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Chapter 51: Sick…

“Lady Cecilia!”

“Sister Cecilia!”

Nina and Prince Leon happily called my name and they both rushed over to me.

“Welcome back, Cecilia-sama!”

“I’m home, Nina.”

I smiled as I said this and gently pulled off Lady Lateia, who was the still hugging me with a smile.

At that time, Lateia seemed to have a very disappointed face, but she dared to pretend not to notice it.

“Cecilia-sama…from what I’ve heard, you’ve been to Prince Alfeld’s country?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“…What were you doing? And you went there with Prince Alfeld…”

“What? Ahhhh, well, I was going for some sightseeing!”

“Sightseeing…I see…but it’s not safe for you to go out there by yourself without telling anyone!”

“Yeah, that’s right…I’ll be more careful from now on!”

I nodded repeatedly in affirmation at Nina’s serious expression.

Then Prince Leon, who had been silent for a while now, took a step closer to me and gave me a small devilish smile.

“Prince Leon?”

“Hey, Sister Cecilia…were you really just sightseeing?”


“You weren’t kidnapped, right?”

“Huh!? P-Prince Leon! Wha-what are you talking about!?”

“Ho, so it is true, Lady Cecilia? Prince Alfeld! What did you do!?”

“Yeah! You kidnapped Lady Cecilia!? What an enviable…no…what a terrible thing they did to you!

At Prince Leon’s words, Nina and Lateia-sama turned to Prince Alfeld in unison and shifted their eyes in his direction.

Prince Alfeld, who was glared at by these two, glanced at me with a troubled expression.

Ugh, that gaze…it means you want me to do something about it, right? But the one who caused it in the first place was…oh my gosh—I understand! I’ll do something about it!!!

I let out a small sigh and put my hand on Nina and Lady Lateia’s shoulder with a bitter smile.

“It’s not, so please calm down, both of you. If I had been kidnapped in the first place, we wouldn’t be in such a calm state, would we? Isn’t it strange that Prince Alfeld, who seems to be the one behind that as well, has not been caught and is with us?”


“I guess if you say so.”

“I’m sure it’s true that my silence caused a new misunderstanding, and because of that I made Kaiser, Viktor and even Ghislan worry. And I’m really sorry that I made them worried about me, and that they took the trouble to come to the Molvarado Empire to pick me up.”

When I glanced at Kaiser and the others with an apologetic look on my face, they looked at each other and then smiled bitterly. No, Ghislan alone had a dismayed look on his face.

“Nina and Lady Lateia, what Cecilia said is true. We went to the Molvarado Empire to pick Cecilia up, and she seemed to be enjoying the sights.”

Kaiser matched my words with that.

“…Well, as usual, I was on the stupid side of people’s minds.”

“Hey, Ghislan! The stupid side…isn’t that a bit harsh!?”

“A stupid side is a stupid side…because that’s the attitude you take even when you know how I feel.”


I couldn’t say anything back to him when Ghislan said it matter of factly.

“Lady Cecilia, what did he mean by that?”

“It doesn’t mean anything! Don’t worry about it!”

At Nina’s question with a strange look on her face, I managed to fool her while bursting out laughing hollowly.

“Well…if you say so, Sister Cecilia, I’ll accept it…this time.”

Prince Leon said that and turned his sharp gaze on Prince Alfeld for a moment, but it was quickly replaced by his usual smile.

…Maybe Prince Leon knows.

Although I thought so, I decided not to say anything more to prevent the conversation from getting any more complicated.

After that, I went around to apologize for the trouble I had caused, and somehow we were able to return to our normal, peaceful life.


One morning, a few days after I returned to the castle, I rubbed my sleepy eyes as I pulled myself up out of bed and stretched wide awake.

“Ahh! It’s a refreshing morning~!”

Feeling the morning sun shining through the curtains, I stretched out once more.

Then I saw a white envelope on the nightstand.

“Oh? I didn’t think I had anything like that when I went to bed, but…”

Bewildered, I took the envelope into my hand and took out the letter inside.

Dear Sister Cecilia.

Today I want you to come and see my hobby room, but I don’t tell anyone else about this room.

I want you to make sure no one sees you coming to my room, and Cecilia, since we are keeping this room a secret from other people, please come alone. I’ll be waiting for you!

PS…throw this letter away so that no one else can read it.

Leon Ron Beizelm

Reading such a letter, I remembered that Prince Leon had asked me to come and see his completed hobby room some time ago.

Oh, that’s right. I had forgotten about it after the incident with Prince Alfeld’s abduction. But to go by myself without anyone to find me…then maybe I’ll sneak out after breakfast and go.

So, as instructed, I discarded the letter so that no one would find it, and quickly got ready and had breakfast and waited for the Dahlia to leave the room to go about her business.

