! Please, Lady Cecilia, put your hand on my shoulder.”

“Then, Lady Cecilia, can you use my shoulder too?”

“…Well I don’t mind if I’m the one.”

Looking at everyone walking stiffly around me while saying that, I put my hand on my forehead and let out a small sigh.

…You’re all being too overprotective…I can walk normally now…I mean, stop taking care of me like this almost every day!!

To be honest, I was fed up with this situation that was repeated every day.

“Cecilia, what’s wrong? Is it possible that your wound is starting to hurt!?”

“No, no, that’s not exactly what I mean, but…”

“Then you’re tired! In that case, let’s take a break in that pavilion over there.”


I didn’t have the energy to talk back anymore, so I nodded at Kaiser’s suggestion and we all moved to the pavilion.

I sat down on a bench in the pavilion, and everyone took care of me.

But I couldn’t help but shout at their behavior.

“No, I’m well enough to take care of myself now!!”

“But Cecilia…”

“Kaiser! Do I look so weak?”

“…No, you look almost exactly the same as before, Cecilia.”

“Then please treat me the same as you did before! If I’m physically fit, eat a lot of food and exercise, I’ll be restored in no time!”


Everyone else, including Kaiser, looked upset at my words, but I dared to ignore them, hoping they wouldn’t hound me any more.

Then a voice came from the other side of the room, one we hadn’t heard in a while.

“Kuku, you’re still the same as usual”

“…Alexel!? And Noel!?”

“It’s been a long time, Lady Cecilia. I’m so glad to see you’re well.”

I stood up from the bench, surprised to see Alexel laughing happily with his hand over his mouth, and a smiling Noel. I stood up from the bench, surprised to see them.

“When did you arrive? And is the country okay with that?”

“Just a few minutes ago. Of course I’ve taken care of all the remnants, too. More importantly, I heard from Victoria’s letter that you were feeling better.”

“Yes, thanks to you. And thanks to Princess Victoria, who has been very kind to me.”

“Well…how’s the wound?”

“It’s almost closed up. Well…it seems that the scratches will leave some traces, but I don’t really care because it’s in a spot that can’t be seen normally.”


Since there was no point in hiding it, I told him exactly what the doctor told me, and smiled at him to show that I didn’t care at all.

However, when he saw me, Alexel frowned painfully. And everyone, including Princess Victoria, had a sinking look on their faces.

“Hey, I really don’t mind! So don’t be so depressed, everyone! On the contrary, if you all care so much about it…then it’ll be painful…”

“Okay, I won’t care anymore. So don’t make such a sad face.”

“I’m glad you understand.”

“Okay, but I have one thing to say to you.”

“…What exactly are you going to say with that expression?”

“Actually…my and Cecilia’s engagement has been broken.”

“What!? Brother, is that true!?”

“Yes…so I’m afraid that this has put a damper on our plans for the engagement. And I’m sorry, Victoria, but the engagement between you and Prince Kaiser is broken as well.”


Hearing Alexel’s story, Princess Victoria fell silent with a difficult face.

…That’s right. She adored Kaiser so much, but that incident caused them to break up…

That’s why I called out to Princess Victoria, who was biting her lips.

“Princess Victoria would you like me to help anywhere with you and Kaiser’s engagement?”

“Cecilia! You don’t have to do that!”

“Kaiser…consider Princess Victoria’s feelings a little…”

“No. The engagement to Prince Kaiser can remain broken!”


“To be honest, I don’t really care about Prince Kaiser anymore.”

“Princess Victoria?”

“Rather, I’m more distressed about the fact that your engagement with my brother is broken!”

“…Yes? Why is it painful for you? Isn’t that a good thing?”

“I…would prefer that my brother and you…I want Sister Cecilia to marry him!!”


“Yes! If you marry my brother, you will officially become my sister! And then we can live together in the Landrick Empire forever!”

“Hey!! Princess Victoria, what are you talking about!? Don’t joke about this…”

“This is not a joke! My brother hasn’t given up on you anyway—right!?”

I was intensely confused by Princess Victoria’s unexpected statement, and I looked at Alexel and saw that he was huffing and puffing in laughter.

“Yes absolutely.”

