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Chapter 2: The Emperor and His Sister Princess

After hearing the details from my father, I returned to my room in the castle, where I was surrounded by Dahlia and the maids, in tears, who had been worrying about me the entire time I was gone.

I apologized for worrying them, and told them the truth about the reason for my disappearance.

The maids believed my story and looked at me sympathetically, but Dahlia was the only one who looked at me suspiciously.

But when she saw that I was silent with a bitter smile on my face, she let out a small sigh and didn’t dare to ask me anything.

Sorry, Dahlia.

I apologized to Dahlia in my mind.


In the end, after all that had happened with the bandit leader, he ran away, throwing off a lot of guards who came to catch him.

Just as he was leaving, I was told that he said, “I’ll come back for you!” as he left behind.

Seriously, I don’t want you to come back ever again…

I was fed up and tired of all of this, but somehow I wondered if anyone would ever learn their lesson.

And as for Kaiser’s group, when they were forced to return to their rooms by the king, they apparently had a meeting to discuss it all, and it seems that a ‘no kidnapping/stealing away’ rule was made.

In the end, they all agreed that there would be no hard feelings no matter who I chose.

To be honest, I didn’t think it was a big deal, but then I realized that I could live in peace for the time being, and that they didn’t have to make a strong approach to me one by one.

So although I had a lot to say, I decided to accept it.

Then I decided to put the matter of  Kaiser and the others, on hold, and first find out more about the neighboring country that would be visiting soon.

In my study, I was sitting alone, examining the information materials on the neighboring country that my father and Mr. Dimitria had lent me, placing them all on my desk.

“Well, first of all, the name of the neighboring country is…the Landrick Empire?…Hmm? The name of this country…I’ve seen it somewhere…oh, it’s because I’ve heard of it in Mr. Dimitria’s class…or maybe I’ve heard of it even before that?’

Something stuck in the corner of my mind, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

“Hmmm…well, I can’t remember but that’s okay now. So next, the name of the current emperor is…Alexel Dali Landrick. He’s 24 years old and single. About three years ago, he seized the position of emperor from his father, the former emperor who was a dictatorship, and used his political skills to calm the country, which had been in a state of desolation. Now that the country has settled down, the emperor has come to visit the neighboring kingdom of Beizelm, which ranks alongside the Landrick empire as a great power, in order to establish good relations.”

I flipped through the reading materials on Emperor Alexel.

“And next, the name of Emperor Alexel’s sister, the princess, is…Victoria Dali Landrick. She is sixteen years old. She’s so beautiful that she’s been described as a beauty queen, but her personality is selfish and her moods swing around a lot. This time, I’ve heard that she was forced to accompany her brother, Emperor Alexel, to the kingdom of Beizelm.”

As I read the material on those two, I remembered something that stuck with me again.

“…In the first place, there was never a single event when I was playing the game that involved a visit from the neighboring country’s emperor and sister princess! What is so catching about this? Hmm… ‘Landrick Empire’…and ‘Emperor’ and ‘Sister Princess’…ah!!”

I was just crossing my arms and groaning to myself when I suddenly remembered something.

“I see! Maybe this is the DLC!!! I’m pretty sure I pre-purchased it ahead of time because it was scheduled to be released right after I bought the game. In the end, I died before it was released, but in the advance information of the DLC, the name of the ‘Landrick Empire’ and the emperor of that country was listed as a new capture target. In addition, it was listed on the official website that there would be a sister princess who would be a rival character!”

I recalled all of that with a startled expression.

“I see…Then this is a new romance event for Nina. Alright, I got it! It seems that the romance events didn’t go well with the other targets, but this time I’ll definitely help Nina get a nice lover!”

I pumped a fist and nodded strongly, determined to do so.


Finally, the Emperor of the Landrick Empire and his sister the princess had arrived in the Kingdom of Beizelm.

When I received the news, I checked my appearance again to make sure there was nothing odd about it, and rushed to the audience chamber.

When I arrived at the front of the audience chamber, my brother, who was already there, saw me and smiled at me.

“Cecilia, you look very nice today.”

“Thank you. Brother looks wonderful as well.”

I smiled back at him as I said that.

Then I turned around and became baffled by the sound of multiple panicked footsteps approaching from behind me.

“Cecilia! Why did you go alone first!?”

“Didn’t I tell you we’d be coming to get you?”

“Princess! You weren’t in your room and I was afraid something had happened to you!”

“Sister Cecilia…I wanted to go with you…”

“Cecilia, you didn’t wear the dress I gave you…”

“Hey, Prince Alfeld! I’m not going to let you give her a dress…I’m not going to let you run off!”