Then I quietly slipped out of the room when they had all left.

I almost met a few people along the way, but each time, I quickly hid behind a pillar or in the shadows and made my way to Prince Leon’s room.

Fufu, this is getting kind of fun.

With that in mind, I happily proceeded to skulk around and hide, finally arriving at Prince Leon’s room.

“Cecilia, come in!”

Prince Leon welcomed me into the room, looking very pleased with my visit.

When I was urged by Prince Leon to enter the room, I noticed that there were no handmaidens in the room.

“What? Is Prince Leon the only one here?”

“Yes. I’m asked everyone to leave because I wanted to spend the day alone today.”

“Oh, really…”

As expected, I thought that a maid with Prince Leon would be in the room, and I felt somehow bad for Nina in this situation, being alone with Prince Leon, and I couldn’t relax.

”More importantly, Sister Cecilia, did you run into anyone when coming here?”

“Well, I was very careful, so it was fine.”

“That’s good to hear!”

When Prince Leon said that, he was happy and grabbed my hand and took me to the next room, which was Prince Leon’s bedroom.

When I saw the room, I was so nervous that I froze in place.

Then Prince Leon saw me and smiled at me, the corners of his mouth raised.

“Hmm, you’ve finally became aware of me…”

“What? Did Prince Leon say something?”

“No, nothing. Come on, this way! It’s connected from over here!”

“Hey, Prince Leon, please don’t drag me around so much!”

When he returned back to his usual smile, Prince Leon walked past the large bed and went further in.

Then he grabbed a wall curtain that I thought was hanging in the interior and gently opened it.

There was a wooden door hidden in there.

“…Is that the entrance?”

“Yes, it is!”

Prince Leon nodded broadly and took a silver key from his pocket and inserted it into the keyhole of the wooden door.

There was a small click, and then Prince Leon slowly opened the door.

“Watch your step, Sister Cecilia.”


Prince Leon picked up a lamp that he had prepared near the bed and turned on the light, using it to illuminate his feet as he gently grabbed my hand as we carefully descended the stairs to the basement.

We continued down the stairs for a while, and when we finally arrived at the bottom, Prince Leon turned on more and more lights with his expert hands.

“…Whoa~! Beautiful…”

I let out a sigh of admiration as I watched the scene unfold before me.

The room was filled with many ores, beautifully arranged to shine in the pale light of the lamp.

“Is it? Do you like it?”

“Yeah, it’s really nice…”

“I put a bed over there, just as my sister Cecilia advised.”

“Oh, it’s true!…Yes, after all, from this position, you can take a good look at the ores around you.”

“That’s right! And there’s a full bath and other plumbing in the back there, so you can live well enough in this room alone!”

“Heh, that’s nice. I want a room like this too…”

As I watched, enraptured, while saying my true feelings, Prince Leon approached me and gave me a small devilish smile.

“Hey, Sister Cecilia, you don’t have to just stand here, you can look more closely.”

“Well then…since we’re here, let’s take a closer look.”

I nodded at Prince Leon’s words and decided to go inside and look at the ores on display.

But in that moment, I suddenly remembered something that tugged at my brain.

…Huh? I feel like I’ve seen this scene before…well, I mean before…in my previous life…oh! Yes, this room is, I believe, the exact same room from the scene that only appeared during Prince Leon’s Yandere ending! Hmm? So maybe that means Nina is headed for Prince Leon’s Yandere ending! If thats’ true…

I remembered the Yandere Ending for Prince Leon that I saw in the game, and I was worried about Nina.

Because the Yandere ending would mean locking Nina up in this room.

…No matter how much I intend to support Nina’s love, I can’t just sit back and watch her head towards the Yandere Ending like this…No! Okay! First of all, I have to persuade Prince Leon to…

Just as the thought occurred to me, I suddenly heard a loud metallic clank behind me.


I was startled by the sound, and when I turned around, for some reason, there was an iron grate.

And Prince Leon was standing across the bars with a devilish smile on his face.

“Pr-Prince Leon?”

Puzzled, I approached the bars and grabbed them with both hands to see if I could move them, but they only rattled, and the bars didn’t budge at all.

“Hey, Prince Leon! What, is this a joke? Please, open up here!!”

So I appealed to Prince Leon standing through the bars, but for some reason he just stared at me and didn’t answer me.

“Prince Leon!”

“I’ve finally got it…my possession.”


Prince Leon’s expression suddenly changed and he grinned madly.

Seeing Prince Leon like that, I felt a chill run through me and gasped for breath.


T/N: Ughhhh Cecilia WHY. You’ve literally been kidnapped 3 times in less than 20 chapters.

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