So Alexel said. Then he walked straight up to me, bending down on his knee in front of me.

Furthermore, he took my right hand in his and looked up at me from below.


“Cecilia I’ve decided ask you directly this time. Cecilia…will you marry me?”

“What!?……Oh! Because our engagement was broken, right? So, wait, why would you ask me to marry you, then? I think that if you choose another person, things will go more smoothly than asking someone who’s engagement with you was already broken once, right?”

“…Do you really still not understand my feelings?”

“Alexel’s feelings?”

“Yeah, how I love you.”


“Well, I knew this before, but you really are insensitive to the whole romance thing…”

Alexel said that and glanced over to everyone else. They were all glaring back at him with a grim expression.

“In the meantime, I’ve received permission from King Saidel. Our engagement has been terminated, but if Cecilia chooses me under the same conditions as Prince Kaiser and the others, he will allow me to marry her.”


I was frozen in surprise at those words

The King! He promised me to another person!?

I trembled in my heart and cursed at the king, who was not here.

Then something soft touched the back of my hand.


I was choked up and flustered when I realized that it was Alexel’s lips.

Seeing that, Alexel smiled softly and squeezed my right hand.

“I love you. Cecilia, I love you. I swear that I’ll to make you happy. So please be my queen.”

As expected, Alexel’s words and actions were wreaking havoc in my head, when suddenly an arm went around my waist from behind and pulled me back with strong force.

“I won’t let Cecilia become Alexel’s queen! She will be my queen!”

“Hey! Kaiser!?”

“While I was upset by Kaiser squeezing me from behind, Ghislan grabbed my right hand.”

“Don’t be stupid! Cecilia is going to be my wife!”


While surprised by Ghislan shouting with a serious expression, this time my left hand was held by Prince Leon.

“No, she’s not! Sister Cecilia is going to be my wife, for sure!”

“Prince Leon!?”

I looked at Prince Leon, who was puffing out his cheeks and squeezing my left hand with both hands. Suddenly, a tuft of my hair was lifted softly.

“Cecilia will come to my country and become my queen, so everyone else should give up.”

“What!? Prince Alfeld!?”

I stared stupefied at Prince Alfeld, who dropped a kiss on my hair. But this time, I found Viktor, who was now down on one knee and lightly grabbing the hem of my skirt.

“Princess…you are the only wife I will ever have.”


I was shocked by Viktor, who dropped a kiss on the hem of my skirt as it was, but then saw Lady Lateia and Nina grabbing me from both of sides.

“I will not give Cecilia-sama to you!”

“That’s right! Lady Cecilia will be happier with us!”

“What are Lady Lateia and Nina both saying!?”

I was puzzled by the two of them saying that with moody faces, and then I saw Princess Victoria squeezing my skirt and pulling me away.

“Everyone is in the way! Cecilia belongs to my brother! And by extension, to me as well!”

“What!? Princess Victoria!?”

I was confused, blinking my eyes at Princess Victoria, who said something completely incomprehensible to me.

Then Alexel, who stood up, lifted my chin and looked down at me from the front.

“Cecilia I will not give up on you. So give up and become my queen.”


As I was stunned while looking at Alexel, who declared that with a wry smile, I saw Noel looking at this situation with a smirk out of the corner of my eye, seemingly enjoying this situation.

Hey! Help me!

I tried to appeal to Noel with my eyes, but his smile only deepened rather happily.

No, no, no!! What is this situation!? Well, it’s several times better than resetting like in that dream and being hated by everyone…but as expected, there’s still a limit!!

I looked up at the blue sky, bewildered by this even indescribable situation.

“I just want a normal ending!!!”

I screamed unintentionally to the game developers of the world that shouldn’t be there.



T/N: The title of this chapter is all because we are back at the beginning.

That’s it for the main story of part 2! Thank you so much for reading! Next, there are a few more side stories. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Poor Cecilia, it seems she might never find some peace, hahaha~

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  1. You know,the king could basically call every prince/single kings to his country and they’d probably fall for her and have an alliance of sort and after a dozen or so kidnappings,this could lead to world peace.
    It’d end when someone gets her but,well that’s never gonna happen with her density.

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