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Chapter 18: Villainess Princess’ Plot

I was taken to the back of the castle with Princess Victoria.

It was a good place to talk about something that I didn’t want to be heard, as the place was surrounded by trees and was not very populated.

Then Princess Victoria stood facing me and said to me with a sullen face,

“You! It’s time for you to stop clinging to Prince Kaiser and my brother!”

“No, I’m not trying to cling to them, rather…”

“It doesn’t matter what you think!”

“Hmm…oh, and by the way, Princess Victoria, isn’t it about time for you to stop harassing me?”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t do that!”

I smiled bitterly at Princess Victoria, who was clearly upset by my words.

“Well, if you’re planning to insist that it’s not, I don’t mind, but I’m saying all this for Princess Victoria, you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“…Even Kaiser knows about what Princess Victoria is doing to me.

“What!? No, that’s not true! Prince Kaiser is as kind to me as ever with his smile!”

“That’s…the public facade of Kaiser. If you look at him properly, you’ll know if that smile is real or not.”

“Stop it with the the crap! I don’t believe a word you say!”

I turned a troubled expression on Princess Victoria, who didn’t trust my words at all.

“But if you don’t believe me, Princess Victoria will be in danger…”

“Are you still saying that!? That’s why I hate you so much. Just get out of my sight!”

Princess Victoria looked up and raised her right hand in the air.

Suddenly, several men emerged from the shadows of the trees. The appearance of these men was clearly bad. They clearly seemed like bad people.

“Uh, who are you guys?”

I looked at the men standing in line next to Princess Victoria in confusion.

Then a man with a large scar on his cheek, probably the leader of the group, called out to Princess Victoria, who was looking at me with an evil look on her face, arms crossed and a smile.

“Hey Princess…is that the woman you were targeting?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“…Princess Victoria? Are you acquainted with these people?”

“We’ve only just met. Now, I want you to take that girl away from me!”

“What!? What on earth are you saying, Princess Victoria!?”

I looked at Princess Victoria and the men in turn, with a shocked expression on my face at her unexpected comment.

Wait!! No matter how much you say, this is overkill!!!

I screamed in my mind as I backed away, looking at the men who were approaching me with smirking faces.

But suddenly the men stopped right there.

“What are you guys doing!? I’ve paid you well for your services, so hurry and take that woman away!”

Yes, Princess Victoria shouted at the men, but they still wouldn’t move. Then the leader turned back to Princess Victoria, scratching his head and smiling bitterly.

”No~ sorry princess, actually I have a big request apart from your request.”

“…What? What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“As for what that big request is…I need to kidnap you, Princess.”


As soon as the leader said this, he turned his body around and approached Princess Victoria. The men who had been facing me also followed the leader.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ve received a request from that client to kidnap that woman as well, so as a result, we will be able to fulfill the princess’s request as well.”

“Wait, you guys just stay away from me!”

Princess Victoria was backing away, her face drawn back in fear.

Then the remaining man approached me again.

I glanced at the man and Princess Victoria, who were coming towards me, and strained my body.

“Ah! Over there!!”

I suddenly shouted, pointing to the sky. Then all the men turned to face the direction I was pointing at.


I said this in my mind and quickly lowered my posture and ran past the man and towards Princess Victoria.

Furthermore, I passed through the leader, who was momentarily behind in my actions, and took the hand of Princess Victoria, who was standing there, stunned.

“Princess Victoria! We’re running away!”

“Oh! Hey! Just wait!”

With the leader shouting behind me, I grabbed Princess Victoria’s hand and ran frantically towards the castle.

“Ah, why are you…”

“That’s not the point right now, running away is more important!”

I could hear Princess Victoria’s confused voice, but I couldn’t stop her, so I said so and kept running.

Then, just as we were about to arrive inside the castle, several men suddenly burst out of the bushes.

“We’re not going to let you get away.”

“Agh! I can’t believe you were hiding here too!”

The road to the castle was blocked, and when I looked around in frustration to see if there was any way to escape…


I heard a scream behind me, and at the same time, Princess Victoria’s hand, which had been in my grip, fell away.

I turned back in a panic to find the leader of the group, holding Princess Victoria in his arms.

“Princess Victoria!”

“Let go of me!”

“Damn it, damn it. Hey, guys! Go get that one too!”

“Hey, hey!”

The men who had quickly blocked my way while the leader yelled at me, caught me.

“Hey! Please let go!”

“Don’t freak out! Just calm down!”

I flailed desperately trying to escape from the arms of my captors, but I couldn’t get out of the way as several men were holding me down.