“I wanted to give Lady Cecilia a gift too…”

After watching with a shocked look on my face as Kaiser and the others screamed at each other, I spun around and turned my head back to my brother, and immediately put my hand on his arm.

“Come on, brother, it’s almost time to go, so let’s go inside quickly!”

“Wait, Cecilia! Usually, you should go with me, arm in arm…”

“Kaiser…we’re officially un-engaged, remember? So it seems strange to go in there with our arms around each other, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s true, but…”

“Now, now, everyone, staying here forever will only bother other people, right? Let’s all go in together now.”

With that said, I caught a glimpse of other aristocrats and bureaucrats who were watching us from afar.

And because we were frozen near the door, they had been unable to enter the audience chamber.

Kaiser and the others, who noticed my words and gaze, nodded to each other, and went into the audience chamber with me and my brother.

Once we had entered, we each moved to our respective pre-determined places.

Kaiser looked at me regretfully before taking a seat in a chair prepared by the king and queen, who were already seated on the platform, along with Prince Leon. And Prince Alfeld, a royal, stood at the front of the audience.

Ghislan stood by Mr. Dimitria’s side, Lady Lateia was at her father’s side, Nina was by the priest’s side, and Viktor moved to his position of guard within the audience room.

I watched them all move into position and went with my brother to the side of my father, the Prime Minister.

“Father, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“Oh, that dress I picked out for you looks so good.”

“Thank you.”

“Anyway, it must have been very nice to come in here with those people.”

“Well…I did notice a slight softening of the piercing gazes.”

“There’s been a lot of speculation since you called off your engagement to Prince Kaiser. But seeing you guys coming in together on such good terms, I think the suspicion of our disagreement has faded somewhat.”

“I hope you’re right…”

As he said this, I could feel the suspicious glances of the bureaucrats around us.

Just then, the voice announcing the entrance of the Emperor of Landrick and his sister the princess echoed throughout the audience room, and then the door slowly opened.

As a fan of ‘Eternal Time With You,’ I couldn’t help but feel my heart skip a beat as I wondered if the yet-to-be-played DLC was about to begin.

Then, when I saw two men and a woman walking side by side through the open door, I almost squealed with delight.

Whoa! Just like the characters from the pre-released information!!!

First of all, Emperor Alexel is a handsome young man with high stature, dark blue hair and red eyes.

His face was clear and elegant, and the way he walked with his black cloak fastened around his shoulders and draped over his head was very cool.

And then there’s Princess Victoria, who walked in gracefully with her hands on the Emperor’s arm. She has dark purple hair that reaches her waist, and red eyes like the Emperor’s. She is as beautiful as the rumors say.

However, you can tell at a glance that she is a difficult person based on the severe facial expression she is showing.

The people in the audience room were transfixed by their appearances.

I glanced at Nina, who was standing near the priest, and saw that she was staring at them in a daze.

Oh, this could work!

I secretly chuckled at Nina’s appearance.

However, I hadn’t noticed that Emperor Alexel had caught a glimpse of me.

“I am glad that you have come all this way. My name is Saidel Ron Beizelm, King of the Kingdom of Beizelm.”

“Greetings and thank you. I am Alexel Dali Landrick, Emperor of the Landrick Empire. And this is my sister…”

“I’m Victoria Dali Landrick.”

Princess Victoria smiled and plucked at the hem of her skirt and gracefully bowed.

“You are a very beautiful young lady, aren’t you? Then let me introduce you. This is my queen and consort, Cassandra Ron Beizelm.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“And this is my son, the crown prince, Kaiser, and my other son, Leon, the Second Prince. Now say hello both of you.”

At the king’s words, they both rose from their chairs at the same time and bowed to Emperor Alexel and the others with their hands on their chests.

“I am pleased to meet you for the first time. My name is Kaiser Ron Beizelm. I have always wanted to meet the Emperor Alexel, who has long been called Wise King. And…it’s a great pleasure to meet Princess Victoria, whom has been considered to be a Princess of beauty.”

Kaiser said that and smiled with his usual pseudo-smile.

“It’s nice to meet you! I’m Leon Ron Beizelm! I’m so happy to meet these two wonderful people!”

Next, Prince Leon greeted them as well, with his usual devilish smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.”

Emperor Alexel returned the greetings from Kaiser and Prince Leon with a light smile.

But Princess Victoria next to him was frozen in a daze with a fawning expression.

Her gaze was glued to Kaiser.

…Ah, she completely fell in love with Kaiser. I see…I’m also involved too…

I was wondering how Princess Victoria, who was in that rival position, was going to react, but I instantly realized that she was going to make her move from here on. Based on the way she looked, I instantly realized that Kaiser would be deeply involved in the future too.


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