I glanced at Princess Victoria, who had been knocked unconscious and was slumped over and about to be carried by the group leader.

“Princess Victoria!”

“Shut up! Even though the Princess has gone out of her way to keep people from coming here, we might still be noticed!”

“Oh! Well, then I should just scream! Whoo—ugh!”

As I heard the man’s words and was about to call out to someone, I felt a strong force hit my stomach.

“Go to sleep for a while.”

I saw the leader man put his fist in my stomach as he said that, but as it was, my consciousness slowly fell away.



I heard a faint voice shouting something and my consciousness gradually surfaced.

Then I slowly opened my eyes, but for some reason I couldn’t see my surroundings well.

I rubbed my eyes to make sure it was okay, and was about to wake up from my sleep, when I felt a pain in my stomach.


I held my own stomach and pulled myself up as I endured the pain.

Why does my tummy hurt…oh yeah! I was hit so hard in the stomach by that leader guy that he knocked me unconscious!

Then the events before I lost consciousness came back to me and I stared at my stomach, stunned.

“Get me out of here! Who do you think I am!?”

I heard Princess Victoria shouting and pounding hard on the wooden board, and with a start I looked in the direction of the sound.

It was dimly lit, but I could see her dark purple hair rippling, and I knew that Princess Victoria was there.

Furthermore, Princess Victoria seemed to be banging on the wooden door with her hands and screaming out.

I finally looked around with eyes that had become accustomed to the dark, and realized that this was a prison of sorts. There was the only window in this room that allowed me to see the night sky, but it was fitted with a solid iron grate.

In such a situation, I seemed to be lying on a simple bed that had been set up.

“…What is this place?”

While muttering this, I tried to talk to Princess Victoria, and while holding my aching belly, I got down from the bed and approached her who was still banging on the door.

“Princess Victoria…”

“Hmm! When did you wake up?”

“Only just now. More importantly, where are we?”

“I don’t know. I just woke up myself just now.”

Princess Victoria turned her head away from me with a sullen face and sat down on the other bed across from the one I was in.

I sat down again on the bed I was sleeping in while watching her.

“Princess Victoria I have to ask you, who are those men?”

“They called themselves the Dvirish Bandits.”

“The Dvirish Bandits? I’ve never heard of them.”

“I didn’t know about them until he told me.”

“So where did you meet this Dvirish band of thieves?”

“I just happened to be in town looking for a surprise toy for you…No! I was shopping when these guys came up to me. And when they saw what I had bought, they smiled and proposed something to me.”

“Proposed something?”

“Yes…if there’s someone you don’t like, we can remove that person from your sight…”


Princess Victoria turned her head to the side with a bad look on her face.

And since it was obvious that the person was me, I could only give a bitter smile.

“So…Princess Victoria made a request at that time, right?”

“…No. At that time, as expected, I wasn’t ready to trust the words of those men, and I thought I could handle it on my own.”

“Is that so?”

“But it didn’t work at all, and you seemed to be quite calm about everything. I was getting angry with you. Furthermore, when I saw you coming out of my fiancé’s room I immediately contacted those men!”

“I see…so Princess Victoria lured me to that place in the direction of those men.”

“Yes, I did. But I didn’t think that those men were planning to kidnap me too.”

As Princess Victoria said this, she began to bite her thumbnail in frustration.

I looked at her and got up from the bed, sat down next to her and gently removed her biting hand.

“Princess Victoria, you shouldn’t be doing that to your very beautiful nails.”

“Don’t you hate me? You are right, it’s true that I have harassed you in so many ways, haven’t I? Plus, it’s my fault that things have come to this point…”

“No, I don’t hate you at all.”


“Because…maybe I would have done the same thing as Princess Victoria had the situation been different.”

“What? Someone like you, who is liked by everyone, would do the same thing as I did? What the hell is with that?”

“Ah…no! Don’t worry about that part! Well, I just want you to know that I don’t hate Princess Victoria.”


Princess Victoria blinked her eyes with a surprised expression upon hearing my statement.

“More than that…I’m curious about the big client those men were talking about. Why did they have Princess Victoria kidnapped?”

I brought my hand to my chin and started to think.

Then suddenly, the door unlocked and opened slowly.

A man with a light in his hand came through the open door.

“Oh! You are—!!”

A voice of surprise came from Princess Victoria, who was standing beside me.


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Villainess Princess’ Plot

  1. 4th time she’s been kidnapped now.
    Anyone know who’s the most kidnapped character in anime/manga/ln/wn and how close our protagonist is to beating them?

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